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  1. PinePal

    Feeling weak

    Careful with walking too much. I was sleeved on 5/20 and 5 days out took a long walk with my husband, bad idea. I ended up causing muscle spasms in my stomach according to my surgeon when I had so much incision pain I called him. Be easy on your body for a bit. 😁
  2. I had a similar experience, but I was uncomfortable the whole decade I had my band...I had it out in June and I am having a sleeve done this spring.
  3. PinePal

    Advice Please

    I regained after my lap band was removed as well....hopefully I will have a sleeve done mid may! I had the band for 10 years with nothing but trouble.
  4. PinePal

    Last weigh in

    I had a lap-band 10 years ago....thew up every day....surgeon took it out....now I am waiting to schedule a sleeve...
  5. I feel your pain....when they took my band out, after 10 years of throwing up I may add, I gained all the weight back in the months I was healing waiting for a sleeve surgery....so here I go down the road again hoping the sleeve will get me back to where I was. Not much help....just comiserating. 😏
  6. PinePal

    Last weigh in

    Had to loose 10 to get approval....and quit smoking....was killer....but I am a second timer....😥
  7. PinePal

    Last weigh in

    Same thing happened to me when I quit smoking pre-op.....I used a 0 nicotine vape to keep my hands and mouth occupied with something other than cigarettes and food.....you can do this!! PS....I lost my 10 pounds in 10 days....lots of walking....lots of water and lots of lean protein. 😁
  8. Happy 36th Birthday PinePal!

  9. Happy 35th Birthday PinePal!

  10. 3 years has passed since you registered at LapBandTalk! Happy 3rd Anniversary PinePal!

  11. I too am curious about the changing restriction. I have been too tight since my first fill (odd I know), but some days I can eat some things and somedays I can't eat the same thing I did the day before. It is very frustrating and I am afraid I will hurt my band with all this PBing. I have an appointment to see my surgeon, but not till September 2. Any advice would be appreciated. =)
  12. PinePal

    ??? on fill. 2nd one.

    I can not feel the sensation you are talking about, but my husband can. He says you feel it go down then shwoosh through the stoma and coats the "big" stomach. He did not have any problems progressing to foods after a fill, but when he did get stuck, he could feel the release in the same way going down as the liquids. Hope that helps.
  13. Hmmm. . . I think this is just the post I was looking for. I am also in a situation where solid foods are not staying down. =( I had my first fill on July 31 and I did well on my 2 days of liquids then to mushies. Since then every time I try to progress to something solid. . . even the tiniest of bites. . . I PB. I am afraid I will hurt my band PBing all the time, but when I called the doc last week they said wait a bit longer. Am I too tight? With this being my first fill (2cc in a 10cc band) I have nothing to judge it by. My husband is also banded and has not had this problem, and his idea of support is to make fun of me when I PB. Any suggestions?
  14. PinePal

    Dartmouth Hitchcock at Manchester?

    Hubby and I did. May 11, 2009 and June 1, 2009 respectivly. :biggrin:
  15. PinePal

    Nectar Protein..has anyone tried it?

    I like the Nectar sweets. . . the chocolate truffle and the vanilla bean torte. gotts mix it in one of those mixer cups though (like from Tupperware) or it will be lumpy.