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    FinallyWhit76 reacted to Mary Jenks in Friend saw me for the first time in 3 months...   
    I'm so so very sorry your so-called friends spoke to and treated you this way. If they are truly your friend they will understand when you tell them they are either for you or against you, but they cannot be both. And if they continue to be against you they'll have to live without you!
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    FinallyWhit76 reacted to chiquitatummy in Friend saw me for the first time in 3 months...   
    I'm so sorry this happened to you. It's reasonable to be disappointed and hurt by the reaction and words you describe. People are full of opinions, but no one knows your health or what it has been like to be in your shoes better than you.
    I used a lot of my time with a pre-op therapist to untangle and work through the way others perceive WLS and may judge me for it. I have been surprised how helpful working with a therapist has been on the relationship side of WLS. One of the conclusions I have come to is that I don't owe anyone an explanation and I don't have to take on making them more comfortable with the idea of me having WLS. Another thing that came out of it is I have decided (at least for now) to have a very small circle of people that know I am having this surgery. Everything I have to work with to be on this path feels like a lot already and hearing the input and opinions of other people (especially when they are not educated in WLS) just feels like more than I want to take on at the moment.
    Sending you good thoughts!
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    FinallyWhit76 reacted to BayouTiger in Friend saw me for the first time in 3 months...   
    Hi y’all, I’m back for some support because I can feel mine waning so quickly it’s actually outpacing my weight loss. So today I got to see a friend for a second for the first time since November. (I’ve lost 48 lbs since then). She told me I looked “sickly” and “50 lbs is plenty” and that I was going to regret “butchering my body” in 10 years when I end up back where I started. She said all what I’ve done is undermined the hard work that people like her have put in to do it “the non cheaters way out.” I was actually stunned to hear those words uttered to me. I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but I’m nice to a fault, like I get told by people all the time I have no mean bone in my body. I didn’t have the guts to stand up for myself in that moment. I would never dream of being unsupportive of ANYONE trying to better themselves. So seeing people I’ve confided in and spent so much time with in my adult life turn on me for something that was done for health reasons that would have eventually killed me, has absolutely demoralized me. I don’t need to be coddled, but a little bit of “yeah we’ve seen first hand, your health deteriorate in the last 2 years, this is definitely something that’s going to help you so we’re here” would just mean a lot. But alas, I guess my expectations are too high.
    This is my 3rd friend in 3 weeks to completely rail on me and tell me how dumb I am or how big of a failure I’m going to be, and I don’t think this isn’t the kind of journey that I can do on my own. I don’t know what to do, I don’t know who to confide in, and I don’t know how to convince myself that people are gonna judge and I’m just going to have to be okay with it. But I’m struggling. Never thought doing something to save my life would rid me of all my 3 best friends. And these aren’t co-workers or acquaintances, these are hang out every weekend, talk daily, been doing it for 5 years, type of people. How do I get through this? Any advice is welcomed and appreciated.
    Sorry for being so long winded. If you read this far, thank you. I just needed to vent.
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    FinallyWhit76 reacted to xraymomma in Eating pizza after VSG   
    So it was a successful outing! I dabbed all the oil off and tried a little at first to see how well my stomach would take it. Surprisingly I thought the pizza was pretty tasteless so I wasn't eager to eat it. I had about 1/2 a small slice and that was that. My stomach seems ok and I just told my friends I really wanted to stick to my diet. No problem! All that anxiety for nothing
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    FinallyWhit76 reacted to Lilfootie in Anyone for October 2020?   
    I should be too! I have my upper endoscopy tomorrow and dietician appt Tuesday. Submitting Tuesday afternoon. So exciting! COVID has delayed so much! Proud of myself for sticking with it since January lol. I think of it as more time to change my lifestyle before the shock of surgery.
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    FinallyWhit76 reacted to BreezieDay in Anyone for October 2020?   
    October 14th!

