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  1. Lilfootie

    Anyone for October 2020?

    Curious how everyone is doing? Do you have any new challenges or surprises? Unexpected hobbies or loves? I’m 5’3” and 130lbs. My weight loss has just started to taper off, which is good, because there are days I feel I look sick (not skinny sick, but like sunken in cheeks and that nonsense). I lost 4 lbs this month. Still eating a half cup of food per meal, but starting to test out a tablespoon more, as I am supposed to be at 1 cup in October and still get really sick feeling any time I eat too much or too fast. Otherwise feeling great! Loving wearing a swimsuit even with my saggy thighs and bum lol! Struggling with night time hunger on days I don’t get my water in at work. I think part of that is just needing to find ways to get in more calories, and part is that I will stay up super late to finish getting in all my liquids. hope to hear from you all!
  2. No longer overweight! Woot!

    1. SoWorthItK



  3. I ordered these off of Amazon. We will see if any of them work! I will report back next week
  4. Thanks for these! I don’t want to hide my body though - I am post op and have a teeny tiny waist and my tummy looks good except for the extra skin at the very bottom. I will look into the skirted bottoms though - I think they could be a good solution.
  5. Hello! I have just started looking for swimsuits, but have run into a road block - my loose belly skin! It hangs out of the leg holes in the front. It is really not that much, but it looks like my you-know-what is peeking through and over flowing 😅. Has anyone with belly skin found a good suit? Please post a link and/or photo! Thank you so much!!!
  6. Lilfootie

    Does schedule get easier?

    I would say no, it does not; however, I have always hated drinking (sipping really), and I am a spontaneous person who feels trapped by routines and schedules 😂😂😂. It contributes heavily to me loathing eating. I also hate that my entire day revolves around my next sip of water LOL. I have to be extremely conscious of my fluid intake or else I am up until 12 getting all my fluids in. I am 7 months out. Sorry to hear about the vomiting! I’m glad you have a system figured out. From what I know of other people in my surgery month, the vomiting part does get easier and stop. Hang in there! You will forget all about it when you are 6 months out and a fraction of the size you were before ❤️
  7. Lilfootie


    I have been having issues with my upper back since November. I stopped exercising in Jan/Feb, because it is not just pain, it is numbness, and the only thing that helps is resting it. I work on my feet all day so I am getting exercise and cannot fully “rest” my back. I will be starting physical therapy soon. Prior I was doing lots of butt exercise. I think I would still have the issue even if I was lifting, because my butt is so much smaller. On women, muscle is only part of why you get a bubble butt. Most of it is how your body naturally distributes fat. It certainly can look more lifted with more muscle mass, but it doesn’t give it the fullness or shape.
  8. I am almost 6 month post op and have minimal sagging skin so far, which is amazing, but I have lost a lot of muscle mass and my famously bubbly butt is now saggy on the bottom. No matter what’s underwear I choose, I get a four-butt. Anyone who has had Four-boob would understand — LOL. I have a second butt at the top of my thighs that pours out of my underwear haha. It is not all skin, it is just not held up by muscle anymore and is falling. It is not like “white girl butt”, because it still has *some* volume to it (my butt is not flat). Anyone else? Any ideas how to minimize this?
  9. Lilfootie

    Anyone for October 2020?

    Hi Everyone - Just checking in! I am currently 152lbs (5’3”, 10/19 surgery, 213 Day of Surgery). Stopped doing extra exercise in Feb due to continued issues with my upper back. It got really bad. I had an X-ray and I have a slight curve to the left in my thoracic spine - not big enough to concern the doctor yet (no visible tumors or anything), but it’s probably the reason for my pain and numbness. Going to start PT next week or the week after. My hair is still falling out, although it is slowing down a lot. I chopped my hair to a bob and it looks way better, but I still have to be careful where I part my hair lol! I am not allowed snacks or more food than 1/2 cup for my 3 meals, so I was wondering how you all are getting in calories? I am anywhere between 550 and 800 per day. I have started having food cravings again, but not hunger (except for the day before my period!!! Eek!). I have tried adding higher fat foods like olive oil, peanut butter, real butter, but it doesn’t take me too far. I am not sensitive to fatty foods. I also noticed that peanuts trigger a stall for a couple of days, even during “losing periods” (I stall for much of the month and then lose rapidly for 5-10 days at a time). I wonder if I am sensitive to them? How is everyone else doing?
  10. Lilfootie

    Skin question

    Are the rashes where they injected you with lovonox? Lovonox gives a delayed allergic reaction. I know most people get injected while staying in the hospital - I had to continue to inject for 30 days after and had a terrible delayed reaction.
  11. Lilfootie

    Some Surprises I didn't expect with WLS

    How much I would love watching other people eat! Haha. I hate eating, myself, now, but I love watching my daughter and friends eating something I used to like (unless it is a trigger food and then I sweat lol).
  12. Lilfootie

    Anyone for October 2020?

    Oh my gosh! I am in the exact same boat as you. I have been in and out of a stall all month. I have only had 4 days of losses and have gained on quite a few days. Evens out to be a stall. My hair is bonkers!!! I am losing massive amounts and you can see my scalp in the front and sides. I bought Nioxin shampoo, added collagen and biotin. It is a big confidence killer. I feel super hormonal - had a bad period reminiscent of my teenage years early in the month and even got an acne cyst on my chin, which hasn’t happened in 6 years. My clothing size has gone down by one this month though, and people are really starting to notice my weight loss, so trying to stay positive!
  13. Lilfootie

    Can I see some before and after pics?

    I am only 3mo post op and I saw the difference in my progress photos today and wanted to share - just my belly - I think it is 1 week post op vs 3 months. I am a slow loser, or more of a staller dropper (I have had a stall of at least 14 days all three months lol) so taking photos really helps me!
  14. Lilfootie

    Doc gave me 2 options

    I have not had a drink yet, but people in my support group say a few things about it: you get drunk really fast and it goes through your system quickly, so it is easy to have a lot of alcohol in one night and not in a good way (when the effects wear off so quickly). They also say it is an easy addiction transfer with bypass. Lastly, some dump with alcohol. Everyone recommends trying it at home at a non-event so that you can see how it hits you. But you might not be able to drink again. I wouldn’t anyway if GERD was an issue.
  15. Lilfootie

    Eating too much? 3 months out

    I like to have bread as a carb, as I do not like most others. I am allowed up to 1 slice per day. I haven’t tried real bread, like a bun or traditional sandwich bread, but I enjoy toasted Ezekiel Bread. It has 5 gm protein per slice too. Usually have it with an egg or tuna salad. Sometimes with low fat cream cheese if I am sick of meat. They sell it in the freezer section of most grocery stores. If you like multigrain or seeded breads, you will like this one (it is not seeded, but has a similar texture/flavor). Also, pre surgery, when I would go to subway I would get the smallest sandwich possible and get double meat or double cheese. It makes it more filling. Jimmy John’s unwiches are delicious too, and I’m not usually a fan of lettuce wraps!

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