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    Any Tips or advice for the surgery date??

    I live across town from my hospital, so a pillow for the ride home was really nice to hug onto in case there were bumps in the road (they take a long time to tend to potholes in my city). Other than that, you won’t need much. Like @catwoman7 said, you’ll be out of it for most of the time you’re there, so at most you’ll need your phone and a charging cable (if you can get a battery charging case for your phone I highly recommend it, because that cord can be a pain the butt!). Aside from that, I brought a book, a journal, my Switch...all of them stayed in the bag. Once you’re awake enough to move around, you should be if you feel up to it. So really, I only suggest a phone. If you get chronic dry mouth or lips maybe some spray or chap stick, but that’s it. You won’t use everything you bring. I saw a girl pack for her hospital stay recently. She took a fancy robe, pajamas, and all kinds of toiletries. She didn’t use any of it. I even told her ahead of time, “hey girl, you’re over packing.” She didn’t think she was. Ultimately, it’s up to you what you bring. But I brought very minimal stuff, and I still wish I hadn’t brought it.
  2. mil_unloaded

    Drinking after surgery

    I’m 3 months out and can almost “chug” again. Chugging is different than it used to be though. I could have easily chugged a 16oz bottle of water in 10 minutes if I were thirsty enough. Now it might take me an hour, but I can take 4-5 big gulps before my stomach goes “hey wait a second, slow down.” After surgery I never really had any difficulty drinking. To start it had to be somewhat warm or room temp, but now it’s much easier to drink the colder the water is.
  3. mil_unloaded

    Taking pills after surgery

    I may have been in the lucky minority here, in that I never had any problems swallowing pills post-op—except for the huge calcium pills I tried to take. Those are put away for a day in the future, I’m sticking the chewable on those for now. Anyway, I have OCD with intrusive thoughts so I have medications I could NOT be without for more than 24 hours, or else very bad times indeed. So I can relate to that, however I’m only on two meds daily to keep it under control. Anyway, like others said, you can get a pill crusher for pretty cheap, and you can try mixing the crushed pill with something like a small bite of applesauce or even into your beverage of choice, if it has to be. Our son has ADHD and we give him his adderall in his chocolate milk every morning (he’s also autistic, so has issues with medication/swallowing pills). Best of luck!
  4. mil_unloaded

    December 2020

    In another plateau, friends. I thought I broke through it. Yesterday I dipped below 240 and today I’m 240.4 again. The scales keeps telling me that number, and I want to tell the scale “you keep saying 240.4, I’m not sure you know what that means.” Lol Anyway, I’ve upped my calories quite a bit (by about 300-400), and I have more energy now! So that’s good! Other than that things are going ok. I hope I actually bust this plateau soon. It’s getting exhausting (been about 1.5-2 weeks!).
  5. mil_unloaded

    Hair loss finally reducing...yay

    That’s great! My hair loss started at about 2.5 months out. I was pulling out so much hair just brushing my fingers through. I was scared to put it in a pony tail for days after that, but I’m back to the pony. I don’t like my hair in my face when I’m working or doing anything of importance. Enjoy Autumn!
  6. Holy crap, @Jaelzion you just made me feel seen. I just realized reading your reply that I too, have replaced food with (online) shopping. So I’ve mostly replaced this feeling by loom knitting. I learned how to do it in January (about a week after surgery), and it’s fun. You can watch a video about how to do it on YouTube and you get to the point you could almost do it with your eyes closed. It’s repetitive, but it’s super soothing and relaxing. I’ll grab a skein of yarn and my knitting loom, and get to work. Now I know that loom knitting isn’t the best option for everyone, but it’s what I found. Maybe find a similar hobby you can enjoy? Even if it’s something like photography. Grab your camera, go on a walk, and take some photos of what you see. The first time I realized that I couldn’t eat my emotions I cried so hard. I had a complete meltdown. I’ve learned to swap the food for my new hobby. It will be ok. We just need to learn new ways to cope. I definitely recommend talking to someone. I’ve been in therapy for 8 years because I have OCD and ADHD. It’s a great help. I think someone mentioned cost-free options can be in your city. Maybe hit google and take a look around. Ask people you know. You don’t have to tell them its for you—say you have a friend that needs help. Anyway, best of luck.
  7. mil_unloaded

    Gastric sleeve and loss of taste

    Have you called your program and told them this? I’m just curious, as I feel like my sense of smell and taste has been heightened since surgery. I can’t handle things that are like “fake sweet” anymore—like protein shakes, or “sugar free” things.
  8. mil_unloaded

    Out of surgery

    They sent me home with anti-nausea pills. I took them the first or second day after getting home because I couldn’t even drink water. Try calling your program and ask about getting some anti-nausea meds.
  9. The only med I had that was for 90 days post-op was urasidol (spelling?), to prevent gallstones. They want me to keep my gallbladder so they put me on that. I was also on omeprazole for 2 months. I also take the program vitamins (now I’m on a multivitamin and calcium chewable). Every case can vary, and likely you won’t be on all of those meds forever. I’m almost done with the urasidol! Also for my own mental sake I’ve been taking a stool softener because I got super constipated once and really hurt my hemorrhoid—I couldn’t even sit down for two days. edit: typo
  10. I’m almost 3 months out and my dietitian wants me to still focus on fluids and protein, and worry less about calories. I’m averaging around 800 a day. One day might be 650, the next might be 900. I haven’t passed 1000 yet post-op. Most people have a stall around week 2-3. I did. I lost like a half of a pound, if that. My weight loss has been pretty consistent since then.
  11. mil_unloaded

