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  1. Hopefulin2021

    One glass of wine....

    White wine seems to be better for me which is weird because I was a strong red wine girl before. Wine has little to no effect on me so I’m not sure what all the hoopla was about. I have a half glass once a week sometimes I’ll finish a full glass ( about 6 oz) I do get a little tipsy but it doesn’t last long at all. I haven’t had any after affects and I definitely don’t eat more afterwards, if anything I’ve been eating less these past few weeks. I’m sure transfer addiction is real but it hasn’t affected me like that at all. I kinda despise eating and it’s more like a chore now.
  2. How are are all the March surgeries doing? We’re about two months out how is everyone feeling and how much have you lost so far? Any regrets? I’ve lost 50 lbs so far and I’m feeling good!
  3. Hopefulin2021

    Full fast

    Same here I feel like I’m starting to get full faster then when I first had the surgery. I had gastric bypass on 3/3.
  4. Hopefulin2021

    How long do stalls usually last!

    Omg stalls are the worst!! I’ve had about three since surgery and I now know it’s part of the process and once you start loosing you really lose. I made my husband hide the scale and I only weigh myself once a week. I have lost 50 lbs so far so it is working!
  5. Hopefulin2021

    Protein bars

    No girl I have hit stalls!!! I’ve had like two so far and they last for about 2 weeks it is super discouraging. Now i don’t step on the scale as much because I’m like what’s the point I know the weight will come off. I’m glad to hear you’re doing so well!!! And 54 lbs since surgery? Wow that’s a lot in less than 2 months. I’ve lost about 30 lbs since surgery, it’s slow but I’ve lost inches for sure I can see my body transforming back to normal lol
  6. Hopefulin2021

    One glass of wine....

    I have had about two more glasses of wine over the last two weeks and honestly I don’t feel anything at all lol I sip really slow and don’t always finish the glass but i feel fine, not sure what the big deal is I guess it’s different for everyone lol
  7. Hopefulin2021

    One glass of wine....

    I had a glass of wine lol and it did absolutely nothing. I felt fine, wasn’t drunk or even a little buzzed at all but it was nice to be able to sip and feel normal. I’ll only have one glass if I’m out or there’s a special occasion. I Had Merlot and I sipped on that one glass for about an hour lol it was hubby and I date night so that was the reason. It was fine!!!’
  8. Hopefulin2021

    Protein bars

    Hey chanterelle! Everything is good I can’t believe we’re both almost two months post op! I’m feeling good, dropping the pounds I can see a lot of change so I’m happy about that. As far as food I am doing ok, still not meeting protein or water goals but I’m trying lol I feel great though no complaints. I’m eating about 500-700 calories a day , well 700 is a stretch but some days I get there lol how are you feeling????
  9. Hopefulin2021

    One glass of wine....

    Yea true, I was basically wanting to know if anyone else had a small glass a month out of surgery. I haven’t had any complications and I don’t want to start now, I can wait lol. Thanks for the feedback!
  10. SO I’m about 6 almost 7 weeks post op and I really want a glass of red wine. Maybe like a Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon something dry, how bad would that be? Remember this is a judgement free zone! Lol 😝
  11. Hopefulin2021


  12. Hopefulin2021


    Yes I’m only getting about 300-400 calories in and that’s on a good day. if I try I can eat about 3 oz of meat in one sitting but don’t have room for anything else. I’m really trying but it is hard!
  13. Hopefulin2021

    Protein bars

    That’s a great idea I will try that !
  14. Hopefulin2021

    Protein bars

    I’m almost 4 weeks post op and I have been introducing foods back into my system slowly and gradually. So far I have not had any issues besides getting full really quick but that is what’s expected. I still don’t have any hunger so eating is kind of like a chore lol. I wanted to know if protein bars are ok because I am still struggling to get in all my protein and I can’t eat that much and the shakes just don’t do it for me , I hate them. I know I should ask my nutritionist but first I wanted to hear from you. Thanks.
  15. Hopefulin2021


    I take the caramel Bariatric citrate chews and the mixed berry vitamin chews I believe the brand is bariatric fusion. At first I really enjoyed them now I cannot stand the taste. I was taking barimelts for calcium citrate and vitamins but I started hating those as well. I just to find something that I can tolerate. I asked about the patch but the doc said no ☹️. I guess I’ll keep taking the chewables for now aargh.

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