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  1. Butterflyeffect

    Hair Loss

    Hi Cheryl, I started losing my hair quite quickly after surgery and I made sure that I reached my protein goals. My doctor advised that the surgery itself can trigger hair loss in some people and then it can continue due to the rapid weight loss. I’m 8 months out now and thankfully my hair has stopped falling out and slowly seems to be coming back. I highly recommend using Nioxin shampoo and conditioner and Rogaine if you can. I have no regrets, even with the heavy hair loss. Good luck and hang in there!!
  2. Hi @AjaSlimtone, I think each person is different and there are so many factors that can affect how much you can eat, for example, how much of your stomach was removed, the elasticity of your stomach, the types of foods you’re eating (soups and soft foods will likely go down a lot more easily than chunky/dense foods) and also what foods are a slider for you. I’m 8 months out and find I can eat about 5oz high protein cottage cheese and am full but can seem to eat double that when it comes to salad as it seems to be a slider food for me. Mince is another slider food whereas I’d be lucky to get through 2 to 3oz of steak. If you are concerned then I highly recommend speaking to your doctor or nutrition team but as long as you are sticking to your plan and only eating until you’re satisfied, I wouldn’t be too worried. Best of luck with it all and congratulations on your progress so far
  3. Butterflyeffect

    Runny Nose When Full

    I was just saying to my husband the other day that I get a runny nose when I’m full. Glad to hear it’s normal
  4. Hi @doobie31, I also think it may depend on the type of surgery you end up having. I had the SADI and during the loss phase I was very satisfied and consistently lost each week when I consumed 700 to 800 calories per day. Now that I’m trying to maintain, I’m up around the 1600 to 1800 calories a day and if I’m very active then I need around 2000 to not lose more weight. With my restriction, I am finding it difficult to each that much at the moment but it will get easier over time. Each person is different and will have different needs but as all of the other posts have said, it becomes a new way of living and it’s definitely worth it. Good luck and I look forward to hearing about your journey!!
  5. Butterflyeffect

    How do you stop losing after a DS/Sadi procedure?

    Thank you @mswillis5, I’ll get some trail mix ASAP
  6. Butterflyeffect

    How do you stop losing after a DS/Sadi procedure?

    Hi @Arabesque, hope the results were all great. I had my gallbladder removed about 15 years ago so also have trouble breaking down and digesting certain foods. I also just got blood test results a few days ago and unfortunately I’ve become anemic. My doctor is going to give me two iron infusions two weeks apart and then put me on tablets to maintain my iron levels do hopefully that should sort that part out. So I’ll definitely mention creon to her as it sounds like it might really help, thank you!!
  7. Butterflyeffect


    Thanks so much!! I am hoping to get the excess skin removed as well, just waiting to hit my one year surgiversary!! We can swap post surgery photos lol
  8. Butterflyeffect


    Hi everyone, I love seeing everyone’s outfits, very inspirational so thank you. Last night I had a gala to go to and was the first event I could dress up since COVID. I’m no going to lie, I felt quit self conscious about my arms due to the flappy excess skin but I got over myself after the first 5 minutes and enjoyed the night!!
  9. Butterflyeffect

    How do you stop losing after a DS/Sadi procedure?

    No I have never heard of that before. Thanks, I’ll have to look it up.
  10. Butterflyeffect

    How do you stop losing after a DS/Sadi procedure?

    Thanks @Arabesque, I appreciate your advice. I definitely don’t have a small frame, I’m 4cms wider than the wide range for females lol! I’m up around the 1500 to 1600 calories now and still losing but am struggling to eat more than that in a day at the moment. It’s so strange to have this problem when it’s been the opposite my whole life!! I’ll take your advice and go shopping tomorrow to find some higher calorie protein bars and healthy snacks to introduce throughout the day. Mr Newman dressings are the best!! Thanks again
  11. Hi everyone, This may seem like a stupid question but for those of you in maintenance, what foods and how many calories do you consume each day to maintain? I’m asking because my doctor told me to stop losing and go into maintenance a few kilos ago but I’m finding that I can’t eat enough at the moment to get to maintenance. If I try eating foods that are too high in calories and fat, it seems to flush out even more and more quickly. I don’t digest breads and pasta well so just cranking up on those carbs won’t work. I would love to hear about your tips and tricks or meal plans to stay healthy and maintain your weight. Any help would be appreciated as my doctor isn’t very helpful in that area and I don’t have a nutritionist. Thanks in advance
  12. Butterflyeffect

    What am I doing wrong?

    Congratulations on your weight loss to date!! Losing 36 pounds post surgery, in 3 months is still something to celebrate, even if it feels slow to you. Everyone loses weight at different speeds. If you are worried that you may not be on track, I highly recommend talking to your doctor or nutritionist. If you aren’t already, I found tracking everything I ate really helped as it doesn’t take much for the calories to mount up. I’m certainly not suggesting that you can’t eat popcorn or anything like that but they are high in carbs and it also depends on how they are cooked, e.g. air popped vs cooked in butter, so tracking your intake can just help you keep on top of things. At just over three months out, your body is still healing and so it’s really important to stick to your doctor’s plan and the weight will continue to come off. Best of luck and I look forward to hearing about your journey as it progresses
  13. Butterflyeffect

    6 Months Post SADI Update

    Thank you @MandM1188
  14. Butterflyeffect

    6 Months Post SADI Update

    Thank you @Judi777, greatly appreciated!!
  15. Butterflyeffect

    Regret and Depression

    Sorry to hear you are feeling this way. It may be real regret but keep in mind that your body just went through a significant surgery and everything, including your hormones, may be out of whack for a while, making your feelings even worse. I’m just over 6 months post op and can honestly say that the first two weeks post op were the hardest. Once the pain stopped and I could move on to soft foods, everything changed for me snd seemed so much better. It may be worth speaking to your surgeon, op team or a therapist to help talk through what your feeling and going through right now. You made a really brave decision to go ahead with the surgery and you are on your way to a healthier you!! You may just need some time to heal and start to see the difference to remember why you wanted this surgery for so long and see how great this journey can be. Take care and I recommend surrounding yourself with really supportive friends and family to help you get through this phase, that will hopefully pass soon

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