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    Anyone for October 2020?

    Hi Everyone - I just finished my first month - yay! I see the dietician tomorrow. I also start my soft foods diet tomorrow. Since others have posted about their daily eating/drinking schedule, I will post mine (very soft foods and purées): -Start my day with a small drink (4-8oz). Drinking is still hard for me, but got a million times easier just in this past week. -Breakfast: 1 egg topped with nutritional yeast and 1 chicken sausage; or 1 egg and 1-2oz of hot cereal. -Protein Drink and water until lunch -Lunch: puréed dinner from the night before or tuna with a little olive oil mayo 3-4oz total. If there is any room I have a tablespoon of unsweetened applesauce or carrot/squash purée. -Protein Drink (usually just finishing the first one or drink half of another) and Gatorade Zero until dinner -Dinner: Usually chicken. I use my slow cooker a lot and have made a tomato basil chicken, honey mustard chicken, pork tenderloin. I also will sometimes split with a little veggie or protein mashed potatoes. I generally purée it, although I have had less need to lately. If I need sweet I do a tablespoon of unsweetened applesauce or baby food fruit mixes (lol). One of my tricks is keeping grits made and in the fridge. If I am proteined-out, I sometimes mix an oz of grits in with my chicken or tuna and it changes the texture, gives it a bit of carbs, and doesn’t change the taste. I hate the protein shakes so much at this point that I really try to get most of my protein from my meals. At the start of purées, I was drinking 2-3 shakes a day, and now I can usually get by with just one, or one and a half. Exercise is the tough one for me. I get 7,000-10,000 steps at work. I am a single mom. By the time I get home I am exhausted. I am having to nap for long periods on the weekend. I am trying to build myself up and pat myself on the back for the 10,000 steps, and remembering I only had surgery a month ago. My goal for month 2 will be 100-200 mins of extra-size (as my daughter calls it) each week My welts are about halfway gone, and it seems like my gross incision is healing, although its still gross, haha. I take my last injection on Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best news of the week! How is everyone else doing? I love reading the updates!
  2. Anyone else experience really big inaccuracies? My protein shake is off by A LOT. I have submitted for a change 3 times, with photos, and there has been no update. This has happened with other foods too. I had a day that had one food each meal that was wrong. If you use it and have not been paying attention to accuracy, definitely go back and check! They might leave out fat content, fiber, carbs, wildly wrong calcium content or serving size. I am so tired of it and thinking of switching. Does anyone else have an app they like that has a bariatric focus? Any other app suggestions?
  3. My doc says that carbonated drinks cause your stomach to stretch, so that is why they recommend not having them. I have Sunkist flavored water enhancer and they are amazing! 😂😂 they really taste like orange and grape soda! Takes me back to middle school for sure ❤️ I like the nuun enhancers too. They are effervescent, not carbonated, so they have a carbonated feel without actually being bubbly.
  4. Me too! But I am 4 weeks this coming Monday. I think I stalled early, as I stopped losing at 14 days...or it is a reaction to all my antihistamines and meds. I had an allergic reaction to the narcotic they gave me - Aquagenic Pruritus, sooo bad - it is an intense allergic reaction to water and perspiration on your hands. Then I had one to the lovonox I was injecting, so I have been a swollen mess since the start and covered in welts - 22 of them each 2-4” in diameter on my abdomen and thighs). Finally all starting to go away. I put my scale away once I stopped losing and take it out only on Friday’s to weigh in.
  5. Lilfootie

    Struggling :/

    Mine too!!! They are so cheap! Calcium is expensive, but I just keep my eye out for coupons and sales and buy in advance if I have to.
  6. Lilfootie

    Anyone for October 2020?

    Mine started when I began taking all the Calcium. I have only been able to go once every 5-7 days after 3 days of laxatives (Colace with the stimulant) and Miralax. It is not fun. I have only had 4 bm’s since surgery. I am thinking of asking my doc for something stronger. I tried adding magnesium, which usually gets me going immediately, but it hasn’t made a difference yet. I feel bad contacting them all the time, between my allergic reaction to the narcotic, then the lovonox, and now the questionable incision. I feel really good otherwise! Lol
  7. Lilfootie

    Anyone for October 2020?

    hi everyone - Three weeks out. Yesterday one one of my incisions started oozing yellow. I had a small green spot on the scab as of last week. I messaged my care team. I have a feeling it is infected. It looked wonky since the start and they told me at my last appt it looked fine. All my others are nearly gone now. Still dealing with the seriously itchy welts from the Lovonox allergy. They have not gone away or gotten smaller. I have one 2-4 inches in diameter every place I injected for the first two weeks. Literally covered in then. Between weeks 2-3 I only lost half a pound (I only weighed Sunday). Either the stall came early, or all the Benadryl and swelling from my rash is keeping me from loosing (Benadryl can cause weight gain when taken over time, and I was taking it 3-4x per day for a week). Pretty down about everything. I feel like I am missing a chance for major weight loss and just ridiculously uncomfortable.
  8. Currently in the hospital. Nurse wants me to swallow Tylenol pills but I am terrified is it normal to be given oral pills?
  9. Lilfootie

