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  1. I am about 31/2 months post VSG surgery and have had a number of weeks in a stall.  I am ok with it, I know it's normal.  BUT...I've found the joy of alcohol again....dammit!  I stopped for 12 months in 2020, gained weight, had surgery in January this year, lost a shed load of weight...and stalling. I do think my alcohol consumption is contributing (doh, of course it is, it's empty calories) so I'm on a mission to knock it back for a while.

    It's never easy huh!  🙂

    1. XtinaDoesIt


      I'm with you on this! Im around 3 month too. Had 2 days of drinking on vacation 2 weeks ago but since then, I've had at least 4 more "occasions" to drink. I know its not the worst but alcohol was definitely a contributing factor to my weight gain and its too early for us to get off track. Let's go cold turkey together!

    2. Neensyb


      Done, stopping today. Let's check in together to stay on track. 🙂

  2. @DwGirl your status made me giggle for non-scale victories.  I thought I'd do my own since it got me thinking....

    My boobs don't overflow over my bra.....

    Undies don't roll over at the front.

    I too, can cross my legs easily!

    My shoes fit better, weird but true.

    My wedding rings are loose and I don't have swollen fingers.

    Tying my shoelaces isn't exhausting any more.


  3. Today I could cry.  I am now in the "healthy BMI" range of 24.9 and only 10 weeks post op.  

    I didn't think I could be successful like this, but I trusted the process and follow all the rules.  Thank god for this tool.

  4. 10 weeks post op.  Had my first dumping episode last week, holy hell I thought I was having a heart attack!  It lasted a couple of hours, and was only really severe for half an hour.  Enough to scare the life out of me though!

    Weight loss has slowed considerably but I'm ok with that.  I've been eating more mindfully and with variety, remembering my vitamins mostly, and drinking lots of fluid.  The day after the dumping session I felt really washed out and lacked energy.  An early night sorted that.

    I've started having a few glasses of wine but worried it's going to fall into a bad habit (I do get a little complacent when watching my alcohol intake) so hubby and I have decided only one night a week and limit it to half a bottle between us.  


  5. 9 weeks post op today.  Gosh, observations are so many.....

    I am finally back in the 70's (kilograms that is) which is my happy place - preferably the low 70's but I'm getting there.

    My hair is dry, really dry.  Need more water and healthy oils.

    I'm starting to feel thirst again, but gulping isn't a good feeling.  Sip sip sip all day.

    My body transformation is astounding.  I can see contour in my shoulders, and my legs are back where they used to be when I was very active.  

    I tan a LOT better than I used to.  Weird, I don't know why, but we are at the end of our summer here in Australia and I have the BEST tan!  🙂

    I've been more out and about doing things, feeling more motivated.  

    I become exhausted after a short amount of exercise.  This is incredibly frustrating.

    Alcohol hits me, HARD.... 😞 

    Poop is back!  Ha, I know, TMI.  But I am back pooping daily or every other day and they are normal woohoo.

    I'm not scared to try all foods now, just in tiny amounts to begin with.

    I was asked if I was ok the other day by a shop keeper at our local pet and pool store.  She thought I was ill.... 😞

    My body self image is nothing like reality.  My imagination doesn't allow me to try on clothes that will actually fit me, I still feel fat.

    Just my thoughts at 9 weeks.  NO REGRETS!!!!  

  6. Approaching 7 weeks post op this coming Monday.

    I've been lazy with cooking, just having low fat convenient foods.  I am feeling lethargic and flat.  I forget my multivitamins all the time despite me putting an alarm on my phone.

    Tonight I am doing a full months meal plan and getting my sh*t together!

    Still losing, still happy with my decision to go ahead.  I just need to sort out my motivation!

