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    MagentaMom got a reaction from summerset in Eating too much?   
    Yes that really does make me feel better. Thank you!

    RNY 9/10/20

    HW: 245
    Day of surgery: 225
    CW: 213

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    MagentaMom reacted to summerset in Eating too much?   
    I was the same both after MGB and RNY.
    With all the people talking about "feeling stuffed after three spoons of yoghurt" it's pretty normal to ask this question.
    Again, I was the same. I never could relate to patients who would struggle with "eating more than 500 cals a day".
    If it's any solace to you: BMI of 22.8 here.
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    MagentaMom reacted to Sconway500 in Ricotta Bake   
    Tried to make a ricotta bake!

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    MagentaMom reacted to Pandemonium in Ricotta Bake   
    Tried? I think you SUCCEEDED!!! It looks DELICIOUS!
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    MagentaMom got a reaction from Pandemonium in Eating too much?   
    I could drink 64 oz of liquid the day after surgery and since then, I've worried that I did something wrong somehow. The past couple of days since starting the puree phase, I eat more at meals than I think I'm supposed to be able to. My doctor's office said that people don't usually finish a cup of greek yogurt in one sitting but I don't find that to be a problem.
    I don't even know what I'm asking. I'm just worried.
    RNY 9/10/20
    HW: 245
    Day of surgery: 225
    CW: 213
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    MagentaMom reacted to chunkarella in Stalled Already!   
    I'm not trying to be a butthead, but these types of responses are so discouraging. I also posted about a 3 week stall and got a similar response and it sucked to hear that. I don't have a huge support system and this forum is the best that I have for now. Please be mindful of what you're posting to new people/people who just had surgery.

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    MagentaMom reacted to thebariatricbat in Stalled Already!   
    Sorry new to the forum and haven't seen all of those posts. I'm just so nervous of everything right now, I don't wanna mess anything up.

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    MagentaMom reacted to MaybeMeow in Calories Week 6, 7, etc.   
    My nut said 800-1000 for months 3-6 to lessen risk of Hair loss, mal nutrition and metabolism distress. That seemed like a lot for a couple weeks. Now I get it no problem. When I hear those lower numbers I wonder if I should be eating less as my WL is slow (about 1.5 pounds a week) but my hunger is increasing since I started walking 4-5 miles a day so I worry I wouldn't be able to feel ok on 400-600. I suppose I'll continue to follow my nut's advise. Something I'm looking forward to is at 6 months my carb number can match my Protein number. I really crave pretzels, fruit and rice so that will be nice.
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    MagentaMom reacted to Hollylee71 in Upset   
    PS yours was the correct answer...right back on track
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    MagentaMom reacted to The Greater Fool in No loss yet   
    You kids and your new fangled ideas.
    Batteries in a scale, what will they think of next.

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    MagentaMom reacted to ChubRub in No loss yet   
    I think it's time to treat yourself to a new scale!! It's also possible that you are still retaining IV fluids, but I think it's the scale!
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    MagentaMom reacted to catwoman7 in Not hungry just very thirsty   
    you actually SHOULD be drinking plenty of Water and/or other no-cal or ultra-low-cal beverages. You need the fluids. Just don't chug it - but you can sip all day if you need to...
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    MagentaMom reacted to mcfluffington in Not hungry just very thirsty   
    You can have Water just sip it.
    Which surgery did you have?
    I was very excited to be losing weight. I had a gastric bypass initially and with that or Duodenal switch you are guaranteed to lose for the first year.

