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    Neensyb reacted to XtinaDoesIt in I am about 31/2 months post VSG surgery and have had a number of weeks in a stall. I   
    I'm with you on this! Im around 3 month too. Had 2 days of drinking on vacation 2 weeks ago but since then, I've had at least 4 more "occasions" to drink. I know its not the worst but alcohol was definitely a contributing factor to my weight gain and its too early for us to get off track. Let's go cold turkey together!
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    Neensyb got a reaction from Jen2175 in Hi All. I had my sleeve performed on 2-23 and I a wondering did anyone puree anything   
    Stay on the clear liquid, there is a good reason. You have had major surgery, you want absolutely no chance of little bits getting caught in your wound.
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    Neensyb reacted to Grayce in Waiting for a sleeve.... any comments on positivity ?   
    Just keep in high spirits. I'm 9 weeks post op and I'm glad I did it. Do you have a surgery date?
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    Neensyb reacted to HeyArnold in One month today I went in for sleeve surgery. One month....really? It feels like aaaa   
    This is awesome. Did you have stomach pain on left side like pulling
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    Neensyb reacted to BSNJ in Four weeks since surgery. 12kgs down (26lbs). I feel like I'm still not eating enough   
    I had my sleeve done August 2020. For the first few weeks, I barely ate much. I really didn't feel like eating. As my sleeve healed, I tried very small meals. I was more concerned about getting my fluids in. I was told often that I will end up in the hospital from dehydration. From the beginning, I kept a daily water/food log of calories, protein, carbs. I also record my weight once a week. It holds me accountable. The weight loss is slow, but my log shows me how far I have progressed. Good luck on your weight loss journey.👏
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    Neensyb got a reaction from yumna.zafar in SW-130kg CW - 115.6KG - 1 month and 10 days post-op, struggling as I've reached the m   
    Change up your food plan, swap meals around, walk in the morning and the evening, have more water.....just a couple of things that have helped me in the past.
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    Neensyb got a reaction from mil_unloaded in Feeling pretty good after surgery! Came home 29 hours after admittance for pre-op! Do   
    How are you feeling now? The burping is odd right, I felt the same. I was sooooo careful not to swallow air but alas I had the "burps" and a bit of frothing.
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    Neensyb reacted to mil_unloaded in Day 5 pre op and Christmas Day. The pre op diet is getting easier by the day and I am   
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, friend! Happy New Bodies to us! (My surgery is 12/30!) I have a lot of Aussie friends and I’m so jealous of their summer christmases. Haha. One of my best Aussie buddies lives out in the Perth area. We’d love to go visit her someday, but it sure is pricy to fly out that way from California!
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