  7. One month today I went in for sleeve surgery. One month....really?  It feels like aaaages ago.  What are the key notes in the past month:

    • being scared on the day was very real.  My surgeon and anesthetist were fabulous talking me through everything and listening to my concerns.  
    • It was over before I knew it
    • Recovery from the GA was awful...the only time I have ever experienced anything like it.  12 hours later I finally came out of it properly
    • Gas pain is awful, but easily remedied by walking
    • Walking isn't as scary and painful as I thought, and I didn't get light headed at all
    • My water bottle has become my best friend.  I bought some new ones, one in particular with Llamas all over it 🙂
    • My husband won't let me get a pair of Llamas....dammit
    • Following my dietician and surgeons guidelines WORKS!  It really does
    • Scars on my belly are minimal due to using specific scar gel, helps healing and reduces scarring
    • If I have eaten too quickly, the best way to manage the discomfort is to stand up, or sit upright, and wait.....wait wait wait.  20 minutes later the discomfort has gone
    • Don't be scared to move to the next phase, just tiny tiny bites and don't drink with your meal
    • I have learned to really listen to my body.  Eat for satisfaction, not to be full.  The best advice I have been given
    • Don't forget multivitamins, it really does have an impact on fatigue
    • Try not to weigh daily, thought it's tempting
    • Scales are not always an indication of body change - TAKE PHOTOS!
    • My skin is quite dry, and it's loving the attention I am giving it.  Lots of moisturiser and my tan is the best it's ever been.  Not sure what the correlation is, but I haven't burned at all, just nicely browned
    • I had an initial breakout of rosacea on my face, but that is likely to be from the shock of surgery and much less food than usual.  It cleared up after a week or two and now my skin on my face is just lovely!
    • NEVER EVER trust a fart.  Not in the early days.  
    • Constipation is real, coloxyl is the solution for me.  
    • You don't poop anywhere near the volume you consume, I guess most of it is liquid and mushy anyway so no solids formed.   TMI I know, does anyone else miss a decent poop?  🙂

    One month and I can say I feel 100% IF I STAY WITHIN MY LIMITS.  Last night we had Chinese takeaways/takeout for the first time, I had a small wonton soup (I know our local Chinese cook, they are very very healthy with their cooking methods).  I sipped away at the liquid and had a wonton.  It was so delicious that I had a second one...bad move.  Felt bloated, a little uncomfortable and had to stand up for a while.  If I had just had the one, all good.  

    I hope this sort of information helps others.  The nearly 13kgs I have lost has had an enormous impact on my life.  I don't huff and puff putting on my undies, clothes I haven't worn for years now fit me - just.  I can cross my legs comfortably, my back pain has gone completely...and I mean 100% goneski!!  I can cross my arms and they sit under my boobs, not on top of my bloated liver and stomach.  I bought my first bikini online.  It arrived, looks great (to me and hubby) and I feel comfortable in it at home.  I have another 17kgs to go, but I'm ok with taking it slowly.


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    2. Neensyb


      Us shovelers....I love it 🙂 You've made my Friday!

      I'm so happy I haven't been a chucker. I hate the thought of vomiting and it was a bit of a concern of mine regarding the surgery.

      I am a three meal a day girl, don't really like snacking. Been told I have to because I'm not eating anywhere near enough....it's either a feast or a famine right...ha get it! That's PUNNY.....

      I think I have had one too many coffees....

  8. Four weeks since surgery.  12kgs down (26lbs).   I feel like I'm still not eating enough, but have had some great advice from the dietician last week that I'm implementing from today.  It's Monday morning in sunny and HOT Queensland, Australia, so today will be increasing my water, and including two snacks a day - it should also help me have a break from my desk.  Still working from home, still loving it!

    Happy Monday to you all x

    1. BSNJ


      I had my sleeve done August 2020. For the first few weeks, I barely ate much. I really didn't feel like eating. As my sleeve healed, I tried very small meals. I was more concerned about getting my fluids in. I was told often that I will end up in the hospital from dehydration. From the beginning, I kept a daily water/food log of calories, protein, carbs. I also record my weight once a week. It holds me accountable. The weight loss is slow, but my log shows me how far I have progressed. Good luck on your weight loss journey.👏

    2. Neensyb


      Thank you for your comments, I'm glad I am not alone in this. Sounds very cliche, but I mean it. I have slowed down this week, probably because it's THAT time. But I'm definitely getting more nutrition in and I'm testing new textures. The only disappointment is that salmon, steamed, makes me feel very heavy in the belly even after a few nibbles. Oh well, small price to pay hey.

