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    Single mom of two teen age boys ages 16 and 12 years old.
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  1. lat1nacurv3s

    I'm Losing It!

    Wow! It's been a hot minute since I've posted. But I wanted to check in... on 6/29 I weight 181. Today I weight 173. It's only a difference of 8lbs. I don't care! It's 8lbs GONE and for good! I'm feeling great and I'm able to buy clothes I hadn't been able to wear in a very long time. I do watch what I eat and I also work out. But I'm not in a competition with anyone. I've lost a total of 67lbs. November 14, 2010 will be my 3 year bandiversary. And I'm confident that I'll be down another 23lbs by then. That's my minim goal. My main goal is 33lbs. Baby steps... enjoying life, love and laughing it up too cause for once in my life I'm getting it right!! And YOU CAN TOO! Keep up the good work everybody. YOU ARE WORTH IT!
  2. lat1nacurv3s

    Happy New Day & Happy New Me!

    SO yesterday was a crazy effed emotional day for me. But I pressed on and still WENT to WORK OUT! That was GOOD for ME because I'm an emotional eater. Since I had packed all my mini meals for the day I didn't venture off NOT once! I didn't drink as much water as I had wanted though it doesn't really matter. Yesterday is gone and who knows what tomorrow will bring. All we've got is TODAY so make the best of it!!!
  3. lat1nacurv3s

    My First "STUCK"!!!! (and I'm so happy!!!)

    lol you're last sentence about knowing now you have restriction gave me a chuckle. it really sucks when food gets stuck. but at least you know what to do/not do or eat/not eat because with every restriction, even with every day come changes. one day you can eat just fine and the next day BAM you can't. crazy how it works out that way but it just does. but i wouldn't change it for the world really. don't forget to chew chew chew or let yourself get tooo hungry between meals. we tend to eat faster when we're hungriest. which causes us to not chew our food well enough. before you know it you'll be running to the restroom again. we want to ultimately avoid throwing up cause that's not good for our band. may be i'm offering info you already know but someone else reading this may not. wish you all the best with your band!!! ;o)
  4. lat1nacurv3s

    just thinking..

    In the beginning I did tell people. Not because I felt like I had too just cause it's a part of me I wanted to share. But now I could care less. So when I get into a conversation about losing weight people want to know what I'm doing. I'm eating less, eating healthy and working out. And that's the truth!!! lol Do whatever you feel most comfortable about.. ;o) And have a great lunch!!
  5. lat1nacurv3s

    Argh! Frustrated with Mother Nature!

    HI!!! PMS MONSTER!!! Love it!!! Well I didn't work out yesterday and can't today, I suck!!! I've started taking the pill because that's the only thing that has helped controlling keep me on track as well as aid in my mood swings. They're just not as bad and now don't last as long either. Some people think that PMS is just all in our heads. Whatever!!! I really hAte it with a passion that I start feeling crappy. But not giving up on mE and you better not either Missy. ;o) I'm actually forward to my work out tomorrow. You too have a great weekend and a great work out next week. Let me know how you do!
  6. lat1nacurv3s

    Makeover For Me!

    AWESOME JOB!!! Love reading your blog. And also thank you for sharing so many delish recipe's!!!
  7. lat1nacurv3s

    Argh! Frustrated with Mother Nature!

    You know sometimes I wished that "time of the month" would just come some other time!! Seems like I always manage to bloat up 2-3lbs right before I start. Not to mention my feet start to drag, I get mad sugar/salt cravings, and turn into a rotten brat!! I've been working out real good, eating good and feeling good and then just two days I ago I noticed I was getting irritable over nothing. And it hit me yesterday... probably because I was fighting with myself to go to the gym. SERIOUSLY!!!?!?!?! I gave in and lost the fight and didn't go work out. Instead I watched Bethenny Getting Married. Which by the way is one of my favorite reality shows. YES! I'm a reality show junkie and enjoy frying my brain with all their bull shiznit!!! teehee WHO CARES?! Back to working out... I can't tonight already made plans for something else. I'll need to get up tomorrow morning and do it. Thank Gawd there's always another day to start over!! Toodles... :smile2:
  8. lat1nacurv3s

    Does being thinner make you look older?

