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  1. KiwiJim

    June Surgeries

    Today's the day. 6 hours to go. I didn't find the month long preop optifast diet to bad except for the headaches on day 4 but after that I didn't feel hungry at all. I have really gotten into walking whilst on the diet and have lost nearly 15kg (33lbs). I have had a few people say to me why bother having the op now that I have lost the weight and just continue on the diet. It did make me question my decision for a while but I new I wouldn't keep the weight off. I'm now hoping for a smooth op with No complications. Good Luck to all you other guys with ops this month.
  2. KiwiJim

    Lying about not getting surgery is awful

    I am the Manager of a Serviceman's Club in New Zealand & I have told everyone that I'm getting a gastric sleeve next month. People are used to seeing me at the Club after hours with a beer in my hand. Since I have given up drinking alcohol and am drinking water instead everyone asks what's wrong with me. So I tell them that I need to get rid of my Diabetes and Sleep Apnea + the excess weight so hopefully I can extend my lifespan. Everyone has been 100% supportive and if someone ever wasn't supportive then they aren't worth talking too. I am proud that I have finally done something to improve my health.
  3. At my consultation my surgeon said I should get my hernia sorted after my weight loss op. I thought you could get both operations done together for an extra cost. Can anyone enlighten me. Surgery is 3rd June.
  4. KiwiJim

    June Surgeries

    Scheduled for 3rd June just about to start Optifast diet for the next month. Its getting real now.

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