      Have you noticed the way you stand, the way you feel, the way people react to you has changed?

  9. Yesterday was my post op check up with the surgeon and it went well.  He is happy with my progress and I don't need to see him for 6 months.  I'm at day 17 post op and the only real issue I have had is severe constipation.  Warning, TMI coming up.....

    So I have been number twos three times since surgery.  Twice it was tiny, third time was just an absolute crisis.  Crying, sweating, it was right there....just so horribly hard and dry.  I had to get pessaries and take Coloxyl.  Holy crap (pardon the pun) when she finally made it through, she was a stubby whopper.  I drink 2 litres a day, I have stopped taking the protein powder and don't take huge amounts of multi vitamins.  I am on puree now so having weetbix (an Australian/NZ breakfast biscuit) and veges for lunch and dinner.  I am going to look for some tea that helps with the issue, I simply can't go through that again.  It was two days ago and I still feel bruised.   I am not exercising much so will need to increase that too, I just don't want to be taking laxatives as a habit.

    Aside from that my only bug bear is the draw to the scales every day.  I'm going to get my hubby to remove them and hide them from me and only weigh once a week to ensure I'm staying on track.  I'm still seeing losses all the time, but I'm becoming so focused on that I forget that the scales are only one part of the journey, my wellbeing is the other. 

    My son and his fiance are coming up from Melbourne this weekend and arrive tomorrow.  I haven't seen them both since Covid and I've missed them terribly.  I have some fun things organised, but I just can't wait to hug my first born and tell him how much I love him.

    Happy Friday-eve from down under. 

    1. SunriverJo


      I had a very similar experience. Twice. It was awful and a bit traumatizing, frankly. I thought I was going to have to take Miralax everyday for the rest of my life, but I can happily say that being 5.5 months out, things are fairly regular and I haven't had to take Miralax in over a month. I always make sure to get plenty of water, which has helped. Exercise will definitely help you in that department, too. Even just getting a walk in everyday will be good for your bowels. :)

      Wish you the best on your journey!

  10. 10 Days post op.  Wow, what a journey so far.

    Pre op was straightforward, over the Christmas and New Year period but I was ok with that. 

    Day of op, pretty stunned really, was I doing the right thing.  A quick nervous wee before I was put under and VOILA...done.

    Day 1 and 2 post was a freaking mess.  Mentally that is.  Lots of questions, lots of doubts, lots of fear.....then day 3 came and bingo I felt so much better, about 80%.


    Skip to Day 10.  I am feeling pretty satisfied most of the time, not really hungry.  My skin is amazing.  The weight is literally dropping off but I'm under no disillusionment that this will slow considerably shortly.  I have started to experiment with different liquids and found I absolutely despise liquidised meat.   YUCK.

    My belly scars are almost gone, but they have left a little lump and they can be tender.  I wouldn't call it sore.

    I am managing to get my protein up just over 60g a day, but that's with the help of two scoops of protein powder in my liquid meals.  Drinking sitting directly upright is my only comfortable option which is ok, and I've learned to love jelly/jello.  

    Biggest changes?  Confidence.  Libido (yep, it's back with a vengeance after being dormant for about 5 years).  Energy increase.  Clothes starting to fit better.

    Biggest disappointment?  I really don't have anything to be disappointed about except I didn't do it sooner.  

    Biggest surprise?  How quickly I have recovered and am seeing results.  


    1. Band_Irl


      Wow congrats! You sound like your doing amazing.

      I am in tomorrow morning for lapband and hoping for the same kind of recovery. I am not even going down the road of liquid meat 🤢.

