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  1. WishMeSmaller

    First stall

    You have lost 50 pounds in 2 months! Congratulations! Yep, your body just needs to take a minute to “catch up.” Just keep doing what you have been doing (presumably following your plan) and the stall will break. 😊
  2. Well, I guess I am proof your dream is readily obtainable! 10+ years ago Husband and I were on Maui. Husband wanted to take a surf lesson. I passed, partly because of my size/lack of fitness, and partly because it just wasn’t important to me (cost of activities add up quick). This trip, Husband stayed home, but I was trying to do lots of fun stuff with my niece and nephew. We did SUP one day, and the shop said we should try surfing as well. Kids were game so I signed us up. Thanks to an awesome coach, we were all standing up and riding waves on the first try. Shockingly, I was better at it than either of the kids and I loved it. Basically, I now want to move to Maui and become a middle aged surf bum 🤣🤣🤣 Maybe you want to join me??😂 I think this is a great goal for you, @STLoser! 🏄‍♀️🏄‍♀️🏄‍♀️🏄‍♀️ PS. Happy birthday to you! 🎂🥳
  3. WishMeSmaller


    Smokin’ hot! 😍😍😍😍
  4. WishMeSmaller


    Love the outfit, @Arabesque! Hope you get to wear it soon! 🤞🏻😊
  5. surfing. Me???? A late 40’s, formerly morbidly obese lady??? Yes 😬🏄‍♀️
  6. WishMeSmaller


    Was on vacation in Maui last week with Mom, Sister, Nephew, and Niece. Had an amazing time and took a surf lesson with the kids. So much fun! Would have never been able to do this before! Sunset is from the backyard of Mom’s Maui house. Fam pic from left to right: Sister, Niece, me, Nephew, and Mom. Kids are almost 13 and almost 15.
  7. WishMeSmaller

    Can’t keep Most food down

    Also lactose free!
  8. My energy was good within about a week. We are all different, though, so your experience won’t be like anyone else’s. If you can get the protein in, it will really help with energy. The only time I had a hard time with food wanting to revisit in “public,” (closed door office with one co-worker) was about 1.5 months out after having some chicken at lunch. I managed to keep it down 👍🏻 Win! 😬
  9. WishMeSmaller

    Surgeon Disappointed 😞

    Nope… I consistently lost 15 pounds a month for like the first 4-5 months. I thought I was going to be a slow loser since I “only” lost 15 that first month, but it just kept happening. Usually weight loss does slow after the first month or two, but if you stick with your plan you will keep losing and it adds up quick. We all lose at our own rates, so try not to compare yourself to others. 21 pounds the first month is awesome. You are doing great! Just keep on keeping on, and stick with your plan. 😊
  10. WishMeSmaller

    Surgeon Disappointed 😞

    I lost 15 pounds the first month after my surgery. Here I am a year later with over 130 lost. Follow your plan and don’t let a thoughtless comment from your surgeon get you down. 😊😊
  11. WishMeSmaller

    Food Before and After Photos

    Your food looked delicious! Please keep sharing! 😋😊
  12. WishMeSmaller

    Alcoholic Drinks

    Make yourself some low sugar sangria with dry red wine and diet orange soda. The bubbles from the orange soda are minimal to non-existent when mixed with the wine. I like about 60-40 wine to soda mix, but adjust to suit your tastes. This was just my go to while camping over the 4th. Alcohol hits me way harder these days, so use caution.
  13. WishMeSmaller


    As another RN working in public health, I can concur that the Delta variant is no joke. One of the infectious disease docs I work with also works at a local VA. A small department there collectively opted to not vaccinate, except for one person. All 7 people in the department contracted the Delta variant. So far, two are dead (young and healthy), two more have been hospitalized, and only the vaccinated person was asymptotic, although they tested positive. I really do not like those odds. So glad all the fam and I are fully vaccinated. Also, as someone who had COVID, I can also attest to the fact that the side effects from the vaccine (yes, I did have horrible body aches and headaches with both doses), were far superior to having COVID.
  14. WishMeSmaller


    Ha…I was also craving a dog. 😊 Something about summer, perhaps? Had half a dog the other day to scratch that itch 😂
  15. WishMeSmaller

    Lost my bum

    I always had a butt. When I was in my 20’s and normal weight (150), I actually had a guy, at a club, tell me I had a big butt. It was acknowledged all around that I had a moderately big butt. I figured I would still have a butt after WLS, but I was wrong. 😭 It is gone. I do resistance training specifically to to strengthen, shape, and increase size of said butt, and I think it has helped. I has plastic surgery a month ago including a belt lipectomy in order to get rid of the loose skin on my butt (it was super uncomfortable to sit on). I now have a 20-something year old, tiny butt😂 The struggle is real. I also lost of of my breasts, going from a 40DD to a 34A. My recent plastic surgery fixed that though, with lift and augmentation. Yay for plastic surgery! Below is my post-plastic surgery butt. I have found it looks best in cheeky bikini bottoms, as the lower part of my butt is the only part with ANY shape. Also shown is my pre-plastics butt, complete with sagging skin. 🤦🏼‍♀️

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