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    Weight Loss and Probiotics

    Thank you everyone for your suggestions!! I’ve been in touch with my surgeon and nutritionist which these actually were a couple they recommended in the beginning! I feel a bit better that it isn’t me per say and I’m not doing anything wrong to have the scale say I gained instead of losing.
  2. I’m almost 2 months post op and after surgery I was losing weight but now on my normal diet and even following my doctors instructions I’ve gained 8 pounds in a week and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I exercise 60 minutes a day and I’m eating what my doctor suggested. I don’t know if it’s stress because I am very much stressed out but I don’t feel the need to eat away my emotions anymore. I'm just discouraged and wasn’t expecting to gain 8 pounds in a week. I also was told I need to take a probiotic due to chronic constipation now. I’ve tried 2 different types so far. the first was a chewable but it tasted nasty and made me gag. I already take calcium chewables and I can barely tolerate those but the calcium pills are too big for me and cutting them doesn’t help. I then switched to ProCare with the 3 in 1 basically. But I’ve found it hard to take the capsules. Before my surgery I took 8 capsules a day of a medicine called Diamox but stopped after surgery so I don’t know if it’s just the thought of taking capsules that big again or what but I can’t and it sucks. my question is: has anyone found any probiotic that works for you that is small like smaller or the same size of a Tylenol pill? And has anyone experienced rapid weight gain or what has helped you lose weight after surgery?
  3. I recently had the gastric sleeve done. I noticed one day after when looking at my incisions and such that the right side of my abdomen is concaved or collapsed inward? i was wondering if anyone else had this. My doctor and nurse said not to worry but looking at other post ops mine is just... weird. I don’t know if it has to do with the fact I had a hernia removed as well during surgery or that I also have a VP shunt that drains into my stomach. I added a picture and it’s not gross just... weird as I said. I’m not hurting past the gas pains and of course from the surgery itself.