      Can I ask what you had done?

    2. Neensyb


      I had the sleeve done on 4th Janyary. No regrets whatsoever.

  11. Day 5 pre op and Christmas Day.  The pre op diet is getting easier by the day and I am so very determined.  I started at 97kg, and I am now 92.2kg.  I know a lot is water weight, but it makes me feel good and determined.

    I've prepared all the food for the day yesterday, except the fresh salads.  I guess a lot of the members on this forum are from the northern hemisphere so the idea of a summer Christmas is probably quite foreign to you all.  I LOVE Christmas Day and today I have woken with no hangover (now booze free for 361 days) and without feeling bloated, puffy and yuck.  I've had my morning shake, a couple of cups of coffee and now on the water.  I am not religious at all, none of my family are (I don't mean to offend anyone at all) so Christmas for us is celebrating the end of the year, and reflect on what we have done well, not well, and what we could start doing as a family.  They all know about my surgery on 4th January and hubby has agreed next year is all about our physical health and wellbeing.  

    Bring on 2021 I say!

    Merry Christmas everyone xxx

    1. mil_unloaded


      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, friend! Happy New Bodies to us! (My surgery is 12/30!) I have a lot of Aussie friends and I’m so jealous of their summer christmases. Haha. One of my best Aussie buddies lives out in the Perth area. We’d love to go visit her someday, but it sure is pricy to fly out that way from California!

  12. Day 4 pre op.  I've got my headache back again but don't feel as washed out as the past few days.  I'm keeping up on my chewable multi vitamins which I think is really helping my skin and focus.  I am only having the three optifast meals a day (shakes or puddings) and not getting in the steamed veges as I'm simply too tired.  I might have to start having them at lunchtime I think, I know there is a reason I have to have them.

    10 days until surgery.  I'm so excited about it now, not really nervous.  I am reading so many of the posts on this forum, it's been great.

    For those starting out on the pre op liquid diet, the only advice I can give on day four is to drink water.  Try and keep yourself distracted during the first couple of days.  DON'T go grocery shopping.....that just highlighted to me bad habits that I had got in to.  Online shopping and delivery from now on.  

    I've got myself a diary to write journal entries in leading up to and after the surgery.

    It's Christmas Eve here, so merry christmas to you all, and I'll see you on the other side of the Jolly Fat Fellows day!

  13. Me again, day 2 liquid pre op.

    Chalky mouth has remained.  

    No headache so far today.

    I've had my first example of lifestyle change today....went to get chicken food for our rescue chooks and would usually pop through the zaraffas window for a coffee....or diet coke.  Nope, water it is.


    I slept terribly again last night, like I can't get to sleep....it's damned frustrating.  I will ride the wave until it's over.

    The doctor surgery rang today confirming the time and operation day preparation.  Woohoo, it's becoming very real now!

  14. Day one of pre op diet, two weeks before surgery.  I'm excited to start,  and know that this is a fundamental lifestyle change. 

    On 30 December 2019 I gave up a heavy drinking habit for 30 years.  No regrets, only successes; even through the turmoil of 2020 ☠💪💣💥

    2021 will be the year I regain my physical and mental health, and the start of the rest of my life.  To say I am a determined person is an understatement.  One day I want to writea book just for my family.  It will make for a lot of laughs, many tears, and a lot of enlightenment as to why I am the way I am.  I've been on a blog called Living Sober all year, and I have decided to extract all my posts for the last 12 months and read iver them again during my post surgery recovery time.  It will reassure me I am ok, I can (and must) do this.

    Happy day 1 to you from me x

    1. GreenTealael


      Congratulations ♥️

    2. Neensyb


      Day 1 down and about to go to bed. I am exhausted and know I will sleep well. My headache is banging though, despite all the neurofen I've had. Grrrr.

      But a couple of hours in the pool early evening was such a nice relaxing time. I'm ready for zzzzz now. Bring on day 2!

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