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  1. Friendswood , Tx
  2. I started my journey Nov. 15 2020 : Preop-diet was for 2-weeks : My surgery date was Dec. 15, 2020. So basically six months ago I started my journey- And it's been 5 Months from the actual surgery date . As of May 15 2021, I've lost 105lbs !! YES... I only dreamed of losing this much weight... I'm not done by far, but what a first six months........
  3. Mrb1807


    I asked the same question from my nutritionist and the Dr. Basically : Eating your meal over hours or thru out the day is not grazing. As long as your eating your daily intake , all is fine. Grazing is eating other foods or snacks not in your daily meal plan.
  4. Mrb1807


    Yes, Love the strawberry !!!!
  5. Mrb1807

    SEX! (not gender...I mean actual nookie)

    just saying : No such thing as foreplay , And who ever cums first wins ! LOL
  6. Mrb1807


    I know all about those damn stalls, I just a three weeker.. most only last about 4-5 days.. Hang in there !
  7. I love the joy when a three week stall ends... Weight just falls off.... 7 lbs in two days.... I kept losing and gaining the same 1 or 2 lbs for three weeks.... SUCKS !!
  8. Protein shakes, and raw oysters !! I'm having oysters about three days a week Boiled shrimp is great too. I about twice a week I eat Sashimi ( Sushi without the rice )
  9. This is what I am doing . 1) Food Journal- I record EVERYTHING I eat or drink. Tracking Calories, fat, proteins, carbs. and total them up daily. I try my best to keep my Protein above 75, and calories below 800, carbs below 30, fat below 25. I'm doing very well on reaching these goals, it fluctuates from day to day , but on a monthly average it evens out. My first month I lost a great deal, now averaging about 1/2 a day.
  10. EVERYONE and I mean everyone has a STALL ! yes they suck !!!! I know exactly how your feel and what your going thru !!! In layman's terms : Your body is in starvation made : It thinks its starving, so your body's mechanism changes. 1) You are still definitely burning your fat !!!, what the scale does not show is your body holding on to water. 2) Stay the course ! With such a low calorie intake you are still burning fat cells !!!!, Stay the course !! 3) The scale will move again , and you will be happy ! I've dropped as much as 4lbs in two days after stall. 4) Yes its frustrating Very frustrating...STAY the COURSE it works .....
  11. Mrb1807

    Dealing with Co-Workers and Friends

    This is what I did : Basically I lied to everyone except immediate family. ( I had a friend a few years ago that that had WLS and the talk behind his back was HORRIBLE!!! Never to his face !! Things like, took the easy way out, no motivation, weak minded, no self control, it will never work just wait and see, they actually took bets on how long till he would fail , and they watched and criticized his eating habits at lunch etc, etc, etc... Again Never to his face !!! People can be so chicken-sh...t. What I did...Weeks before surgery I started complaining about digestive issues to all my co-workers, possible gall bladder issues , diverticulitis, constipation,,etc... Told everyone i was going in for Gall bladder removal on a Tuesday and would be back Monday...Showed up Monday said "everything went as planned, but they fixed a few things while in there, hernia, removed small bowl obstruction etc.... Said" I really have to watch my diet closely over the next 4 weeks to heal properly". Then started talking about beginning a exercise regiment, walking etc... Then everyday I was bringing up my " morning walks etc....On Pizza Wednesday--I grab a few pieces and then toss them out.. I mention how good the pizza was, but also I say " really don't want those digestive issues again"...So far almost 8 weeks out , NO issues and down almost 60 lbs.
  12. Everyone is different, and many nutritionist have different plans...My post weight guide from the Dr and nutritionist is : Calories below 1000, Low fat, low carb. So I keep a food journal , And I just did this : I averaged my Protein, Fat, Carb, Calorie intake over the last 40 days : These are my results : Protein 81.6 Fat 23.6 Carbs 38 Calories 731 So what do yall think ? Any suggestions ? Hints ? Advice ?
  13. Mrb1807

    Tracking Intake

    I use this one.....I really like it ! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07N1XH9BQ/ref=ox_sc_act_title_5?smid=A3TB2SK5ET22PX&psc=1
  14. Mrb1807

    Stalled after 1.5 weeks?

    I will also say , I have what I call quite a few "mini-stalls" : might go 3-4 days with very little movement , then WHAM ! 5lbs gone overnight, things like that

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