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  1. I also just buy fat free refried canned beans. Add a little salsa to them, maybe even a little fat free cheese if that's fine by your surgeon. I'll be adding turkey taco meat to it when I make them in a few days and then blending it all up. Hoping for it feeling like I'm eating the innards of a taco! Seems like it would at least.
  2. SunnyinSC

    June Surgeries

    I think I know what you mean. I've told a select few people about the surgery, and while the people I have told have been supportive, it does still feel kind of lonely in the journey. Mainly because none of the people in that circle of friends and family have struggled through the weight issues I have. Most of them have managed their weight without much issue. Even my husband has a normal relationship with food. So in that sense I don't feel I have any actual people I can relate to in my life. That being said, I have been seeing a bariatric therapist and that has helped cause I feel like I can talk to her about the things my family or friends wouldn't necessarily understand.
  3. SunnyinSC

    June Surgeries

    Congrats! Glad to hear everything went well, and you're already feeling better. First few hours after were definitely a bit rough, but I don't remember much about them beyond that thankfully, lol. I think maybe my brain blocked most of it out, or the anesthesia was still working it's memory magic.
  4. SunnyinSC

    June Surgeries

    Best of luck! I know you'll hear it 5 million times but definitely walk when you can post-op. It really does help with the gas pain. Once you feel up to it, let us know when you're out!
  5. SunnyinSC

    Vitamins after surgery

    4 Bariatric Fusion Multivitamins per day. And then 2 Vitamin D gummies (approved by my surgeon) because I was deficient on labs.
  6. SunnyinSC

    Abdominal muscle cramps

    Are you constipated at all? Any changes in diet? I know some of the absolute worst abdominal cramps I've gotten in my life were when I was constipated. I thought I may be dying. This was before any sort of surgery, and how I found out I have IBS.
  7. My favorites so far have definitely been refried beans with a little salsa, and then this ricotta bake that reminds me of lasagna. Tomorrow I'm looking forward to trying eggs. You're a lot more organized than I am! On my list of things to try within the next few days, once I eat all the leftovers I currently have, are a puree of refried beans and ground turkey meat with taco seasoning, and then I was gonna try and do an imitation crab with a Mongolian sort of marinade and then mush that up. I am hoping it'll work cause imitation crab is generally pretty soft, so I imagine it'll mush well. There's also a "shrimp scampi" puree recipe I found that I wanna try. It's shrimp, garlic, parsley, low fat plain Greek yogurt, and a little olive oil pureed up.
  8. SunnyinSC

    Super gassy?

    Yeah, I burp a lot too. I apparently won the jackpot and get both ends. Looking forward to when it goes away. Though, really, even if it never went away and was a known long-lasting side effect of surgery, I'd still have gone through with surgery. Thank you for the response!
  9. SunnyinSC

    June Surgeries

    Happy birthday! Hopefully next year will make up for it in that you can celebrate normally and you'll have the added life changes that come from going through this process to celebrate Also, I am with you, taking medications in the morning is the most awful part of my day right now. There are just so many for the first week post-op. Edit: I got you and @CharismaticGlammixed up. The sorry for liquid pre-op diet is actually for her! Sorry. Was replying to you both at around the same time and got it all mixed. So CharismaticGlam, sorry you had to spend your birthday on the liquid diet, and for Morachia, sorry you have to spend yours on the post-op liquid diet! Fingers crossed that next years is much better for you both!
  10. SunnyinSC

    June Surgeries

    Congrats on the surgery! Just wanted to let you know you aren't alone in having trouble determining fullness. The hospital I went through actually releases you on pureed stage. I only did liquids day 1 and the first two meals of day 2. However I still don't know what "full" feels like. Currently I carefully measure portions and eat until I no longer feel hungry (hunger did come back for me a few days after surgery). My hunger isn't super strong, and I have to sort of pay attention to even notice it. I definitely don't feel physically full or anything. Fingers crossed that there's some other indication when I move to soft foods, cause the hunger feeling is leaving before I've gotten near enough calories for the day and I'm terrified of eating too much and hurting the new tummy.
  11. So I had my RNY surgery on the 8th (yay!). Everything so far has gone really smooth, no complications to really speak of. Gas pain from the surgery itself seems to be gone, walking got all that out by day 2. However, I've noticed that whenever I eat or drink -anything- at all, even water, I get super gassy. My abdomen gets that gassy uncomfortable feeling and it stays for a good while but will eventually dissipate. It's not a huge deal or anything, and it's not really painful, but I was just wondering if this was common, and does it eventually pass? I was expecting it with maybe protein drinks or dairy, but wasn't expecting it with water.
  12. SunnyinSC

    June Surgeries

    I've got Cigna Health Insurance and they have exclusions specifically for weight loss related stuff (even prescriptions). Doesn't make sense to me, but it is what it is. It does mean I paid out of pocket though. The surgery itself was around $19.5k. That said, insurance also does not cover any of the pre-op or post-op care appointments either. I think we're already up around 23k total paid if you include surgery and appointments. Then it's usually a good $500-$600 per appointment at the hospital if it involves seeing the surgeon. Little less if it's a registered nurse. And less again if it's the dietician. So the number will steadily increase over time with follow up visits.
  13. SunnyinSC


    Each doctor's office is different, but protein shakes and other pure liquids, like broth or milk (on its own), count towards my liquid goal for the day. So a protein shake counts towards both my protein and liquid goals for the day, which does make meeting them a lot easier right out of surgery. If you have questions about your specific office's plan though, the best thing to do would be to give them a call to clarify.
  14. SunnyinSC

    June Surgeries

    I just wanted to throw out everyone is different and not everyone loses their hunger. My surgery was on the 8th and while the first couple days I didn't have any hunger I definitely do still have some hunger now. It's not nearly as strong as it use to be, and it is much -much- more manageable, but it is still there. For some people it does disappear completely, but I wasn't one of them. I can keep it at bay by making sure I'm eating and drinking on schedule, and with much smaller quantities of food. So it does get easier at least, and will continue to do so. The pre-op diet is one of the hardest bits to overcome from what I've read!
  15. SunnyinSC

    Foods for the Pureed/Soft Stages?

    I'm currently in pureed stage and refried beans are great so far. Chili is also on my list, so I second what SummerTimeGirl mentioned about finding a vegetarian/vegan chili. My hospital also recommended blending up some soups for pureed stage (adding in some protein powder if needed). At the hospital I had some pureed green beans and they were super yummy. The texture didn't bother me as much as I thought it was going to, so maybe cook and season some veggies you like and then puree into a mash potato sort of consistency? I also did a ricotta bake. It has ricotta, parmesan cheese, basil, salt, and pepper in it. Then a bit of marinara/pizza sauce over the top. I don't usually like ricotta cheese on it's own, but the bake tastes more like lasagna to me. Really nummy option -if- you like lasagna but maybe don't like ricotta solo. Just throwing it out there as I'm not sure if it was just ricotta that you hated, or if ricotta in things was also a no-go.

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