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  1. One month today I went in for sleeve surgery. One month....really?  It feels like aaaages ago.  What are the key notes in the past month:

    • being scared on the day was very real.  My surgeon and anesthetist were fabulous talking me through everything and listening to my concerns.  
    • It was over before I knew it
    • Recovery from the GA was awful...the only time I have ever experienced anything like it.  12 hours later I finally came out of it properly
    • Gas pain is awful, but easily remedied by walking
    • Walking isn't as scary and painful as I thought, and I didn't get light headed at all
    • My water bottle has become my best friend.  I bought some new ones, one in particular with Llamas all over it 🙂
    • My husband won't let me get a pair of Llamas....dammit
    • Following my dietician and surgeons guidelines WORKS!  It really does
    • Scars on my belly are minimal due to using specific scar gel, helps healing and reduces scarring
    • If I have eaten too quickly, the best way to manage the discomfort is to stand up, or sit upright, and wait.....wait wait wait.  20 minutes later the discomfort has gone
    • Don't be scared to move to the next phase, just tiny tiny bites and don't drink with your meal
    • I have learned to really listen to my body.  Eat for satisfaction, not to be full.  The best advice I have been given
    • Don't forget multivitamins, it really does have an impact on fatigue
    • Try not to weigh daily, thought it's tempting
    • Scales are not always an indication of body change - TAKE PHOTOS!
    • My skin is quite dry, and it's loving the attention I am giving it.  Lots of moisturiser and my tan is the best it's ever been.  Not sure what the correlation is, but I haven't burned at all, just nicely browned
    • I had an initial breakout of rosacea on my face, but that is likely to be from the shock of surgery and much less food than usual.  It cleared up after a week or two and now my skin on my face is just lovely!
    • NEVER EVER trust a fart.  Not in the early days.  
    • Constipation is real, coloxyl is the solution for me.  
    • You don't poop anywhere near the volume you consume, I guess most of it is liquid and mushy anyway so no solids formed.   TMI I know, does anyone else miss a decent poop?  🙂

    One month and I can say I feel 100% IF I STAY WITHIN MY LIMITS.  Last night we had Chinese takeaways/takeout for the first time, I had a small wonton soup (I know our local Chinese cook, they are very very healthy with their cooking methods).  I sipped away at the liquid and had a wonton.  It was so delicious that I had a second one...bad move.  Felt bloated, a little uncomfortable and had to stand up for a while.  If I had just had the one, all good.  

    I hope this sort of information helps others.  The nearly 13kgs I have lost has had an enormous impact on my life.  I don't huff and puff putting on my undies, clothes I haven't worn for years now fit me - just.  I can cross my legs comfortably, my back pain has gone completely...and I mean 100% goneski!!  I can cross my arms and they sit under my boobs, not on top of my bloated liver and stomach.  I bought my first bikini online.  It arrived, looks great (to me and hubby) and I feel comfortable in it at home.  I have another 17kgs to go, but I'm ok with taking it slowly.


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    2. Neensyb


      Us shovelers....I love it 🙂 You've made my Friday!

      I'm so happy I haven't been a chucker. I hate the thought of vomiting and it was a bit of a concern of mine regarding the surgery.

      I am a three meal a day girl, don't really like snacking. Been told I have to because I'm not eating anywhere near enough....it's either a feast or a famine right...ha get it! That's PUNNY.....

      I think I have had one too many coffees....

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