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  1. LizzyLee13

    March 2022 Surgery Buddies

    Tomorrow's my day! Just sitting here waiting for the surgery scheduler to call and let me know what time to be there!
  2. LizzyLee13

    March 2022 Surgery Buddies

    I was originally scheduled for January 4th, then rescheduled for January 25, then again for March 4; now we're settled in for March 11, unless COVID throws something else at us!
  3. LizzyLee13

    January Surgery buddies

    Don't have one yet. Will probably find out next week.
  4. LizzyLee13

    January Surgery buddies

    Yep. The hospitals in Washington State are overwhelmed. The governor has mandated a four-week hold on any elective surgeries.
  5. LizzyLee13

    January Surgery buddies

    Postponed again...this time until March! 😥
  6. LizzyLee13

    January Surgery buddies

    Well, add me to the list of postponed surgeries. Was scheduled for the 4th; now the 25th.
  7. LizzyLee13

    January Surgery buddies

    I start today! I get two protein shakes plus one carb-free meal per day. I actually did a trial run of it last month, and it got really easy after the first couple of days. Plus I lost 18 lbs over three weeks. You got this!
  8. LizzyLee13

    January Surgery buddies

    Bypass on January 4th for me!
  9. LizzyLee13

    Its Official

    Congrats! I had my first appointment by video yesterday, too! Today I'll get scheduled for all the various tests, nut appointment, psych eval, etc. Super excited.
  10. LizzyLee13

    Protein Water

    I really like the Syntrax Nectar fruit flavors. My favorites are the Iced Tea, Roadside Lemonade, and Crystal Sky. Best served very cold. Sometimes I add a little crystal light to amp up the flavor a little.
  11. Let me know how it goes!
  12. Hi, everyone! I'm new here so I just wanted to say hi, and that I'm so excited! I just scheduled my first appointment with Dr. Khandelwal at UWMC. The first step on my journey to a new me!

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