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  1. Orinskye


    I’m on the hunt for some good knee high boots. I got some and I appear to have the same problem: boots are too big in the calves (exact opposite problem I had before 😂. i ordered some new ones off Amazon and I’m returning the other ones. If you need really small ones you can try Clark’s. Their calf opening is 14 inches.. too small for me…. But the 19 inches the other boot I had didn’t work either. I’m in the middle 😭
  2. As others have told you: you go at your own pace. i can give you my stats though. my highest? 330lbs at surgery:294 lbs. my weight now 8 months post op: 204lbs. that’s just over 11 pounds a month…. However I can tell you that there were many stalls where I lost barely anything, then I dropped a ton very quickly. for example: three weeks ago I was at 224 and I was holding steady at that same weight for several weeks before that. I figured I was just too close to my goal weight so it would take even more time and I would need to buckle down and really work at it. Imagine my surprise to find that I weigh myself a week later and it was 214….. then another week later and it’s 204…. now I am rethinking my goal. My goal was originally 195lbs (I’m 6 ft 2”) and that number is at the top of my “healthy bmi” scale. I’m now thinking I can go lower because I’m so close to goal right now and I still have fatty areas. 🤷🏼‍♀️ but that seems to be my “normal” where I would hold steady for a long period then drop a ton of weight over the course of a week or two…. Then hold steady for several weeks and drop again…
  3. Orinskye

    March surgeries

    Ah….. being retired makes a difference lol. im 39 so I have to get myself and my two kids ready and out the door by 6:15 am. Hence the rushed tiny breakfast. im a tad concerned about transitioning to maintenance phase once I’ve lost enough weight because of how little I’m still able to eat. My drs want me on lower protein amounts because my kidneys have trouble filtering it but I don’t want to lose what little muscle I do have. i figure it will be a conversation to have once I’m at a point where I will be looking to transition and I’m just not there yet.
  4. Orinskye

    March surgeries

    Wow is that JUST breakfast? 😳 I still can’t eat much volume. For breakfast I might get ONE egg in, but anything other than that is a no go. I usually just grab a cheese stick because I don’t have time in the morning. If I do grab eggs I normally only eat half of one. I had surgery March 24th and just shy of 8 months later I am now 10 pounds from my goal. But I think I am going to readjust…. I think I can lose more. I still have plenty of fat left to lose on my abdominal area. 195 is the top number for a healthy weight for my height. I thought 195 was a realistic goal for me…. But I’ve seen people continue to loose weight a year out and that’s still 4 months away for me. Given that info and the fact that I’m still not up to eating a ton (I JUST hit the 60 grams of protein on a good day. Usually around 50 grams a day) plus the fact that I still have pockets of fat ? I think I’m adjusting lower. oh hey another fun fact: my hunger JUST came back!
  5. Orinskye


    I don’t have a pic….but I raided my moms closet and stole some things. 😂 Im only five months out and not done loosing so I don’t want to buy a ton of stuff. So I borrowed. Duluth pants are amazing. I love them. funfact: it’s a size 14. One of my earliest memories of being weight shamed was in elementary school when I came home from camp and I fit into a size 12 instead of a size 14. My aunts went on and on about how if I would just keep loosing weight I could be so pretty. I was in the sixth grade. so: I am now the same size I was in elementary/junior high and I will likely end up smaller than my mom who I have always thought of as “tiny”.
  6. Halloween lol. Love Halloween. I only got sleeves five or six months ago but this is actually the second Halloween I have avoided all candy. Last October I was very much in yhe “must loose weight to have surgery” phase. Has anyone else discovered that sweet things taste really gross after you haven’t had sugar for so long? I had tried a few things since surgery that I used to love and they are just gross. Orange soda? I had a sip of my sons soda to get a pill down (it was an emergency and I was caught unawares) and it tasted like rotten oranges. candies? Yeah way too sweet I had a nibble of something from my kid and I spit it out. Things that have sugar are just way too sweet now and I can’t stand the taste (it doesn’t make me sick at all…. It’s just gross tasting lol) definitely a post surgery positive.
  7. I admit: I over prepared and then didn’t really use a lot of what I prepped. lol im five months or so out from surgery now and I tend to go really simple with my “meals”. No prep needed. morning: coffee and egg lunch: P3 pack and greek yogurt (bought from the store it’s like a $2 meal haha) dinner: chicken they told me to push protein first. By the time I’m done with protein I have no desire for any sides. My protein count is a tad different than most people’s…. My kidneys have issues filtering high protein diets so they told me 60 grams MAX post surgery and to keep it between 50-60 a day long term. If I eat two skinless chicken wings? I’m done and full. I really don’t eat very much at all. I also have no desire to eat like I did. I measure nothing right now because my portions are still so tiny. That may change if I end up able to eat more but for now I just stick to the same thing every day. Food is really boring for me these days lol
  8. I went into the hospital in the AM and was on my way home by 4pm. I took zero pain meds other than Tylenol that first day. The dr actually wrote me off work for a month. Originally it was two weeks but I was having issues with my blood pressure dropping too low. They took me off my meds and I was able to do another two weeks without fainting so they let me go back to work.
  9. Orinskye

