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  1. mil_unloaded

    December 2020

    Hey friends! I’m also starting to lose again after a stall! Feeling pretty good, a little abdominal pain from when I tried to start dancing about a week ago (lol...), I called my surgeon’s office and they told me to cool my jets until my next follow up which is the 20th. They said hey, we know you’re eager for your new life to start, and you’re feeling pretty good, but you DID just have surgery. So since then I took a couple of days to recoup that pain, and now I’m just walking when I feel up to it (30-45 minutes a day most days, but in 4-5 spurts at a time!). So excited to advance my diet more, I’m doing really well. I haven’t gotten sick at all!
  2. mil_unloaded

    December 2020

    Officially stalling over here. Been around 271 for a week now. Sigh.
  3. mil_unloaded

    constipation relief tea that works!

    I’ll keep this in mind! I suffer from IBS-D, so I usually don’t have this problem. However one of my friends had the same surgery and also has IBS-D, and she got constipated. She said just keep an eye out. So I’m ready if it happens!
  4. I just started my protein drinks, and my first one was an Atkins one, Dark Chocolate Royale. I think it tastes better than most protein drinks but the bummer is it only has 15g of protein (1g sugar). I also have some Premier Protein shakes, but I haven’t had any of them since surgery yet.
  5. mil_unloaded

    Any December surgery

    I’ve been promoted to full liquids! Yay!!! I’m so happy! (Also for those laughing about my fart—very little is truly sacred for me, I only apologize for the TMI because I know other people can be sensitive to it, I think farts are hilarious. 🤪)
  6. mil_unloaded

    Any December surgery

    I can finally fit my wedding ring back on! I haven’t worn it in 5+ years!! Still doing well. I thought I really tweaked a muscle because I was having rough consistent pain in my abdomen. I just laid on my side and let out a huge fart (TMI, sorry!) and now I feel so much better! So I went ahead and took a Gas-X and I’m sipping some decaf peppermint tea now.
  7. mil_unloaded

    December 2020

    I have just the one blister so far, and my steri-strips are slowly falling off. I’m keep an eye on it. I see my doctor via telehealth tomorrow at 3pm (Pacific), so I’m wondering if she will tell me to just take them off. The incision sites feel ok so far, but I don’t know if they could turn for the worse?
  8. mil_unloaded

    got to have a sense of humor !

    Lol I grew up in a very small town, so I’m interested to see what people have to say as I drop the weight.
  9. mil_unloaded

    So. Much. Burping.

    I’m having the same issue, but it’s slowly getting better. I’m looking forward to it being less of an issue. The first couple of days I felt like I was going to barf when the gas was coming up, but thankfully I didn’t.
  10. mil_unloaded

    December 2020

    I have IBS-D, so I’m used to having a leaky faucet down there... lol but at the same time I had friends tell me “oh you’ll be constipaited,” and I thought for once... Nay? Is this regularity!? Lol
  11. mil_unloaded

    December 2020

    I have a small blister near one of my steri-strips, and the closest I can figure online is that I might be having an allergic reaction to the adhesive. Anyone know anything about that? I have a follow up with my surgeon on Wednesday, so it’s just a couple of days. Thankfully it doesn’t hurt any more than the incision site does. My abdomen still itches quite a bit, I told myself “that means it’s healing!” ...and now I have this blister. I’ve dropped 7 pounds since surgery, and it’s blowing my mind!
  12. mil_unloaded

    December 2020

    @RTL1234 yep! That’s me on IG! Feel free to follow me if you’d like! If not it’s all good! My pain is minimal today, really. Getting up from sitting or sitting down is actually not too bad at all. I had to brace myself hard for that and now I can hop up pretty quickly. I’m having some diarrhea, but that’s to be expected on a liquid only diet, right? I’m staying pretty well hydrated. My throat feels a little tender sometimes but I think it’s just the intubation catching up to me, but my phlegm is almost gone. I’m trying to walk more today than I did the last two days, but we will see.
  13. mil_unloaded

    Not available in your recommended size...

    If it were me, I’d probably just make a new account and start over (or see if you can contact them and reset your algorithm). Websites can be frustrating.
  14. mil_unloaded

    December 2020

    Doing ok over here! Down 2.2lb since operation day! Still having some minor gas pains, and some pain where they biopsied my liver. Doing well on my liquid diet. I have my first post-op on 1/6, she will likely clear me to full liquids.
  15. mil_unloaded

    Out with the old (food)...

