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  1. ShoppGirl

    Liquid IV

    Ooh the sample packet doesn’t have nutritional information on it. I guess if someone was really struggling with fluids though, it could have a use in certain circumstances.
  2. ShoppGirl


    I am not a big potato lover but I do make homemade fries in the air fryer on occasion and My husband makes a lower calories potato salad for holidays that I do indulge In a small portion of. I think as long as you are getting in your protein and you budget your calories you should enjoy.
  3. ShoppGirl

    What can I eat?

    I agree with checking in with your team. By four months I had already tried just about everything. Im hoping that with your allergies they will say your fine to have other ground meats.
  4. Not sure if I spelled that right but I just learned today that you can get your sandwich roll basically hollowed out making it much less bready. Apparently most sandwich shops have heard of this. You just ask to have your roll “Canoed”. Just passing it along.
  5. I’m sure catwoman will respond too but I am also on birth control so I figured I would chime in. My period was weird for about three months after surgery. I had spotting and longer, heavier periods from those few months. Then it went back to my pre surgery normal and has been ever since.
  6. I haven’t yet had anything with a lot of fat but I have had half a candy bar and I didn’t dump. I had sleeve.
  7. ShoppGirl

    Got my date - 27th July

    Congratulations on your surgery date.
  8. ShoppGirl


    I use them when I drink smoothies. Idk why but it seems weird to drink them without a straw. I have never had any issues.
  9. ShoppGirl

    BMI below 30!

    That’s awesome. Good for you.
  10. ShoppGirl

    I'm sad VERY SAD!

    I agree with lizonaplane. If you are early out not only do you have remorse because of the recovery process but your hormones are often going haywire for several months. I was able to eat almost anything by 6 months out and I did on occasion have treats. You will just find that you don’t really have as much desire for the higher calorie foods and when you do eat them you are able to eat a much smaller portion.
  11. ShoppGirl

    My First Binge :(

    It’s a shame that eating food is acceptable to tamper your boredom but a book or puzzle isn’t quite okay for most jobs. One thing that may help is those zero sugar lollipops. They keep your hand and mouth busy. They helped me when I quit smoking the first time.
  12. ShoppGirl


    I would talk to your doctor about this. They make medications that help decrease the urgency and the number of times you have to go pee a lot. I took one for another reason (excessive sweating) and it cut down the number of trips to the bathroom by like half. I was amazed.
  13. ShoppGirl

    Body Mass Index

    I agree with those above about speaking with a therapist about the disordered eating as well as the anxiety and depression. Also about seeing your nutritionist/ dietician about changes you can make to your diet to help you lose some weight.
  14. ShoppGirl

    4 years & nauseous

    Maybe you should see a bariatric surgeon for a consult In addition to all the other specializes mentioned.
  15. ShoppGirl

    Eating carbs (pasta, rice, or bread )

    I will admit that I tried carbs as soon as I was allowed phase wise. I wanted to know how I could tolerate them jusT for my own information. But, after that I didn’t have them again for quite some time.
  16. I believe that is just because it absorbs better that way. It doesn’t have anything to do with it making you feel nauseous.
  17. ShoppGirl

    4 days post op and feeling so sick

    I agree with oldandtired. You have to be the squeaky wheel with these doctors. Well honestly just telling them what’s wrong isn’t really even being the squeaky wheel but so many of us aren’t used to being vocal about our needs that it can feel like it. The doctor doesn’t want you to be in any pain or discomfort if they can give you something for it.
  18. I don’t have issues with it but many people do have issues with the iron. One person suggested taking a multi with a lower dose of iron like liveaboard suggested and then taking a second lower does of iron at another time a day. That seems like it really would be a good solution to getting what doctor recommended still but just taking smaller dose so it’s easier on your stomach.
  19. ShoppGirl

    How much calcium??

    I was told to take two of the calcium citrate chews that are 500 and in terms of fiber that was as needed lost surgery to keep me regular. I used the Walmart generic for benefiber which is a powder and I just added a spoonful a day to my crystal light and that was enough. Then when I got to a more normal serving size I slowly decrease and did away with it. Some people need to stay on something for life though to keep them regular after WLS
  20. ShoppGirl

    June 21st Peeps

    Well it sounds like you are all doing well on your liver shrink diet which would be my first piece of advice. I had very little pain post op and after my dr commented twice on how well I did on the liver shrink diet I asked the NP if the two were related and she said that getting the liver out of the way definitely makes the surgery easier which means less bruising and stuff so yes that did help. The second piece of advice is to not compare yourself to others during your recovery or weight loss phase. We are all here to cheer each other on but every one of our paths will be unique. Don’t get discouraged if you are a slower loser or have more stalls than others. Trust the process and the weight will come off if you just follow the plan.
  21. ShoppGirl

    June 21st Peeps

    Congratulations to you all. Sounds like you are doing so well. Good luck on your surgeries.
  22. ShoppGirl

    My First Binge :(

    I worry so much about this happening to me too because I eat and I can eat again 30 minutes later. Good news is it was just once so far and you know that you don’t want to continue doing it. Do you have any idea what brought it on? Was it an emotional reaction or just purely boredom?? Maybe you should bring a bunch of healthy snacks so you at least have the better option available. I eat when I am board too and I honestly haven’t found an answer except for lower calorie snacks which isn’t perfect i know.
  23. Not everyone progresses through the stages as fast. You may need to go back to the previous stage for a few days.
  24. ShoppGirl

    Nausea as a fullness indicator?

    I am the same way. No real full indicator unless I am over full and then I feel like I am going to vomit. Good news for me is I don’t get full on the portions that I should be eating so as long as I measure my food it doesn’t Happen.
  25. Try not to worry too much. It may not even be anything and if it is the doctor will be best to explain exactly what you are up against and the best course of action.

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