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    FinallyWhit76 reacted to Deidre1974 in Anyone for October 2020?   
    October 2nd

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    FinallyWhit76 reacted to LizzieW in Anyone for October 2020?   
    Me too! 15th Oct ☺️
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    FinallyWhit76 reacted to Kaybop in Anyone for October 2020?   
    October 19th✨ So excited !
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    FinallyWhit76 reacted to QMLOHD in Anyone for October 2020?   
    October 21st for me. Sleeve. Excited but scared.
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    FinallyWhit76 reacted to SarahRay in How long between insurance approval and surgery date?   
    2 weeks. I spoke with my surgeon to have it ASAP.
    Approval August 4 and surgery date was August 19th.

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    FinallyWhit76 reacted to CAKEGIRL86 in How long between insurance approval and surgery date?   
    After I did a 4 month mandatory program, my insurance approved it after 1 day. I am scheduled for Sept 10th due to having to wait for time off to be approved for work.

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    FinallyWhit76 reacted to andreariv in How long between insurance approval and surgery date?   
    My insurance never approved me. I had to take money out of my retirement but to me it was worth it.
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    FinallyWhit76 reacted to Kaycie in How long between insurance approval and surgery date?   
    3 weeks!
    I was called on 8/19 and my surgery is 9/10.
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    FinallyWhit76 reacted to Jeff 77 in How long between insurance approval and surgery date?   
    Submitted for approval last week and was approved today, surgery is Monday August 31!! To be honest the surgeon had it scheduled before paper work was ever submitted. It’s all happening so fast I’m pretty nervous.
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    FinallyWhit76 reacted to Topaz_Black in How long between insurance approval and surgery date?   
    My process was quick, received approval (August 4) from insurance company, two business days after the claim was submitted. The surgeons office contacted me the next day with surgery date options. I’m scheduled for August 31st.
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    FinallyWhit76 reacted to DwGirl in Surgery was approved by insurance   
    I am actually so happy right now to find out my surgery was approved and I am going to get surgery finally this is the best news ever Surgery date Sept 29th. ( but hopefully I can get a closer date ) alright the countdown has just begun
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    FinallyWhit76 reacted to tarotcardreader in August surgery   
    Glad you made it through how are you doing today
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    FinallyWhit76 reacted to Maggiep in August surgery   
    Had my vertical gastric sleeve August 10th in California... on week 2 of post op liquid diet... will not lie it has been hard I still have cravings and since yesterday started with nausea dizziness . Today I started Vitamins and threw up a few minutes after taking the Iron ... not a happy camper rightnow
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    FinallyWhit76 reacted to brianna_the_banana in August surgery   
    August 10th!! I am POD #6!
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    FinallyWhit76 reacted to JV83 in August surgery   
    August 31st. So excited, been a long road for me to get here.
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    FinallyWhit76 reacted to jsachse443 in August surgery   
    I had my sleeve on Aug 3rd. First week post op ive loss 13lbs.

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    FinallyWhit76 reacted to sbmcg in how many nights for sleeve   
    My sleeve on 9/14/20 is going to be outpatient! 😬
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    FinallyWhit76 reacted to ShoeLover in Anyone 5'6 And 300 Lbs When They Started?   
    I am 5' 6" and I was 291 when I started. I am about 5 weeks out now, I weighed in yesterday at 258.
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    FinallyWhit76 reacted to Slim by Sleeve in Anyone 5'6 And 300 Lbs When They Started?   
    I was 308lbs and 5'4" when I had surgery on October 8, 2010. The surgery was a breeze and I am right where I want to be now 17 months later! I got down to 168 pounds then got a SURPRISE positive pregnancy test!! My DH and I are thrilled and I'm now 5 months preggo!! My OBGYN did several blood tests/ultrasounds and discovered I no longer fit the criteria for PCOS! My blood pressure is staying at 80/55 (used to be 150/95) and i feel super healthy now! I have gained only 8 lbs during pregnancy which my OB is fine with as long as my choices are healthy and are at least 1800 calories a day. It's a struggle sometimes but the health of the baby is more important than anything!! Before pregnancy I was walking about 10 miles per week and doing Zumba 2x per week! Zumba was my go to exercise as it is a blast and works your butt off!! Can't wait to get back to it!! Good luck with your journey!! Hopefully your road takes you exactly where you want to go also!!

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