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  1. This is super good alternative to pasta and it was easy to make. Cutting the squash took some effort and time but I’m sure next time it will be a little easier. One half of a squash from Walmart is a full size plate full of “spaghetti”. https://www.perdue.com/recipes/chicken-pesto-squash-bowls/
  2. ShoppGirl

    Tea actually does satisfy some cravings

    I was able to get two sample pack of caffeine free ones that are pretty good. I am allowed caffeine so I wasn’t even paying attention to that but it turned out they were.
  3. I would ask the tailor how many sizes too big it could be and still be altered to fit properly and go from there. Possibly getting a couple sizes like you mentioned.
  4. Like I mentioned before since hanging around here post sleeve I have seen a lot of people with bipolar who had bypass and they were just fine but now that I am possibly facing a revision to bypass I am looking to hear even more peoples experience. Especially if anyone has experience with vraylar post bypass.
  5. ShoppGirl

    Sleep study - CPAP machine

    So how did this work out? I’m assuming that you had your surgery by now. Did you get your machine? Do you still need it post surgery??
  6. I am so sorry to hear that. I can only imagine what a letdown that must’ve been. Wishing you a speedy recovery and a swift new surgery date with an awesome plan to tackle all of your issues.
  7. ShoppGirl

    Question About BMI

    I meant to say bypass (I had sleeve and I remind them with every rx just in case but we shouldn’t have to).
  8. Oh wow. So sorry to hear this. I hope you get a date soon.
  9. ShoppGirl

    Abdominal Binder

    I woke up with one on after surgery. I have to admit it was a nice stand in for not having a bra on. Kinda lifted the girls or at least felt like it cause there was fabric beneath them. Lol. I was advised that I could use it or lose it as I desired. I took it off to shower and never put it back on because I didn’t notice a real difference. I have heard people who carried a lot of weight around their bellies say it helps though. I think it’s just a preference thing.
  10. ShoppGirl

    Day of Surgery Concerns

    You will have a gown on when you fall asleep and when you wake up. Then someone will prepare you for the surgery and as mentioned they cover you except for the area they are going to be operating on. in terms of your period I have heard quite a few women who have it on surgery day. I have heard of sterile panties worn with a pad that they give you.
  11. ShoppGirl

    I'm clumsy

    I’m gonna guess It’s probably just your body getting used to the changes but if you actually feel dizzy or woozy I would check In with your team to make sure everything is okay. Low BP seems to be a common thing talked about on here but I would definitely want to be checked out by a doctor to make sure that it’s not too low.
  12. ShoppGirl

    What insurance is fastest ?

    The difference between three and six months may seem like a lot but during that time you will be taking in a lot of information. Honestly in retrospect it wasn’t that long to wait. I know it seems like an eternity when your ready to go but I think you will realize it kinda flies by.
  13. ShoppGirl


    PCOS if I had that that would be picked up during routine Pap smears though, right?
  14. ShoppGirl

    Why isnt it working?

    I agree with seeking guidance from your team. They are the only ones who know the whole picture. Best of luck.

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