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  1. I am 10 weeks post op and so far have had a pretty good experience, taken all the advice and been very much a rule follower. On Friday last week we went to an annual Prawn Day fundraiser and I had one weetbix and zymil milk for breakfast with no issue. At midday I had one prawn, half a moreton bay bug (very small lobster like crustacean) and one oyster. Probably a total of 1/3 to 1/2 cup of food. I had this over a period of half an hour or more, and well after half a very small glass of rose wine. 10-15 minutes after the oyster, I felt this god-awful rush to my face, breathlessness, rapid heart rate, dizziness, shaking and wanted to roll over and pass out. I had to go outside to the medical tent and sit on the bed (after assuring them I wasn't one of the drunken arses at other tables 🙂 ) and felt just horrible with the cold sweats. One of our lovely local police officers took me home and I recovered after about two or three hours. I've read up and it sounded more like late dumping syndrome, where the body feels a rush of sugar to the system and releases a lot of insulin, resulting in a sudden dip in blood sugars. This is supposed to happen two-three hours after a meal so can only assume it was the weekbix. Has anyone else felt like this after having such a good run of no real bumps in the road? I sincerely hope it wasn't the seafood, but it's the first time I've tried each of these items since surgery. I have had weetbix before and wine - not together of course - with no issues. I guess I am answering my own question, seafood/shellfish very likely to be the cause. Sigh.....
  2. Neensyb

    One glass of wine....

    Yep about a month out of surgery I did have a glass of wine and it's starting to creep up a little. I've decided to give it a miss altogether, I need to let my body heal. I am four months post surgery.
  3. I am about 31/2 months post VSG surgery and have had a number of weeks in a stall.  I am ok with it, I know it's normal.  BUT...I've found the joy of alcohol again....dammit!  I stopped for 12 months in 2020, gained weight, had surgery in January this year, lost a shed load of weight...and stalling. I do think my alcohol consumption is contributing (doh, of course it is, it's empty calories) so I'm on a mission to knock it back for a while.

    It's never easy huh!  🙂

    1. XtinaDoesIt


      I'm with you on this! Im around 3 month too. Had 2 days of drinking on vacation 2 weeks ago but since then, I've had at least 4 more "occasions" to drink. I know its not the worst but alcohol was definitely a contributing factor to my weight gain and its too early for us to get off track. Let's go cold turkey together!

    2. Neensyb


      Done, stopping today. Let's check in together to stay on track. 🙂

  4. My sugery was 4 January, and I comfortably started coffee 2 weeks later. Now I am back to a max of 4 cups a day.
  5. Oh and I don't take any coloxyl any more.
  6. Gosh I remember month one and two.... no consistency in bowel movements at all!! I had TERRIBLE constipation the first month, only going once a week at most, crying and sweating on the loo... christ it was awful. I was advised to take coloxyl every other day which cleared me out (Thank god I work from home!) and to eat weetbix in the morning, increase water and add some fruit. I did the first two and it made a difference, but I have to say that exercise was the major contributor to regulating toilet habits. Just walking or swimming.... and I had an immediate improvement.
  7. You are so right...my dietician and surgeon have said over and over, eat until satisfied rather than feeling full
  8. Ha, yep, I am LOVING being the winner of flatulence in our house for once (hubby and I have four boys...gross little monsters....two are adults and the twins are 11). Though it can get embarrassing. It will ease, you'll work out what foods it is causing it.
  9. Neensyb

    Fluid intake post op

    Agree, many people have difficulty building up their fluid intake. Just keep at it, things do improve I promise. I mix half and half apple juice and water (I actually couldn't stand apple juice before) as plain water just didn't sit well.
  10. Oh I want to reach out and give you a big hug. I know EXACTLY what you are saying/feeling. I was sleeved on 4 January and have been out a couple of times. I have learned my lesson BIG time! I don't order anything. Hubby does, and I have a couple of bites of his dinner. He might order a side of mashed potato or steamed veges, and i'll have a couple of those too. I still can't get through more than 1/2 a cup at a time, so why waste money on a big plate of food for me, only to walk away from it. I always look at the menu online before going anywhere. It helps me make a decision without holding other people up and drawing attention to myself.
  11. Do you mind me asking what the issues are with your sleeve? I hear quite a bit on this forum that people have a bypass after a sleeve.....I am just curious.
  12. Neensyb

