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  1. I have no problem admitting how much I've lost, Im proud of every little evil pound I lose. Like many of you, I've told very few people outside of my family about the wls. When someone asks me how I lost the weight, I tell them the truth, well partially. I simply say a lot of hard work with assistance of a nutritionist. I think people tend to think wls is taking the easy way out. I'm here to say, and I am sure everyone of you will agree, this is the hardest thing I have ever done.
  2. Sorry you feeling so bad, hope you are able to recover quickly. Keep pushing the liquids. Remember, small sips but even if you are not able to eat, you need to take in as much fluid as you can. BTW you look great, keep up the hard work and feel better soon!
  3. Nikki T 708

    How mobile were you post op?

    You just had major surgery, it's gonna take time. I had to fly to another state for my surgery and flew back home the next day. I still have some pain, almost 4 weeks out, I just try and work through it. At one week out I mostly chilled in my recliner but would walk back and forth from my car to my gate with help from my hubs. Take your time, till get there. Sent from my SM-J810M using BariatricPal mobile app
  4. Nikki T 708

    September Sleevers Update

    My doctor has me on a liquid diet for 2 weeks prior to surgery, so that is why I'm at the weight loss I'm at. Don't compare yourself to anyone else, it will drive you crazy. Just know you are doing what's best for you and look at every pound loss as a win. You got this! [emoji3590] Sent from my SM-J810M using BariatricPal mobile app
  5. Nikki T 708

    Greek yogurt smoothie

    My friend, who had bypass, told me to use my frozen fruit and blend it with a vanilla protien shake. They are really good. Sent from my SM-J810M using BariatricPal mobile app
  6. Nikki T 708

    September Sleevers Update

    I didn't do the puree, I did liquid then soft, a lot of scrambled eggs and cottage cheese. I'm still going shakes as well. I did notice when I did cream of wheat it thickened up and really hurt. I have to make it really runny. I'm slowing down on the weight loss as well but from what I read on here that's normal. Sent from my SM-J810M using BariatricPal mobile app
  7. How are the September Sleevers out there doing? I had mine on 9/28/2020 and am down 28lbs. I still have pain with every bite or drink I take and am still drinking a lot of protein shakes. One day at a time....
  8. Nikki T 708

    2 days post op

    I had gastric sleeve Monday 9/28, stay ed the night in the hospital and flew home Saturday night. I'm absolutely miserable. Every sip of water, 10ml at a time, had me crying out. The pain almost feels like muscle spasms. Is this normal?