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  1. I am 5 days post vsg and have been freezing or swearing. I’m making my husband nuts moving the thermostat. It’s winter here in NY. My hands feet and nose are freezing too, but I am still on liquids. From what I’ve read it seems common. As long as you don’t have a fever. Before when I’d go on a liquid fast or Atkins the moment I introduced carbs my body would overheat. Just a thought. Right now, I have fuzzy socks and warm throws I’ve been trying to use. I watched hours of you tube videos of others who have gone through this. Hope this is just a phase, keep your goal and end game in mind!!!!
  2. Wow! I am so impressed!! That is a huge day. Speaks volumes about sleep and hydration. Your attitude though was probably the majority of how you had such a productive day. Very inspiring. I find myself wanting to sit down and rest between tasks which I’ve been doing. I go back to work on Monday (working from home due to COVID) but am wanting just one more day. 😂. I know it’s early but am aware that so many people experience hair loss around month 3-6. So I’ve been focused on that on my protein. I still can’t figure out if it’s from surgery or lack of protein so I’m not taking any changes. I found a protein “water” that I think will help. In the US GNC sells Isopure. My Dr highly recommended it as well.
  3. I was following a tip I’ve read on other posts of using 1oz cups. Approaching it 1 oz at a time made it more difficult to get in all my liquid. So today I made a shake to finish by lunch and another one to finish this evening. A huge Thank you @Neensyb!!!! Today I was able to drink all my liquids and feel much better. The dehydration can contribute to not feeling our best.
  4. Thank you for the post and responses! I had my surgery on Jan 4th as well. Many moments of what have I done to myself!? So, I too, am glad that I’m not alone. My doctor only allows Tylenol and Gasx. But I’ve been very uncomfortable to uncomfortable but it passes. Walking helps and deep breaths help me. Great tips @Neensyb Everyday has been better so thank you for the encouragement @PolkSDA ! That reinforces what I keep telling myself. Trying to drink the required liquids is a full time job!!!!! But I’ve read so much about side effects of dehydration that I know how important it is for all of us. Sugar Free Popsicles have been amazing for me. Though i haven’t finished an entire popsicle in one sitting yet. It seems to make me feel better and another way to get my liquids. I feel like I waited and waited for the surgery now I feel like I’m waiting to feel ‘normal’. I haven’t weighed myself yet because I feel like I am so bloated, but I know scientifically this will work as long as I follow all of my Doctors instructions.

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