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  1. BoyMom86

    I need accountability

    I’m feeling more motivated since posting than I have in a while.
  2. BoyMom86

    I need accountability

    You got it. Thank you!
  3. BoyMom86

    I need accountability

    Thank you so much for the encouragement. I appreciate it. You are right- mental health plays a big part. Looking forward to having people like you to journey with 😊
  4. Hi everyone! I had VSG done 9/13. I went in to surgery at 241 and today I weigh 187. I wanted to post because of a couple reasons. I have hit a big stall, I have been fluctuation up and down 2-3# for almost the a month now. Stalls before never got to me too bad, I would stay off the scale and trust the process. I weigh myself maybe once or twice a week. I’m starting to mentally panic because in addition to this stall, I have found myself slipping into some bad habits. I’m in a season of high stress (I’m in nursing school, working, and being wife/mom)- which is no excuse. Up until this point I was not perfect, but mindful of my food choices and walked about 8-15 miles a week. Now, I go a week or two without exercising, and I’m eating junk. I’m really discouraged about it. I plan to call my nutritionist to address it and get ahold of it before it gets away from me. I’m also going to make an appointment with my counselor, even though I know the things I need to do, and it’s not unreasonable that I’m feeling overwhelmed in this season of my life. This post is in no way a pity party or seeking for sympathy/attention. I need accountability from a group of people who can relate and give some tough love. You all are inspirations. Thank you for reading my vent :) and sorry if the format is funky, I use the app and sometimes it comes out wonky..
  5. BoyMom86

    Hungry or Full?

    Yes, I have discovered my new full feeling has similarities to what hunger pangs felt like before surgery.
  6. BoyMom86

    The infernal itch

    I too had an allergic reaction post surgery. My regimen (after a couple steroid shots) was Zyrtec during the day, Benadryl at night (dr changed to hydroxyzine), topical cortisone mixed with gold bond itch cream, and lotttttts of ice packs! I feel for you- itching is the worst.
  7. BoyMom86

    Food Before and After Photos

    @GreenTealael thank you! It felt like a big moment.
  8. BoyMom86

    Food Before and After Photos

    I can finally participate! Got the green light from surgeon to try soft foods. I started with 2oz soft salmon and 1oz green beans. I finished half the fish and all the green beans with no issues to speak of, knock on wood!
  9. BoyMom86

    Post-op blood thinners

    Thanks everyone for the feedback. The injections aren’t that bad, just annoying. I am now 5 days post op and started having cramping/diarrhea. I’ve only been doing water, protein shakes, and sugar free pudding. I make special care to sip slowly so I am not sure what’s going on. But it can stop any time now 😑
  10. BoyMom86

    Post-op blood thinners

    Thanks Kendra! Good luck and speedy recovery!!
  11. I had my sleeve and hernia repair done 9/13. My surgeon has me on lovenox 40mg injection twice a day for 30 days. I called the surgeon to verify this and 30 days is correct. It just seems like a long time. Did anyone else have to do this? Thanks y’all!
  12. BoyMom86

    September Ops

    Sleeved on 9/13! Landed myself a bonus day at the hospital, so last night I was able to sleep in my own bed- I’ll never take it for granted again 😁
  13. BoyMom86

    Unsuporrtive Partner

  14. BoyMom86

    Immediate NSV after VSG!

    Awesome! I was sleeved 9/13, and have not had to resume my BP meds as of yet (monitoring twice a day). It is only 3 days out, so we shall see!
  15. I had my sleeve done 2 days ago. The neck and shoulder pain was excruciating and the worst part of the whole deal. A wonderful physical therapist saw me walking the hall and she walked with me. She believes in my case it is referred pain from the diaphragm (I had hernia repair also). When I got back to the room she got me these two HUGE moist heat packs that were really heavy. That helped tremendously.

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