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    MagentaMom reacted to MsTipps in January bypass buddies??   
    Of anyone is still around, how are you all? X
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    MagentaMom reacted to RichelleGetsFit0309 in Pre surgery diet freak out   
    The first few days were terrible. I can't even lie to ya. On the bad days i just wen tot bed early. During the second week things got a little better but I missed food so much. Also try not be around anyone eating food. I would lock myself up in my room during dinner so I wouldn't be tempted.
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    MagentaMom reacted to PolkSDA in Equation/calculator to assess post-op progress?   
    I realize there's unlikely to be a one-size-fits-all equation to measure one's weight loss progress objectively, but are there any guidelines, i.e.:
    With a starting weight on date of surgery of N, if I am weight Z at X days post-surgery, am I on target, ahead of schedule, or behind schedule?
    In other words, where am I?
    My medical team really hasn't given me any guidelines.
    When I entered the assessment program in June of 2019 I was 382. I was 337 on date of surgery July 13, 2020. So 6 weeks post-op I'm now at 311, a subsequent loss of 26 pounds since date of surgery, and a cumulative loss of 71 pounds since start of journey.
    I know that I'm prone both to diet cheating and being lazy, so I like to keep a bit closer tabs on progress than others might need to, so if I see myself falling behind, I know that I need to go back to shakes & Soups for a while and/or get off my fat *ss and go for some extra walks.
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    MagentaMom reacted to CAKEGIRL86 in Anyone for September 2020?   
    Sugar free outshine bars were my friends. I have also been adding unflavored protein to my gatorade zero cause any of the Protein Shakes have been hurting my pouch. Hope it gets better!

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    MagentaMom reacted to The Greater Fool in Pre surgery diet freak out   
    This is gonna be one of those posts I should not make.
    First, do what your Doc says. He's the boss. Stay on plan.
    :looks around to see if anyone is watching:
    OK, my Doc never asked for a liquid diet before surgery. What he did ask for is no food or drink after 6:00pm the night before. He oddly preferred that my stomach and upper intestines were empty, and I obliged. Actually, I had a meal planned late in the after noon, but skipped it.
    Of course, I was on my pre-op weightless diet which involved, of all things, actual food. The horror! I also failed my pre-op diet weightless diet, so there's that.
    Your surgeon won't be able to tell if you had a huge 10k calorie meal 3 nights before.
    The reason for the draconian pre-op diets are to shrink you and some organs as much as possible to make the surgery marginally easier. This is no small thing.
    They had to take out my HUGE gallbladder, get around my fatty liver, fix a hernia, do something about GERD, so I had a 3 hour open surgery. I don't remember much as I slept through it. When I woke up the first thing he said was "You have massive sleep apnea!" "Oh." :shrug:
    The laparoscopic folks were threatened with "If you don't lose weight and we can't get in there, we'll have to open you up" but that was no threat for me.
    :loooks around again:
    So remember kids, ALWAYS do what your surgeons ask, it's for the best!
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    MagentaMom reacted to Foxbins in 1 month out from surgery and having regrets   
    I had my revision on 6/29. chicken, even with my sleeve, was always a difficult Protein for me to get down. Have you tried a softer protein? tuna with light mayo? Egg salad? Ground pork in spaghetti sauce? Maybe try something else besides chicken. I can eat most things now at nine weeks post-op.
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    MagentaMom reacted to GreenTealael in Bypass Recovery Question!   
    Forever 💖 (or like 2 weeks)
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    MagentaMom reacted to The Greater Fool in Help! I ate McDonald's 2 weeks post op   
    I've been torn replying to this.
    First, be assured that every post-op has or will at some point test their surgery. The lucky ones feel like crap after. Are you feeling lucky?
    Now, imagine how you'd feel if you DIDN'T feel like crap? This is rather the point.
    Even now, 17 years post-op, I can't eat that much in a single sitting. I applaud your sticktoitiveness.
    The question now becomes: What will you do with what you've learned?
    A friend of mine wrote this back when. It's not directed at anyone, as most of us have gotten frustrated at some point. Leilani was not one to pull punches:
    By: Leilani
    That's the sentiment (scenario) that comes to mind sometimes when I hear some of the comments from people who've already had the surgery. In case you haven't made the connection, that's a line Tom Hanks made famous in the movie "A League Of Their Own." Resorting to tears or just giving up every time the going gets tough. Or your sick of taking Vitamins, getting in Protein is hard, Water doesn't taste good, etc. That kinda' thinking is NOT going to make you successful or keep you healthy. ENOUGH already! It's time to LOVE yourself enough to get "TOUGH" with your aftercare. Your long term health is worth it!!
    Success comes with a backbone, NOT a wishbone!
    First and foremost, you have to keep it POSITIVE. As with everything in life, if you think you can't - you WON'T! Simple enough?
    I have to wonder when "we" (as adults) finally take ownership for our actions, our life and our health? We have been given a gift, a second chance to actually LIVE life again instead of merely existing on the sidelines. It's up to each of us to do that as healthy and productively as possible.
    We're ALL statistics waiting to happen and the insurance companies are chomping at the bit. The bean counters are eager to drop Weight Loss Surgery ("WLS") from the policies; some already have. Don't you know that any negative feedback thrown into the mix only strengthens their cause? I may not be able to control every thing that happens to my body after WLS, but most things I can. I CHOOSE to take control and I will be a positive statistic when the numbers get counted.
    We live in a spoiled society, expecting everything in life to come with a buncha really cool choices. Well, guess what? When it comes to your health, you're not always going to get a choice. You either DO IT and stay healthy, or you DON'T and your body pays the price.
    The way I saw it, I had a 90 day healing and adjusting period after surgery. My 'super morbidly obese' body had more then enough stores to survive the learning curve. In turn, it gave me plenty of time to heal, adjust and learn. For those of you OVER 90 day's Post-Op, the probation period is over - its time to get serious and LIVE what you've learned.
    You say you can't get in enough liquids through out the day, don't like the taste of water, or just keep forgetting? -- TOUGH! It's not an option anymore. Find a way to do it, get suggestions and tips from others in support groups, message boards, etc. Read, learn and JUST DO IT!! Why do you think there is a choice here? You say you don't like the big horse pill type vitamins, or the tart chalky chewables? ...it's, just too many to bother with? Or maybe you just can't remember to take them? -- TOUGH! You gave up the option NOT to take vitamins when you agreed to have your insides rerouted. FIND a way to get them in; crushed, minced, chopped, liquified, in a shake, etc. No exceptions, your health depends on it. Protein is a must. So you can't get it all in via foods and you don't like the way the shakes taste? -- TOUGH! Either get it through your meals (and there are a gazillion food choices out there) or supplement it with Protein Shakes and bars. Trust me, I don't drink my Protein Shake every morning because I think it tastes like a chocolate blizzard from Dairy Queen. I've tried many varieties over the last 2 years. I'd even venture to say 25 of the top sellers/flavors have crossed my lips. For the record? I've yet to find one that is as 'delicious' as boasted by the distributor. So what. I still drink one every morning. My HEALTH dictates that I need "X" grams of protein per day. If I'm not getting enough from my meals then I supplement a shake. 'Nuff said.
    This surgery is a gift, I owe it to me and everyone else fighting the approval process, to do it right! I will continue to choke down my vitamins, my water and my protein every single day, for the REST OF MY LIFE. Some days will be easier then others, regardless, no days will be missed.
    It's all about discipline. Create a routine, set a timer, develop a pattern, tie a string around your finger, glue a note to your forehead, whatever it takes.
    You're an adult - take responsibility! If this surgery doesn't slap a back bone into you, not much will.

