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  1. NewMe_2021

    June Surgeries

    Oh my gosh, yes! I've definitely dealt with that as well on two separate occasions. I would have a moment where I would look at the delicious food on my plate and think "just one more bite" and was in complete and total misery afterwards. The way our bodies react to that definitely make it something I want to avoid. I remember being up and walking around the last time with my eyes to the sky saying "please let this pass quickly...I swear I will NOT do this again" LOL It is DEFINITELY a celebration when you recognize when to stop and actually do it! Remembering that just because is is "our portion" doesn't mean we have to eat it all. Such incredibly valuable lessons we are all learning. I really feel like mastering all of this and really listening to our bodies is going to lead to success in the long term!
  2. NewMe_2021

    June Surgeries

    Today will wrap up my first week back to work. I'm finding my groove with sipping through the day and actually eating when my alarms go off. I only had one day where I felt wiped out and was able to step away and slept for a solid hour and a half. I'm thankful I have the flexibility to do that right now. I've been having a hard time drinking my shakes since they are so daggone sweet. This morning I decided to mix half of my shake with an equal amount of Fairlife milk and have found it to be much more manageable. It's far less sweet and the nutrition is about the same. I think this will be my go to from now on. Maybe I won't dread drinking them as much. Two more weeks and I can finally add in some pureed foods, which I am really looking forward to!
  3. NewMe_2021

    June Surgeries

    I have been surprised to find that I do have some hunger first thing in the morning and then throughout the day. I try drinking some water if it isn't my time to eat yet, which, seems to help some. I'm on liquids until 7/12, but, feel fortunate that I do get to have yogurt and cream soups. I'm really quite over my shakes at this point. They are so sweet it's getting hard to get them down. I may start trying to have them later in the day and stick to some soup first thing in the morning. Definitely counting down the days until pureed food.
  4. NewMe_2021

    June Surgeries

    Checking in from my 6/11 surgery. After about 10 days off from work I’m headed back for at least partial days. I still get pretty wiped at the end of the day, so, I’m happy I’m still working from home and don’t have to worry about a commute. Recovery has been going well. I finally have my calories up around 600. Never thought it would be so hard to figure out how to consume that few calories. They want me to aim for 600-800 for the first two months. I’m on liquids until 7/12, so, my days consist of a couple shakes, a greek yogurt with protein powder split across two snacks and 6 ozs of campbells healthy request cream of chicken. Water hasn’t been an issue and I’ve been getting out for a slow walk daily.
  5. NewMe_2021

    June Surgeries

    My surgical team confirmed before I left the hospital that everything on the liquid stage can count towards my liquid intake. I’ll be on fluids until 7/11. I’m definitely focused on getting them in. Really don’t want to have to go back for dehydration. It’s a very slow go to get it in. The doctor also said not to expect to hit the liquid goal right out of the gate as it’s a slow process to build up to that goal. Also, I am so glad to hear I am not alone with trying to figure out this new stomach. The gurgling had me kind of concerned last night and made me pretty paranoid about the yogurt I tried. I am so looking forward to thing getting easier! Got to sleep in my own bed last night. While it certainly wasn’t 100% comfortable I did get more sleep than the night before. Turning over in bed is quite the adventure. I’m so used to being self sufficient and handling things it’s been hard to step back and let others manage the house for me. Overall though it is so much better being home!
  6. NewMe_2021

    June Surgeries

    @Sch902right there with you...my sister in law had vsg surgery in December and she was allowed to have oatmeal during her pre-op. Never thought I would be so jealous over oatmeal LOL. You are right...it is temporary! Just have to keep on keepin on at this point! @Jessyr702 My plan is 5 Glucerna Hunger Smart Shakes a day with some broth, SF jello/popsicles and tea added in as needed. My program gave me several shakes to choose from, so, I was limited on what I could drink. Their reasoning is that all my nutrition is coming from the shakes and they wanted ones that had the best nutritional profile. I originally wanted Premier Protein, but, they said while those are a great shake if I'm drinking 5 a day it would be too much protein for my kidneys. So, saving those for post op. Down to 3 days of liquids. Last night I decided to turn my shake into something I could tolerate. I filled a blender cup with ice, added the shake and blended till smooth. I ate it with a spoon, which, was a nice change. I think the ice helped to dilute it to the point where I didn't feel like it was sticking to my mouth. Whatever it takes at this point! Started washing with my Hibiclens and taking my Gabapentin today. Getting close!
  7. NewMe_2021

    June Surgeries

    @ShoppGirlthanks for the suggestion. I did call, but, there is no room in his schedule in the next two weeks. I'm working to trust the process and moving forward. I start my 2 week liquid diet tomorrow and decided it was finally time to tell my parents and kids about my surgery on 6/11. The kids went as expected with a few questions and lots of support. My mom completely surprised me with her reaction. She said she thought it was a great decision, that she was happy for me and that she had no doubt I would be successful. The very next thing she said was "how can we help?" I about broke down in tears. I had been so nervous about telling her and it turns out she is my biggest supporter. It feels so nice to not have that stress on my shoulders any more. By telling those closest to me I found the biggest support system. I'm beyond thankful it all worked out like that!
  8. NewMe_2021

    June Surgeries

    I'm scheduled for June 11th. I'll be attending my nutrition class this Friday and starting my liquid diet on May 28th. I'm a crazy combination of super excited and nervous!
  9. Isn't learning to chew slowly and thoroughly tough to get down pat?!?! That and figuring out how to not drink 30 minutes before or after are some of the changes I still struggle with for sure. I've also been working to try different shakes, though, my dietician threw a bit of a wrench in that process - they only have 5-6 different types of shakes they approve in their program. I had been using Premier Protein and was shocked when I found out that the didn't approve using them for the 2 week pre-op or after surgery. So, I started trying ones off their list. My problem is the shakes are so daggone sweet! It's definitely a challenge. Best of luck with everything!

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