    Getting enough water

    I supervise a day program for adults with disabilities. I also have limited water breaks, as I am up and down from my desk all day and working program a lot. I asked my doctor to put that I need to sip water throughout the day on my return to work form so that it becomes a “reasonable accommodation” which you employer has to comply with by law. They said the reason was increased risk of dehydration. I have been back for a week and honestly it was one of my biggest worries, but it has been ok. You will be able to drink water faster than you think by then. I would save the protein shakes for when you can really sip them and try to get as much protein as possible from your food (I am getting in 2/3 so far and I am two and a half weeks out). Hope it goes well! When do you go back? Have you had your surgery yet?
  10. Lilfootie

    Anyone for October 2020?

    I put my scale away until my next appt (Nov 17). Anyone else? I know I’m doing everything I am supposed to do and the weight will come off. I started getting frustrated, weighing multiple times a day and I got sick of it, lol! Last time I looked on 10/30 I was 203lbs (down 40 lbs from starting weight and 10 from surgery on 10/19).
  11. Lilfootie

    Lovonox Reaction

    Thanks for your detailed reply! I was worried too. The doctor was out of the office yesterday. They said to stop the lovonox and start Benadryl immediately. I will be taking Arixtra instead. Hope this works!
  12. Hi! I had RNY on Oct 19. I am about 2 weeks out. I have been taking Lovonox injections twice a day since the day of surgery; however, yesterday I started developing a rash around every injection site I have ever done. This morning they looked like welts. I was surprised by the sudden onset. I messaged my vascular specialist and his office has not read my message yet. Calling is a no go with NorthShore Hospital System, because of 90min wait times. Anyone else experience a bad reaction? What happened and how was it handled? I have two clotting disorders, so I am on it because I am at a higher risk for a clot.
  13. I am one week post op, but this is an area that I feel a ton of pressure. I described it to my doctor: “when I sit up and lean even a little bit forward, it feels like there is a ball that my rib is pressing into and it causes a ton of pressure in my chest and abdomen”. They said it could still be gas, but is most likely swelling. The only thing there is your spleen, other than your stomach. Maybe that’s where a lot of work was done? In the hospital, they mentioned that the doctor moves your diaphragm during surgery, so some people have pain and swelling there, as this was a major site of pain when I was there. Interested to hear if you figured anything out or if it subsided!
  14. Lilfootie

    Anyone for October 2020?

    Sounds like you’re doing great!!! Good luck on going back to work! I’m worried about that too, but not starting until Election Day. 😬 I am one week today too. I am moving well, and my abs have felt good, but I have a lot of pressure still in my upper abdomen and some burning type pains between incision sites. Today is a bad pain day, but I went 3 days without any Tylenol, so it’s just ups and downs. Still can’t stomach whey protein, and until the dietician messages me back, the doctor won’t ok something else, so I am doing my best with milk and such to get the protein in. I have eaten cream of chicken soup, sugar free chocolate pudding, and watered down cream of wheat. Today I sipped on a skim decaf latte from Starbucks which felt so good, because it is normal! My swelling is going down. It took until Saturday to be back to pre-op weight, although I did get the extra day of fluids with the 2-day hospital stay. Biggest drama now are some mild, but weird side effects that I am working on with the doctor: lovonox injection site that keeps bleeding, red dotted rash on belly, hands getting hot/red/fiercely itchy in hot water and going away once dry, tons of bruising near my lower abdomen incisions. Does anyone else have major bruising?
  15. Lilfootie

    Anyone for October 2020?

    Hi Everyone - I had my surgery on 10/19. I am really struggling with whey protein isolate. The only one I can stomach is the clear fruity kind, but only a few oz. I have gotten up to 12 grams of protein in one day and that’s it. The whey makes my stomach turn (it made me nauseated in pre-op too, but we were allowed one type of plant protein shake and one soy, so those helped me get through it). All of the pre-made shakes on my list are discontinued, aside from the clear fruity ones, which I find weird - why would they give us a list like that? I bought a few different kinds of powders and they are all awful. They make my stomach turn after about 2oz and then I am nauseas for the next 2-3 hours. I have tried mixing unflavored whey with watered down cream of wheat to get away from the dreadful constant sweetness, but it still makes me sick. Anyone else in a similar situation? Anyone have luck making their dietician budge on whey protein? My next step will be to email the dietician and see what she thinks. 60 grams of any protein is better than 12 of whey right? Maybe? I am doing ok on liquids and even well on pudding and Jello.
  16. Lilfootie

    Anyone for October 2020?