    3 Months Post Op

    40lbs in 12 weeks is an awesome effort, how much would you have lost if you hadn't had surgery 🙂 You may have had a couple of mini stalls. Stay on point, keep at it, and maybe if you feel like you are too sedentary you could get out for a 15 minute walk each day in the morning ? It's a beautiful time of day, fresh air, new start, you don't know what's coming in the day. You know what, I'm going to do exactly that, starting tomorrow morning!! Thanks 🙂
  13. Stay as long as they allow you to. Get up and walk walk walk as soon as you can. It will help with recovery and get the awful gas pains out of your system. NEVER trust a fart.....for a few weeks anyway 🙂 I mixed apple juice with water, and didn't have it icy cold. It was easier to consume. SMALL sips, all day. If you have any relatives that want to help, get them to make some home made clear chicken soup and strain it. For me it was heart warming, homely comfort that I needed. Whenever you cough or sneeze, try and get a pillow on your tummy and hold it hard in the first two weeks. If you are near one that is. If not, hold your arms across your belly, it just offers a little more support when you'll be a little tender. If nothing else, follow 100% the advice of your doctor and dietician. With all due respect to everyone who is active on the internet, your doctor knows YOU, your dietician knows YOU. What works for me may not work for you, and vice versa. You may have buyers regret for a day or two afterwards...I did, and so have many others. Just remember that feeling will pass and you'll be so much better for it. How exciting, I am so keen to hear how things go for you. Take care J
  14. Trust me when I say, you'll all get through this time. I have found adding apple juice to water and not drink it icy cold was helpful in the first weeks. Consider looking at recipes like wonton soup, and just have the broth of that. It's got more flavour than normal broth, and you can add tasteless protein as well. Within a couple of weeks you'll be having puree or mash, and you'll find things far more palatable. Mashed pumpkin with butter and cracked pepper, leek and potato soup etc. Remember you've had major surgery, your body will tell you when it wants more or less. Keep smiling and know that in a short period of time you're going to start feeling so much better, not just physically by mentally too. 🙂
  15. Neensyb

    Before and After Pics

    My scars haven't seen the sun yet, but one is quite dark now. I have some oil that I keep forgetting to put on them that helps lighten them...my own silly fault really.
  16. Neensyb

    Before and After Pics

    You are so kind, I am pretty proud of how I am progressing. There is a really good site for swimsuits that are good for big busted women (no matter how much I lose my ta-ta's are going to be a size D or DD!) and it's called Baku. They are priced well for Australia and excellent quality.
  17. Neensyb

    I "snuck" having WLS

    I am really really fortunate that I haven't had anything out of the ordinary. I felt bloody horrible for about a week, like that awful drained, short of breath, bleugh feeling. I struggled to drink half a litre for the first couple of days but persevered. I've not had any vomiting and only one bout of dumping a couple of weeks ago. I'm trying new foods often, and in small amounts.
  18. Neensyb

    Before and After Pics

    The annoying thing is, the more weight I lose the darker my scars are grrrrr.
  19. Neensyb

    Spicy Soup 1 week post op

    But please do share some of your creative recipes 🙂 you sound like you're on a journey of success, good on you!
  20. Oh no, what's going on for you? I was 4 January, and just recently feel sociable again.
  21. Neensyb

    Before and After Pics

    I never thought I'd post pics of me in undies/bikini! But here goes. 20kgs lost so far. I have none of my full body at my heaviest, I couldn't stand to look at it. The two body pics are after 10kgs lost and after 20kgs lost. No regrets at all.
  22. Neensyb

    Spicy Soup 1 week post op

    If you make a batch of soup for other people, try a wee teaspoon and see how that goes. It's slowly slowly in the first six months. Be prepared if it doesn't agree with you though 🙂 I personally would wait until you are tolerating more pureed foods.
  23. @DwGirl your status made me giggle for non-scale victories.  I thought I'd do my own since it got me thinking....

    My boobs don't overflow over my bra.....

    Undies don't roll over at the front.

    I too, can cross my legs easily!

    My shoes fit better, weird but true.

    My wedding rings are loose and I don't have swollen fingers.

    Tying my shoelaces isn't exhausting any more.


  24. Today I could cry.  I am now in the "healthy BMI" range of 24.9 and only 10 weeks post op.  

    I didn't think I could be successful like this, but I trusted the process and follow all the rules.  Thank god for this tool.

  25. Neensyb

    I "snuck" having WLS

    I guess everyone is different. I found myself telling a few lies about why I needed WLS, and now I have the courage to tell people to mind their own business if they are negative about it. It's my life, my body, my decision, and it's the best one I could have made. So there! Naaaaaaaah! 🙂

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