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  1. ShoppGirl

    Throat burns post sleeve

    It is after I “lye down” for the most part. I think the reason I have noticed it more this week is cause my husband has COVID so I have been watching tv in the bedroom to stay away from him. I have an adjustable bed so I am sorta more upright but not fully. So basically after dinner I have been “lying down” right away for the past several days.
  2. ShoppGirl

    Throat burns post sleeve

    Yea I am wondering if I should take the prescription strength ones to start or try over the counter to see if they work first. I mean they are supposedly not great for us to take so if I can get by with the lower MG it may be better.
  3. ShoppGirl

    Throat burns post sleeve

    I haven’t sorted out what foods trigger it yet. It’s weird because I really don’t eat anything on that list. I wonder if it would be worse if I did. Just caffeine. I drink iced coffee but that tends to be earlier In the day and so far I have only noticed the burning at night.
  4. ShoppGirl

    Throat burns post sleeve

    Ooh no. I am praying I don’t get it that bad. The pharmacy just tested and said the two rx are ready so I guess i will know if they work very soon. It isn’t bad now. Hopefully it doesn’t get worse.
  5. ShoppGirl

    Throat burns post sleeve

    My surgeons office just called they called me in two prescriptions but they are over the counter so insurance may deny them she said. She said to first try the Famotadine which is Pepcid and if that doesn’t work to try Omeprazole which is also over the counter. But they said as long as it’s controlled with the medication I do not need to do anything else. I just worry about it leading to other issues if left untreated but the girl made it sound like if the medicine works there will not be any damage. Does anyone know if I understood that correctly. As In as long as the meds work I don’t need to worry about damage to my esophagus or anything.
  6. ShoppGirl

    PCOS and vsg pre op diet

    I have heard of some people that didn’t lose weight on the pre op. As said above as long as you are following the plan you will be fine. The main goal is to shrink the liver not to lose weight.
  7. ShoppGirl

    Throat burns post sleeve

    I am 14 months out. They never had me on anything and I didn’t have any issues early on. It has been going on for a while though. It was just once in a blue moon at first. Now it’s a couple times a week and i realized it is after I eat. I only had heartburn like twice in my life prior to surgery and it was from spicy foods.
  8. I have started noticing a burning in my throat that now that I think about it I have had quite a while but it’s getting more and more frequent now. Nothing in my chest though? Is this GERD??
  9. I am so sorry you have gone through all that. Glad you are at least out of the woods. I have heard of people on here that didn’t lose their hunger post surgery and they had luck with medications. I really hope they work for you.
  10. ShoppGirl

    6 weeks post op depressed

    Your hormones are out of whack post surgery. Things should begin to feel more normal again soon. If the depression is too much to deal with, you may consider reaching out to your teams therapist. 17 pounds in 6 weeks is a pretty good loss. That’s almost 3 pounds a week.
  11. If they are more expensive brands then that explains it. I am always at least one size smaller in more expensive brands.
  12. ShoppGirl

    April 2022 Surgery Buddies

    Just click on quote and it will quote what they said like I just did and then type your reply.
  13. ShoppGirl

    Frustrated and scared

    If I were you and I still felt like that three weeks later I would contact them again. If nothing else they need to be aware that you are still not holding anything down. If you really are vomiting everything up, You may need supplemental nutrition.
  14. I wonder if they do that on purpose like expensive brand names make us a smaller size so we buy their jeans.

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