    Maisey's Musings

    I have kind of been purging as I go. If I put something on and it’s extra baggy? Doesn’t fit right? Wouldnt wear it out in public? It goes in the donate pile. I used to be a 3X. I’m now an XL or Large depending on what it is. I’ve lost 100 pounds from my highest weight. I JUST went out today and got resized for bras. OMG. I can’t believe how great it feels to now be in the correct size. I was a 44/46H before and I am now a 36DDD. I put my old bra back on so I could pay for my new ones and I immediately missed the support of the new ones lol.
  10. Height: 6feet 2” (female) weight pre surgery: 330 at highest Weight at surgery: 297 weight this morning: 228.8 pounds. Milestone JUST hit: I am no longer obese. I am now just considered overweight! goal weight is 195 pounds
  11. Orinskye

    March surgeries

    I have a tough time finding before photos. I never wanted my photos taken ever… tnis was one of me not even at my heaviest…. I had actually lost a good amount of weight in the striped shirt photo… and then another of me now. before: size 26/28 now: size 16 and going down before size 44 G bras now: size 38DD most of the change is in how I feel.. I was walking with a cane and was wheelchair bound. Now I can walk without problems
  12. Orinskye

    March surgeries

    I had surgery at 297 or something (I can’t remember) and I am now 232. my goal weight was 195. I JUST started losing again after a massive stall that lasted WEEKS. I get like I was stuck at 245 forever! food wise: I’m getting in 50- 60 grams of protein (my protein levels are lower than the average patient because of kidney issues) Caloric intake is 700-800 a day. I really can’t get in much sometimes but I make sure to hit my protein and water goals. sample meals for a day: breakfast: scrambled egg (I’ll eat maybe half snack: cheese stick lunch: P3 and a yogurt (sometimes I can’t finish the yogurt and only eat half) Dinner: 2 chicken wings and a bite or two of a side, but not much and I often pass on the side completely and just eat the chicken. I just had my call from the dr and they told me I was doing great…. So I guess they aren’t concerned with my stall 🤷🏼‍♀️ i honestly can’t even give them an accurate weight because the 232 was when I had jeans, shoes, etc… all my clothes. So I might be 220 something lol
  13. Orinskye

    Carbonated drinks after VSG

    I’ve tried it a few times (I’m five months out) but it honestly didn’t sit well. The bubbles were REALLY uncomfortable. Enough for me to avoid completely. I drink nothing carbonated anymore. the few times I did try it I ended up having one sip and giving it to my kids lol. I pretty much just drink water or coffee. It also took me exactly one time of eating and drinking in the same meal time to never do that again either. The consequences were not pleasant. Even the 30 minutes after is iffy…. I usually have to wait longer. the negative reinforcement consequences make me behave lol
  14. I was JUST under the 40 bmi mark and they took me. I had kidney disease, arthritis (which interfered with mobility), and I think that was it? No real Comorbidities. they used that initial weigh in to qualify me. As I lost weight I went under that bmi marker but it was fine and I still got the surgery. They only used the initial weight for qualification. it was a long process though because you have to do the options classes, get all the requirements done (ekg, psych screening, support groups), and I had to get my nephrologist to sign off on it so that was an extra step for me. then covid pushed my surgery back…..lol. (I went through so cal Kaiser. I used the south bay facility) I started the process with my doctor referral in March of 2020. I started the options classes in October 2020. I finally got surgery March of 2021. (highest weight 330, surgery weight was 297, and my current weight 5 months from surgery is 235). Goal weight they wanted to see me between 175-190.
  15. Orinskye


    I was on losartan prior to surgery (it lowered my blood pressure but I took it for a different reason… to increase blood flor to some vital organs)….. after surgery I got dizzy upon standing and actually blacked out once. I was immediately taken off the med and that problem went away. however…… I am now 4 months post op and NOT on blood pressure meds and they are concerned that it could dip too low (it’s hovering just over 100…) they said if my blood pressure goes below 100 it’s too low and they will need to put me on a new med to fix it😬

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