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  1. Happy 62nd Birthday flowers!

  2. 3 years has passed since you registered at LapBandTalk! Happy 3rd Anniversary flowers!

  3. As I said above, Im pretty sure it also has to do with how much you weight. Some posters have BMI well above 50, and if they dont do a presurgery diet, their liver may be too fatty. One poster had to be opened and closed back up because her liver was too fatty. The purpose of the presurgery diet is to shrink your fatty liver. Also, one nurse posted that if your liver is fatty its more slippery and harder to move out of the way to get to your stomach. Restless Monkey, is the ID of the poster who had to be closed up because her liver was too fatty to perform the surgery. Most of us are borderline severly obese, so it may or may not be required to be safe. Some doctors just want you to get a head start. It does vary, but some have to shrink their livers first.
  4. flowers

    Hey 50 & over gang We have a new spot

    Well, thank you, but Im not yet satisfied. I want to lose about 30 lbs more, but at least I dont look obese, hated the way I let myself get. At least now Im not so embarrassed how I look. You are doing good too. Seems like a lot in this thread are really pushing it and overachievers.... at least to me for our age.
  5. I have all my fills under fluro .... then you know if you are too tight or not enough. Unfortunately my fill doctor wouldnt fill tight like some do. Iv had 1.8, 1.8, .5 and .4, almost not worth going in for, cant tell the difference. I have a 10 cc band. I think Iv had appetite pills that helped me more with appetite supression than the lapband. I am kinda dissapointed, but determined.
  6. I had no pre opt diet. I have heard it depends on how heavy you are. If you are heavier, then there is more need to shrink the liver they think, so if you have a BMI say over 40 then you have to go on it? My surgeon Im sure is different than others.
  7. I didnt have a preopt diet, but I still managed to lose 9 lbs just cutting back. Dont panic you will still be able to eat your old foods, just supposed to try and eat less. Some say their lapband helps more than others, mine doesnt stop me from eating. Iv even been on 3 cruises. Im surprised you have your surgery already scheduled before you have approval from your insurance?? Isnt that unusual?
  8. flowers

    Why are people so MEAN???

    My Dad has trouble making himself eat enough and got a feeding tube removed recently. Mostly my conversations with my mom consist of what she was able to get my Dad to eat that day. I guess just because I changed, I dont expect everyone else to change their behavior. My parents want me to lose the weight, but are more concerned with themselves. just how it is, why fight it. You see commercials on tv about food, you just have to adjust.
  9. flowers

    Hey 50 & over gang We have a new spot

    Thanks Daisy, I look better, I just dont look HOT yet!!! lmao. I wanna look hot, even at my age. I walk and jog, so if thats all it took for minimal sagginess, I wouldnt be upset how my skin now looks. I have to remind myself Im healthier, even if I dont like the saggy skin. Im just about exactly at a 25 BMI now.
  10. If you lost 34 lbs since your surgery March 31st, I dont get why you feel like you are failing your band. You are supposed to be in recovery. Im surprised they would give you a fill already. My doctor made me wait to schedule after 5 weeks had passed. I also sure wasnt down a much as you are. Maybe your expectations are too high for losing? You might or might not have resistance after the first fill. You might have had swelling after your surgery is why they had to unfill you. My surgeon also wouldnt prefill me, but that may be due to having a realize band. Iv had 4 fills for 1.8 cc, 1.8 cc, .5 cc and .4 cc, way too conservative, so I feel like I still dont really feel enough resistance. The band was a bit of a dissapointment for me, but Im losing, no matter what, even if its a lot harder than I expected.
  11. flowers

    Hey 50 & over gang We have a new spot

    I need all those things done, Im saggy all over. Even the skin above my knees is loose and wrinkly and my butt too. I was talking to my nutrionalist about plastic surgery just today and said Id get back to her, but still knowing I will need it. Tough getting old huh?
  12. flowers

    Hey 50 & over gang We have a new spot

    Hi, Iv been back from my last cruise a week now, but still getting my weight back under control. I did have a fellow cruiser take a picture of me in Roatan. I still have a fat baby round face, but sure a lot better than I used to be. Calling this a progress picture.
  13. flowers

    Weight Watchers?

    I dont think there is a basic plan. My fill doctor told me my portions are too big when she looked at my band and stomach under fluor, said to cut back a little on portions so my stomach goes down in size. Eat small portions. Dont drink before or right after or during your meal are rules some follow, but I never did it right. I still drink when Im thirsty.
  14. flowers

    Weight Watchers?

    I do low gi, like I did when I had started nutrisystem. I was used to doing like that and lost better on that than WW because Im sugar sensitive. Southbeach is another low gi type diet.
  15. there is a thread on miralax down on the general threads. A lot of us are taking it. Not dangerous like laxatives, which can make the colon bleed and cause diverculitis (sp). Fiber didnt work for me either. I bought every kind of fiber on the market. Found miralax, and its a wonder drug!!! expensive, used to be prescription until less than 2 years ago, so no generic for it yet.