    This is such a good question!!!! If only it were easy to do... really nOt care what other people think. But in reality we all do to some degree. My mom told me she saw someone she hadn't seen in a while. The lady told her she lost a lot of weight really fast... hence my moms reaction was she looked amazing just older. My mom's never been heavy in her life and looks way younger than her age so she has absolutely no reason to hate on anyone!! She actually is loving my progress and appearance and gives me praises all of the time. I think there has a lot to be said about how quickly you lose the weight, to how healthy was your eating and work out regimen during your weight loss, to heck do you wash your face before going to bed even. There are a ton of skinny people who eat a poor diet, don't work out, or keep good hygiene. lol So why would it be any different for us just cause we lost weight?! Yeah, the sagging skin I get that part. But there are skinny "fat" people too that I wouldn't want to in a bikini either!! lol Keep up the good work and don't let those remarks keep you from reaching your goal. You see yourself everyday in the mirror, that's the only person you need to care about!! ;o) P.S. I'll be rocking at fabulous and 40 next month!! Whoot Whoot! LOL
  9. lat1nacurv3s

    Daddy's "LITTLE" girl...

    I'm so sorry to read your father's poor reaction to your awesome 18lb weight loss. It didn't show on me until I reached 25lbs lost. And gradually as I've continued to lose weight (after a 12 month stunt) it's become more and more noticeable. I realize you are seeking love and acceptance from your father, but please understand that you have to want to do this for YOU! Pardon me for saying this but you (myself included) need to find love and satisfaction within yourself. I wouldn't even report to him any more your progress. SHOW HIM! May I suggest you begin to set realistic obtainable mini goals for yourself to achieve. It could be anything like for example you will walk 30min 5 times this week or for the month and then next week or next month add more minutes or switch out a day for some other physical activity. This will help you to build confidence in yourself as you check off each goal you reach. Tell yourself everyday in the mirror that you are a beautiful, strong, healthy, fit, confident, loving, and worthy woman. Own it, believe it and leave all that negative baggage outside the door cause it has no place inside your circle. Your beauty is not measured in the size of your clothes or in the number on the scale, beauty comes with inside of YOU!!
  10. lat1nacurv3s

    6/30/10 No Slip! And a note to Newbies!

    What great news! Good for you!
  11. lat1nacurv3s

    One Year Bandversary! I lost more than 100 pounds

    Happy Bandiversary!!! That's awesome blog, thank you so much for sharing. I especially can relate to this: "I eat Real Food, Not too much, Mostly plants with Proteins first. It sure does work for me. I wanted to be small so I eat small and it has worked for me. Yes, I did and do have HEAD HUNGER all the time. It needs to be controlled. Mind over matter helps. I practice mindful eating and I go real slow my fork goes down to rest while I rest, talk, and participate in the dinner conversation. I also listen a lot more at meal times." I'm still battling my HEAD HUNGER! ARgh! But like you are keeping my calories to 1,200 per day, and by keeping a journal it's really helped to do that! Thanks again for an inspirational story!!
  12. lat1nacurv3s

    A Good way to Stay on Track

    Hey girl! I feel ya! I got off for a lOng while but I'm back. Anyone that thinks they can do this by themselves is just wrong. Having the support of other people is huge to the success of reaching our goals. At least I know I'm not one that can do it alone nor do I want too! Keep up the good work and hope to read more from you.
  13. lat1nacurv3s

    i love making list....

    Awww hey mama! You've got a lot of good going on. Just need to do a little tweaking is all. I would try to keep your calories no more 1,200 and make sure to get in 60+ grams of protein from that. ALso, consider working out 4-5 times per week. This way you will see results faster. Otherwise, you will lose slow. Which is NOT a problem. Just don't get discouraged. This is your journey and you don't have to compete with nobody. But if you want to lose weight faster then you do have to consume less calories and expend more. You're doing great keeping a food journal, and drinking so much water. I feel ya about the rice too! I can eat rice easier than any other carb. I don't eat bread, tortillas, or pasta either. But rice I only have 2-3 bites and that's it! I try and load up on protein first always. Good luck!!
  14. lat1nacurv3s

    Have U tried the 5 Day Pouch Test by Kaye Bailey?

    Hi Ms. Susan and Ms. Jackson! I've not tried the pouch test. I could actually benefit from it though since I know for a fact I have a stretched pouch!! I'm going to check it out!! Can you share what you've had to eat or rather DRINK today? lol Also, Ms. Jackson I can totally relate about that time of the month. I'm a monster during that week. I ALWAYS retain water weight, about 3lbs. As soon as I start, snap, I lose it. Doesn't matter I still get freaked out by it.
  15. lat1nacurv3s

    3lbs down! YUPPI!

    I'm so freaking excited! I woke up this morning and weight myself I was 181! That's 3lbs down this past week. Whoot! Whoot! Doin my happy dance! I want to reach 170lbs by August 14. Secretly pulling for August 3rd cause that's my 40th birthday. I've not been 181 since 10 years ago when I got divorced, wow! And back then I thought I was fat. Today heck no I feel GOOOOD! And I actually look better if I dO say so mYselF! lol Off to the gym tonight to start my week 3 of my Couch to 5K plan....

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