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  1. bumblebee13

    June Surgeries

    That is an amazing loss, you are definitely doing something right! I am also not too focused on weight loss at the moment, or should I say I wasn't - going to get back into it, been giving away all the chocolate and alcohol I was given over Christmas and New Year (I'll admit I did sample some of them 😉) I think I have had one piece of pizza since surgery, potato chips are my weakness but i always measure out a serving - like 14 chips and do not over do it. I'm not a sweet person, very savory and salty is my way to go. Happy New Year
  2. bumblebee13

    June Surgeries

    I'm very sorry to hear about your flare up/episode. I hope you are doing better now!! Look after yourself, indulge every now and then and congratz on your weight loss so far!.
  3. bumblebee13

    June Surgeries

    I've tried the adventure fit, I HATED the lifting your knees part - wonder if I'll be any better at it now?? I think I had it on easy too 😎 That is an incredible loss, well done you. Food regrets.. not being able to eat as much as you want and then be in food coma the rest of the day - however I found a solution, I ate everything I would normally eat in the 1-2 days over the course of a week. Small bit of steak here, different type of potato salad everyday (my tummy doesn't like potatoes but it's my favourite food, so a mouthful every other hour mwahaha..) Happy New Year
  4. bumblebee13

    June Surgeries

    That's amazing you haven't had any reactions to food, I'm so happy for you! I use to have a protien shake every morning for breakfast but 1. they are starting to make me nauseous (I think the smell not the taste) and 2. I can be lazy haha. Since it's summer where I live the last two weeks or so I have mostly been eating salad based meals. Not much protien which I know is naughty but I tell myself I get enough in all the cheese I eat 🤣. I have quite a few foods that my body no longer tolerates. one is the curried eggs that we only ever get made for us on Christmas day! last year I ate a dozen easy over two days, this year I ate half of one and felt terrible afterwards! Booooo very sad no more eggs. Ah well Oh and congratz on the weight loss! Slow but steady and as long as your not gaining in my eyes is a win!!
  5. bumblebee13

    June Surgeries

    Hello fellow June-eys! How is everyone doing? Are we nervous/excited about all the yummy food coming up for Christmas that we cannot eat? 🤣 I am still having alot of issues with trying food and tolerating it post surgery, so all the food over Christmas and New Years will be an interesting challenge.
  6. bumblebee13

    Regret and Depression

    I thought I was being clever with the lentil pasta, dang lol. If its not you in the bushes with the binoculars at dinner then who is it? I mean maybe I still am eating to fast, I didn't really think so but its always a possibility I'll keep that in mind thanks, I know its not that I'm eating too much, could just be what I'm eating. I wouldn't know how to eat healthy on the road, that must be a big learning curve?? Chicken isn't agreeing with me atm so I might move over to tuna for awhile, last time I tried that I don't remember any problems. Thanks for getting in touch ❤️
  7. bumblebee13

    Regret and Depression

    I've moved to sugar free coke etc, I don't drink much but I try to stay on the sugar free as I'm pretty sure that plus alcohol was my biggest nemeses calorie wise. I've actually 'discovered' low/zero calorie teas such as raspberry and strawberry and also orange and turmeric which are now my go to drinks; not too sweet but a decent flavour. On a good day I do have a shake for breakfast - the only way I can drink it is if I cant smell it (weird hey?) so normally in a bottle with closed lid and straw (gasp) and I try not to think about it while I'm having it or I feel ill. I have gone through so many brands and flavours so far the one I'm on is the only one I can tolerate, other days it's just a flat out no. My body likes to keep me on my toes haha. Im back on omeprazole which has gotten rid of all my reflux/heartburn =]
  8. bumblebee13


    Just to add - I have a reusable plastic straw that I use & clean every day
  9. bumblebee13


    My clever way of thinking when I first started using straws again - around 3 months post op. Take a sip through the straw, let it sit in the mouth for a moment and exhale as much air as possible out through the nose before swallowing 🤣🤣 I thought I was winning - not sure who I was winning against? the straw?? Haha, I never had any issues unless I drank too much or too fast - just like when I drink out of cup or water bottle
  10. bumblebee13

    Regret and Depression

    Hi, I am four months ish post op (21 June) some days are REALLY hard. I personally wasn't given enough 'important' information before surgery and have had to find out a lot of things the hard way. Since surgery there is a lot of food that I cannot eat 75% of the time - I'm not sure why every now and then my body doesn't have a bad reaction but its getting rather frustrating. I didn't know after surgery I 'couldn't' eat certain foods I just knew that I shouldn't if that makes sense. Since I cannot eat much I meal prep once a week and freeze 3/4 of it, otherwise I don't think I would make anything. Today has been a pretty crappy day, too nauseous for breakfast, took over 30 minutes for one piece of toast for lunch and my meal prep was tomato chicken with red lentil pasta and spinach ( I can no longer eat normal pasta as that makes me sick) - I only had two mouthfuls before feeling sick and foamy. Does anyone have any food suggestions?? right now my body is not liking pasta's egg or starch. I'm afraid ill fall into my old habits of baked beans and cheese haha. thanks for reading =]
  11. bumblebee13

    Mental Health

    what are you eating? that can affect you and make you nauseous, also I dont know if you have been told this but exercise actually makes you feel better. I understand a bit, i have really off days where im in bed most of the day feeling horrible and thinking surgery was a mistake, but when i finally convince myself to get up and get moving i do feel better. the first few months are a massive adjustment that is why i love this site as so many people have had similar experiences however they pushed through it and so will you! find people to care and support you, dont be hard on yourself, talk to ur doc/therapist/however you need to help you through this. xx
  12. bumblebee13

    Feeling down

    Do you have any non number victories? e.g can walk around places no longer getting winded, able to sit in a chair you werent able to before? you need to focus on those just as much if not more than the actual numbers. im only a month post op, for the first 3 weeks i lost nothing and then the 4th week i lost 6pounds, weight loss is not linear, keep doing what you are doing and sooner or later you will start losing weight again. in saying that congratz on losing 116! that is amazing in just 8 months!!!
  13. bumblebee13

    Having nausea problems

    I also have alot of nausea, chewable vitamins make me shudder, protein shakes are becoming intolerable, only being able to eat 1-2 tablespoons of food before i feel ill, Im wondering if its in my head of if my body is having a hissy fit. Hopefully it will pass as will yours, ive been eating alot of mashed potato recently and maybe thats not helping? but it was my favorite food before WLS so..
  14. bumblebee13

    June Surgeries

    Hey! that sounds yum got a recipe for that?? - i don't know what a instant pot is.
  15. bumblebee13

    June Surgeries

    I am still sticking to my plan - haven't weighed myself at all, in one week it'll be a month post op and I can! 🤞 good results 🤞 too much pressure alot of people are having on themselves, I still have the battery out of the scales. Im going to see if I need b12 shots from doc as I was told I might need a shot once a month, if thats the case I am going to throw out my scales COMPLETELY and get weighted at my GP once a month! I feel like that will take the pressure off?

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