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  1. laurenantics

    Artificial sweeteners

    I'm still pre-op, but my body has said a big "NO" to artificial sweeteners except Splenda and Aspartame. I've tried them all from stevia, to maltitol to xylitol to all disasters ends. Things may change after my surgery, but for now I'm only buying things sweetened with Splenda. This is difficult, but I've found propel water flavors and torlani sugar free syrups for waters and coffee.
  2. laurenantics

    1 year out DS and going crazy

    What's "the whole krispy kreme thing" ...? Also, I'd love to say I have advice for you, but I'm pre-op. I do, however, want you to know I'm rooting for you, you've done great so far!
  3. laurenantics

    Postop puréed diet ideas?

    I see refried beans mentioned a lot when people are discussing the pureed stage. My crass questions is, don't we have bad enough gas..? I mean if you guys say it's not so bad I'll grab some for post op, but ... you know what I mean.
  4. laurenantics

    Question QTNA

    That's fascinating insight, I honestly thought it was the norm that everyone would get nauseated and/or had big issues with eating and drinking. But, it makes sense, what you're saying. This makes me feel better going in.
  5. laurenantics


    Knee pain causing mobility issues is one of the major reasons I started researching WLS and getting serious about it's possibility. I'm still pre-op, but I can only imagine how much easier it will be carrying less weight. I'm sure if you have other medical issues that weight loss won't be the ultimate cure, but the way I look at it is this: does my knee hurt even more when I'm carrying heavy groceries? Yes. So, if I weighed less, my leg may hurt less. Best of luck!
  6. laurenantics


    My scale is the same way... is your scale from Taylor brand? I'm going nuts, every time I step on it's wildly different.
  7. laurenantics

    What to eat

    Not sure if you're doing LAND or WORLD, but Disneyland has smoked turkey legs that you could share with the group. Pure dark meat protein. Also, at Disneyland the Carnation Cafe does a really good cobb salad and they make it in front of you so you can add or omit anything and control the amount of dressing. The Blue Bayou restaurant does prime rib you could get with just a side salad. And again, if it's Disneyland, the Bengal Barbeque by Indiana Jones does meat and veggie kabobs you can get without any sauces for a snack or meal. HAVE FUN!
  8. laurenantics


    That's how my tummy reacts to Sorbitol, Maltitol, Xylitol, Stevia, and Eurithritol. So far, Splenda or Sucralose is the only sugar substitute that doesn't double me over with gas pain and toots.
  9. laurenantics

    July 2021 Surgery People!

    @Seija For me, I'm tasked with losing 25 pounds before surgery. Also, since I have to take a little time off of work to heal, I'm kicking my A$$ at work because I'm on commission. So, I'm hustling as hard as I can to make up for the lost time in July. Also, in addition to researching I've been "nesting" and purchasing things I'll need for post op - such as vitamins, bone broth, protein shakes, gas x... I'm hoping to be 100% prepared so there are no surprises.
  10. @catwoman7 Thanks for this. Your success is an inspiration!
  11. Aloha, Not trying to hijack your question, but I also am struggling with this question. My pre-surgery meeting with my surgeon is 6/22 where I expect we'll discuss this, with surgery (DS) on 7/12. I'm heavier than most on this board with a CW of 411 at 5 foot 6 inches, aged 42 years. At first I thought, 200 is a weight that I can live with as I can travel, sit in single plane seats/bus seats and zipline and skydive and bungee jump and ride in rollercoasters, etc. etc. But as the weeks tick by, I don't want a weight that I can simply "live with". If I'm going to alter my body so significantly, I'd like to thrive! I'd like to get out of "obese" and "overweight" BMI's. The lightest I've weighed as an adult is 185 pounds and that was when I was 19 years old. Even though it sounds absolutely nutter, I'm gonna tell my surgeon I'd like to weigh 154 so I'm officially in a "normal" BMI. He may laugh or scoff, but hey, it's a goal. A 257 pound loss may be impossible, but I'm ready to shoot for the stars after imprisoning myself for so long.
  12. laurenantics

    Update On Me (Surgery: 5/19/21)

    Thanks for all of this detail, it's really appreciated! Good luck on your journey!
  13. laurenantics

    Please help me understand the difference

    @STLoser Many thanks for this! I had read one other place only about the "old blood" so that is helpful. I'm oddly good at remaining calm, but I can imagine vomiting blood would freak me out. I'm all set for a traditional DS on July 12th. I am so dern excited!
  14. laurenantics

    150 Pounds down!

    Terrific job! Which surgery did you do?
  15. laurenantics

    Favorite Grocery Products

    I'm the exact same way and I'm pre-op. Literally the only artificial sweetener that doesn't give me gas or the runs is Sucralose.

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