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  1. LisaNC

    Leaky Gut?

    Thank you I will look into SIbo and Epstein barr. To be honest the docs dont offer me anything. I've been to 2 gastroenologists a gp a endocrinologist and had countless tests. They simply ignore all symptoms but the swelling in my thyroid and lymph nodes
  2. LisaNC

    Leaky Gut?

    I hope someone else will respond. There has to be more of us that are experiencing these symptoms. All the many Docs I've seen ignore my real symptoms and diagnois what is visible. I had RNY 12 years ago. About 22 months ago I experienced what I thought was an allergic reaction to a restaurant salad. With runny nose then fever headache and feeling like I would vomit or have diaherra. As the months went on it kept happening more frequently with more foods until it evolved into anything I ate. I felt sick for several hours or more after eating. 18 days ago I started having the fever all the time I also developed additional symptoms with my thyroid and lymph node swelling a dry cough and jaw ache and fever all the time. Allergy testing was negative. The docs now say I have Graves Disease even though I only have 2 symptoms of it and they refuse to address all my other issues that led to this point. In 18 days I have lost 20 lbs and feel as though I am dying. I have no strength and basically am bed bound. The only thing that makes sense in everything I have read is leaky gut. Please does anyone else have these symptoms??