    My husband will likely chisel down our freezer, but we generally only tried to buy groceries for up to 2 weeks at a time. I’m still on clear liquids right now, so we don’t have a ton of stuff around... but we will likely just give stuff away/donate if we can’t use it.
  16. Feeling pretty good after surgery! Came home 29 hours after admittance for pre-op! Doing ok on sipping water, some how I keep swallowing air with it and end up burping. Not sure how that’s happening. And I hate that little breathing tube tool they give you because it hurts a little too much. But I am going to do it every waking hour, 10 times, for the next two weeks (instructions I was given). 

    1. GreenTealael


      Congratulations 💐

    2. MandoGetsSleeved


      Congrats! And the burping thing lasts a few days - I found that when I started burping a lot, walking helped work that out pretty quickly.

    3. Neensyb


      How are you feeling now? The burping is odd right, I felt the same. I was sooooo careful not to swallow air but alas I had the "burps" and a bit of frothing.

  17. mil_unloaded

    Non Dairy Protein

    I am a vegetarian. I had my surgery on 12/30, so the jury is still out on whether or not I’’m lactose intolerant now... but regardless, if I stumble upon some dairy free protein sources that are awesome I’ll let you know. I already had issues drinking straight milk before my surgery. I could eat cheese, yogurt, and ice cream (on occasion) with little difficulty though. I think their processing makes it easier on my stomach. Anyway, like I said I’ll keep you posted if I find something awesome!
  18. mil_unloaded

    Protein and Water Intake 7 Days Post Op

    My nutritionist said the first week I didn’t have to worry about getting protein so much, if my body doesn’t tolerate it, it’s ok. She said I can try drinking protein waters and bone broth (I’m a vegetarian, but I found a vegan protein vegetable broth), but the first week is just to rehabilitate, and keep it easy on the stomach.
  19. mil_unloaded

    Non Dairy Protein

    On a similar vein, I found a vegan high protein broth made with tofu/soy. I haven’t had any yet, but I got it at Walmart.
  20. mil_unloaded

    December 2020

    Hi friend! They sent me home 29 hours after my arrival, so it wasn’t same day! I’m doing pretty good! I just get some nausea when I try to consume anything that isn’t straight water. So the last 2 times I ate, I needed anti nausea pills. Other than that, pain is being controlled by Tylenol.
  21. mil_unloaded

    December 2020

    I’m home! So One major thing I found, is that I brought a lot of stuff with me that I didn’t even use. I brought my Nintendo Switch, journals, an adult coloring book...they all stayed in my tote. After the surgery I was out until about 5:30pm. At that time I was in and out of sleep until almost midnight. Finally I came to enough to be aware of the shoulder pain, left side. Then they gave me that tube you blow in. Which the right shoulder pain made it impossible to do. I can do it now but I still have a bit of abdominal pains. If you have long hair, braid it so it’s easier to stick into the cap for the OR. Don’t take anything more than a phone charger with a long cord if you will only be in for 24 or so hours (I was released after 29 hours of being there (from arrival before the appointment until I got discharged). My hospital had a lot of good movies on their TV program, and they also have cable television. The little time I did spend in my room, I put it on a movie or TV program while I “ate” and then once I was done eating I’d go for a walk around the floor. Anyway, I took a lot of stuff and I didn’t even use it. Not even my chapstick or nail clippers. If you take meds that the hospital won’t have for your stay, take the prescription bottle filled with only the amount of pills you will need that day. Since my hospital was a heart and surgical hospital, they weren’t going to have my OCD meds, so I brought the bottle with two pills in each only. If I think of anything else useful, I’ll let you guys know! Just don’t take a ton of stuff, because you’ll have to carry it back out with you. If it’s not essential, just don’t bring it. And someone recommended a pillow for the car ride—smart recommendation! We live across town from where the hospital is, and hit a lot of bumps in the road on the way home. So I had to hug that pillow tight. Ask for an extra pillow in your room, too! You might hug it when you have to cough, sneeze, etc. it will help! I didn’t have a sore throat from being intubated but I did get the excessive phlegm.
  22. mil_unloaded

    December 2020

    I’m awake! Alive! I’ve peed a ton. The breathing tube test thing is my mortal enemy because the excess gas won’t let me breathe! So much burping! I’ll update more when I get home!
  23. mil_unloaded

    December 2020

    Surgery day! I’m 288.4 this morning! I can’t wait! I report in about 2 hours!
  24. mil_unloaded

    December 2020

    Thanks friend! I just got the confirmation call, my surgery is at 10am, arrival time at 8am (Pacific)! I’ll keep you guys updated as I can!
  25. mil_unloaded

    Pre Surgery diet No Sugar?

    I was told to go as low sugar as possible, but that most protein drinks were ok!