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  1. ChunkyCali

    Tragic accident

    I am so, so sorry. How absolutely devastating for you and your family. Please try and take care of yourself. You will be in my thoughts.
  2. ChunkyCali

    1 Year Post-Op Update

    Amazing! Congrats and thank you for the update. It's always helpful to read everyone's stories and progress.
  3. ChunkyCali

    Post-op full liquid diet

    That's great, and very encouraging to hear!
  4. I do! May 5th is my date. I think that they felt bad about not having submitted my documentation so they gave me the best date they could! I'm doing the liver shrinking diet for 2 weeks, just started today! Hopefully on Monday they will get you all scheduled in!
  5. ChunkyCali

    Pulmonary and Cardiac Clearance

    My insurance also required cardiac and pulmonary clearance. The pulmonologist had me do a sleep study which uncovered severe sleep apnea, and a stress test which revealed mild asthma. The cardiologist had me do an echocardiagram and EKG which showed a leaky heart. None of these things stopped me from being cleared, I just now have a cardiologist to visit every 6 months plus an inhaler and cpap
  6. My PCP sent me for an abdominal ultrasound as part of my regular checkup. Gallstones were discovered. PCP advised that she could refer me to have a removal if I was having symptoms, I have been off and on for some time, but they hadn't been terrible and I was just living with the irregular bouts of discomfort. I'm done with all my pre-surgery clearances and just waiting to get through my last 2 dietician appointments. What I'm wondering is - should I contact my surgeon's office to let them know about the gallstones. Wondering what the likely outcome will be, if it'll be safe to go ahead as planned or if this is going to delay my sleeve surgery or if I need to see if I can have my GB removed at the same time. Anyone had gallstones prior to surgery and not had to have GB removed?
  7. Ohh good topic. Been starting to think about this one myself. I haven't told anyone that I work with that I'm looking to have surgery and don't think that I ever will. But I know that they're going to have questions.

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