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  1. 10 Days post op.  Wow, what a journey so far.

    Pre op was straightforward, over the Christmas and New Year period but I was ok with that. 

    Day of op, pretty stunned really, was I doing the right thing.  A quick nervous wee before I was put under and VOILA...done.

    Day 1 and 2 post was a freaking mess.  Mentally that is.  Lots of questions, lots of doubts, lots of fear.....then day 3 came and bingo I felt so much better, about 80%.


    Skip to Day 10.  I am feeling pretty satisfied most of the time, not really hungry.  My skin is amazing.  The weight is literally dropping off but I'm under no disillusionment that this will slow considerably shortly.  I have started to experiment with different liquids and found I absolutely despise liquidised meat.   YUCK.

    My belly scars are almost gone, but they have left a little lump and they can be tender.  I wouldn't call it sore.

    I am managing to get my protein up just over 60g a day, but that's with the help of two scoops of protein powder in my liquid meals.  Drinking sitting directly upright is my only comfortable option which is ok, and I've learned to love jelly/jello.  

    Biggest changes?  Confidence.  Libido (yep, it's back with a vengeance after being dormant for about 5 years).  Energy increase.  Clothes starting to fit better.

    Biggest disappointment?  I really don't have anything to be disappointed about except I didn't do it sooner.  

    Biggest surprise?  How quickly I have recovered and am seeing results.  


    1. Band_Irl


      Wow congrats! You sound like your doing amazing.

      I am in tomorrow morning for lapband and hoping for the same kind of recovery. I am not even going down the road of liquid meat 🤢.

      Can I ask what you had done?

    2. Neensyb


      I had the sleeve done on 4th Janyary. No regrets whatsoever.