    I found them at Target. I also saw them at Walgreeens.
  17. Lilfootie

    Anyone for October 2020?

    Hi! Had my surgery on Monday. Stayed an extra night in the hospital due to nausea. Pain is ok. It’s hard to get comfortable at night and have some nasty shoulder pain when I burp. One thing I found that has been a life saver is Tylenol dissolve packs. They taste yummy and dissolve right on your tongue!
  18. Update: doc said as long as I cut them in half they are fine. Gave me liquid Tylenol this time
  19. Lilfootie

    Anyone for October 2020?

    I’m going in tomorrow! Noon surgery. Hugs to the other October 19th surgeries. See you on the other side of the war 😬
  20. I don’t know about the OP, but Isopure makes clear whey protein! They sell it at Target. It is lemonade or tropical flavor. They have an interesting feel in the mouth but much better than a shake. Also bone broth has a good amount of protein if you need savory. Most grocery stores sell it and I even have the “just add water” single packs which are great for work. Ooh also, I have put unflavored whey into watered down cream of wheat. They taste kind of similar, so it hides the protein powder well.
  21. Are these the only ones you are allowed? I was allowed only specific shakes - I think about 8 choices. The first ones I tried (out of convenience - ensure high protein) made me feel the same way as you. I didn’t want to drink them, I felt nauseated and gross’s I switched it up to the recommended Slim Fast one (also the cheapest) and the only plant based one and it made such a difference!!!
  22. Lilfootie

    Anyone for October 2020?

    I have to take lovonox injections for a few days and then Warfarin. I have two blood disorders that make me clot, so I have a Vascular Specialist working with me on the surgery. My BMI is 38.
  23. Lilfootie

    Healthier, But Lonelier

    I just want to post a little food for thought (lol). This has little to do with most of the posts on this thread, but I cringe when I hear people talk about others as “toxic”. People are not toxic. Nobody is toxic. It is a label assigned to someone that redistributes the power balance. These days instead of saying “this person does not respect my boundaries” “this person’s comments are constantly hurtful to me” “I don’t know how to assert myself when this person triggers my self-consciousness/self-hatred” “I am too sensitive to handle this person’s honesty” “It feels awful when I freeze instead of telling that person their actions were not ok with me” etc, etc, etc, people just say “that person is toxic”. Saying someone is toxic makes assigns the work to that person and then dismisses the issue (which is usually one of boundaries). We are not constantly fending off toxicity. We have all probably been called a toxic person by someone. In parenting right now (I have a 5 yr old) it is very popular to take on the idea that “my child is not responsible for my anger/anxiety/reaction when they __________”. If my daughter has to try on 6,000 pairs of shoes while telling me “duh” and having a meltdown, making me late to work, and I yell at her and am crabby at my meeting - that’s not her fault. I can work on this reaction, I can work on this routine, and I can find out why 6000 shoes were (duh) not enough and was so important to her. My kid is not toxic because I am crabby in the morning and late to work almost every day. I think this is true in any relationship - the other person is not you, not in your head, they have other priorities, and most of the time we don’t tell people how we need them to react to feel supported. The OP could have talked to her friends before surgery and told them what she needed from them - it might have changed how they supported her. Or she can set boundaries now (e.g. If we are going to go out, we are not talking about x,y,z, because __________”). Call someone rude, mean, dishonest, unfaithful, blunt, jealous - something specific that helps you and them learn from the relationship. If the person means something to you, give them something meaningful back. Calling them toxic will only lead you to more toxic people, because you will have the same reaction. My advice to the OP would be to be honest with the friends you still want to have. You won’t always react perfectly (or even well) to all of your loved ones’ life-changes either, so give them the chance to not handle it perfectly either. If they still suck after you are honest and set boundaries, then good riddance. Sorry - had to preach! Not meaning to offend! Somebody totally blew my mind about “toxic people” not existing a year ago and my relationships have been so much better.
  24. Lilfootie

    Anyone for October 2020?

    Anyone else feeling foggy on the liquid diet? I am on Actigall and it’s not a side effect, but I am having trouble finishing a thought and feel drugged. I’m having a Gatorade Zero in case it is electrolytes (I have been peeing like crazy!!!). I can have only protein shakes and raw veggies. What has it been like for you all?
  25. I originally went in wanting a sleeve, but my surgeon convinced me that bypass is a better option for me. I have asthma that has put me in the hospital a few times and the chance of reflux increasing and asthma worsening was not worth it for me. He said he could do the sleeve but there would be a chance I would need a revision, and I did not want two surgeries. I think sleeves are supposed to be safer, but revisions are pretty common.