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    MagentaMom reacted to AZhiker in Help! I ate McDonald's 2 weeks post op   
    I did not say my surgeon disallowed all pureed foods. My solids started with soft, non fibrous foods. It was the fiber in vegetables that was not allowed until week 8.
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    MagentaMom reacted to AZhiker in Help! I ate McDonald's 2 weeks post op   
    Agree, that you need to dust yourself off and get back on track....... HOWEVER, this kind of slip can actually cause very serious harm - like breaking open your internal sutures and rupturing the new connections that are not even healed yet. People can DIE from this, so please, please, please stick to the plan. At this point, the dietary restrictions are about more than losing weight - it is about allowing the surgical sites to completely heal.
    My doc would not even allow pureed cooked veggies until week 8, to avoid Fiber that could cause issues for the new surgical connections.
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    MagentaMom reacted to tarotcardreader in Help! I ate McDonald's 2 weeks post op   
    There is so much wrong with this post 😂 but curious if it was tasty or if you were too sick to remember
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    MagentaMom reacted to Arabesque in Can anyone eat carbs?   
    I haven’t gone back to eating bread & don’t miss it. For me, I don’t want to fill my tummy with bread, rice & Pasta but prefer to get in my Protein, vegetables, fruit & dairy. Also, I used to eat a lot of bread & rice & believe they contributed to my being the weight I was. Personally, I do feel better without them.
    I do eat porridge & a single serve of whole/multi grain crackers as a snack with hummus, avocado, etc. most days. That gives me some good carbs & satisfies my desire for them. This works for me.
    There are low/no carb breads available if you want to try them but as AZhiker suggested: wait until you’ve reached your goal.