    2 week Liquid Diet Cheat

    My surgery went fine, I’m almost 3 months post op. Don’t cheat anymore and you’ll likely be fine. I had a two week pre-op diet, how long is yours? Good luck!
  12. mil_unloaded

    December 2020

    2-3 week stall is common! Just hold on, keep doing what you’re doing, and you’ll break that stall!
  13. mil_unloaded

    December 2020

    Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been around much. On top of the surgery, my youngest started preschool after being assessed for Autism, my oldest is in pre-kindergarten (also Autistic), and I’ve been getting my business going again (I’m a home baker and jam maker!). Overall I’m doing great! Keep losing most weeks. Eating well. I haven’t gotten any food stuck in a little while, so that’s good! Started doing more cardio and some at-home interval training. Earlier today my youngest was treating me like a trampoline though, and my abdomen is sore and cramping, so I might just take it easy! If any of you are on Instagram, I try to post on there more regularly (milunloaded there, too).
  14. mil_unloaded

    December 2020

    Hey all! I’ve been crazy busy, thus my absence! Non-surgically related: My youngest kid started preschool on Tuesday, and I’m also back to work. My oldest is in pre-K... So it’s filling my schedule. My husband and I also procured our first COVID vaccine (our kids are special needs so we qualified!). Surgically related: Feeling good physically, my brain is in a weird spot where I don’t want to eat. I’ve gotten food stuck a couple of times and vomited it up. I don’t know if it’s that, or no desire to cook because I can eat so little. I’m not sure. But I’ve got a call into my nutritionist and hopefully I can also talk to the program psychologist and see if we can’t work this out. I vary. Some days I have 600 calories, but most I have 250-350 calories—and a lot of it is the oat milk I’m putting in my coffee (soy was consitpating me BAD). Down to 254.2 this morning! Down to a size 1X shirts (and even they’re getting baggy!), but still a 20/22 in jeans. I jogged for 8 minutes straight! I can do my basic daily workouts, with only minimal burnout during core. Upper and lower body I’m smashing. Hope you are all doing well!
  15. mil_unloaded

    December 2020

    Doing phenomenal over here! Hope everyone is doing well! I’m down about 41lbs from my highest. I walked almost a mile two days ago and again yesterday afternoon. (This morning I was busy so I haven’t yet today!) I’m on my week 4 diet now—which adds poultry, fish, deli meat, canned or frozen fruits and vegetables. I spoke to my dietitian last night and she told me I didn’t need to drink protein drinks, that eventually I’ll eat my protein. That was a relief because I can’t stand most of the protein drinks.
  16. mil_unloaded

    December 2020

    Hey friends! I’m also starting to lose again after a stall! Feeling pretty good, a little abdominal pain from when I tried to start dancing about a week ago (lol...), I called my surgeon’s office and they told me to cool my jets until my next follow up which is the 20th. They said hey, we know you’re eager for your new life to start, and you’re feeling pretty good, but you DID just have surgery. So since then I took a couple of days to recoup that pain, and now I’m just walking when I feel up to it (30-45 minutes a day most days, but in 4-5 spurts at a time!). So excited to advance my diet more, I’m doing really well. I haven’t gotten sick at all!
  17. mil_unloaded

    December 2020

    Officially stalling over here. Been around 271 for a week now. Sigh.
  18. mil_unloaded

    constipation relief tea that works!

    I’ll keep this in mind! I suffer from IBS-D, so I usually don’t have this problem. However one of my friends had the same surgery and also has IBS-D, and she got constipated. She said just keep an eye out. So I’m ready if it happens!
  19. I just started my protein drinks, and my first one was an Atkins one, Dark Chocolate Royale. I think it tastes better than most protein drinks but the bummer is it only has 15g of protein (1g sugar). I also have some Premier Protein shakes, but I haven’t had any of them since surgery yet.
  20. mil_unloaded

    Any December surgery

    I’ve been promoted to full liquids! Yay!!! I’m so happy! (Also for those laughing about my fart—very little is truly sacred for me, I only apologize for the TMI because I know other people can be sensitive to it, I think farts are hilarious. 🤪)
  21. mil_unloaded

    Any December surgery

    I can finally fit my wedding ring back on! I haven’t worn it in 5+ years!! Still doing well. I thought I really tweaked a muscle because I was having rough consistent pain in my abdomen. I just laid on my side and let out a huge fart (TMI, sorry!) and now I feel so much better! So I went ahead and took a Gas-X and I’m sipping some decaf peppermint tea now.
  22. mil_unloaded

    December 2020

    I have just the one blister so far, and my steri-strips are slowly falling off. I’m keep an eye on it. I see my doctor via telehealth tomorrow at 3pm (Pacific), so I’m wondering if she will tell me to just take them off. The incision sites feel ok so far, but I don’t know if they could turn for the worse?
  23. mil_unloaded

    got to have a sense of humor !

    Lol I grew up in a very small town, so I’m interested to see what people have to say as I drop the weight.
  24. mil_unloaded

    So. Much. Burping.

    I’m having the same issue, but it’s slowly getting better. I’m looking forward to it being less of an issue. The first couple of days I felt like I was going to barf when the gas was coming up, but thankfully I didn’t.
  25. mil_unloaded

    December 2020

    I have IBS-D, so I’m used to having a leaky faucet down there... lol but at the same time I had friends tell me “oh you’ll be constipaited,” and I thought for once... Nay? Is this regularity!? Lol

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