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  1. Pandemonium

    Food Before and After Photos

    3.5oz piece of halibut that I was lazy with and just used Old Bay to season with a shake of Everything Bagel seasoning to get some crunchy garlic in the mix. Made an ounce (dry weight) of edamame spaghetti and tossed it with Taste Cilantro Lime Ranch...and more Everything Bagel seasoning. I slightly overcooked the fish sadly (not used to baking such small portion sizes) but it didn't get too too dry. Of course, I finished it and was quite happy and then saw the news about Ruth Bader Ginsburg and now I'm heartbroken and sick to my stomach. Considering my day started with being told I had to get a COVID test by my employer and can't return to the office until I get the results and ended with this awful news, I think I'm done with Friday. At least my dinner was successful!
  2. Pandemonium

    Can anyone eat carbs?

    All things in moderation. Carbs are not inherently the enemy. Carbs are inevitable. Every single protein bar I eat has carbs. The body does need carbs for energy. They just are not the best choice to make when eating in terms of encouraging and sustaining your weight loss. So if you're sitting down to a meal where the bulk of the calories that you are consuming are from the carbs you're eating, it's not a good situation. You will end up burning through that energy and then will find yourself hungry again sooner than you would if more of those calories came from protein. You are not banned from ever eating bread or rice or pasta or your carb of choice every again. You just want to do it in moderation and to always seek out options for those items that are lower in carbs and to really focus on eating your protein source first.
  3. Pandemonium

    Thankful Thread for 9/14 to 9/20

    Hey everyone! It's a new week! New thread! Honestly, I am having trouble with things to be thankful for as I've been dealing with a lot of muscle and joint pain the past few days in both of my arms. My right arm feels like it's an RSI that I've dealt with intermittently in the past, though it hurts worse this time around. Not sure what is going on with my left shoulder. It has made sleep very difficult the past few nights. Coupled with a lower weight loss this week and reemergence of constipation and I've got a bit of the blahs going on. That said, I am thankful for the amazing fresh fish market that's 30 minutes from my house for giving me delicious options for protein. I'm thankful for Halo Top/Nick's light ice creams for giving me a way to occasionally indulge in some ice cream without completely tanking my calorie count. I'm thankful for the Favorite Grocery Items and Food Before & After threads for all of the countless ideas for meals to make down the road. And I'm thankful that my doctor didn't have an issue when I told him I wanted to talk about bariatric vitamin options soon so that I can stop drinking these awful Celebrate 4-in-1 shakes.
  4. Pandemonium

    Food Before and After Photos

    I actually have several boxes of Black Bean and Edamame pastas in the cupboard from pre-surgery. I haven't touched them post-op yet. The tofu shirataki noodles caught my eye due to the low calorie count and figured I'd give them a try. I definitely prefer the protein pastas, but I'm always looking for new options!
  5. Pandemonium

    Food Before and After Photos

    So tonight involved trying to make something other than leftover ricotta bake or reheating the frozen bariatric shepherd's pie servings my mom made for me. And it also involved trying out two new products to see how I liked them. Even then, I kept it simple and just heated up some Tyson's grilled chicken strips, mixed it with some tofu shirataki macaroni elbows I grabbed at my local Asian supermarket, and some Spicy Garlic Parm sauce from Taste. Sprinkled generously with some Parmesan cheese and dug in. The flavor of the sauce was stellar and had a nice heat to it. The noodles were...odd. There wasn't anything wrong flavor-wise (wasn't really ANY flavor) but the texture was reeeeeeaaaalllllly weird. They're very chewy. It didn't completely turn me off of them, but will take some getting used to. All told, 18g of protein packed into 117 calories and it managed to hit the spot.
  6. Pandemonium

    Frequency of meals

    I eat 4 times a day: Breakfast at 9am Lunch at 1pm Snack at 4pm Dinner at 7pm This is the same schedule I followed pre-op, and it has kept me comfortable. I will infrequently indulge in an extra snack (slice of deli ham or turkey, spoonful of hummus or ricotta cheese) if I think I'll come in a little low on my protein for the day, but that doesn't tend to happen too often.
  7. Pandemonium


    So, to me, that does seem like it's a bit more than one would expect from an immediate post-op diet. That said, I only have my own experiences from which to speak and if this is the diet that your doctor prescribed, then they may have a reason. For comparison, here is the diet I am on currently (I hit 10 weeks post-op tomorrow), which is not really standard for most programs that I've seen: 2 times a week: Breakfast - 9am - 2 scoops of Celebrate 4-in-1 in 8oz of unsweetened almond milk + 2 tsp Benefiber (185 calories) Lunch - 1pm - 1 scoop of Celebrate 4-in-1 in 8oz of unsweetened almond milk + 2 tsp Benefiber (115 calories) Snack - 4pm - 1 protein bar (18-20g of protein -Think, Pure Protein, or Built Bar) (160-230 calories) Dinner - 7pm - 1 protein bar (18-20g of protein -Think, Pure Protein, or Built Bar) (160-230 calories) 60+ ounces of water (usually Crystal Light) (40 calories if all Crystal Light) 1 time a week: Breakfast - 9am - 2 scoops of Celebrate 4-in-1 in 8oz of unsweetened almond milk + 2 tsp Benefiber (185 calories) Lunch - 1pm - 1 scoop of Celebrate 4-in-1 in 8oz of unsweetened almond milk + 2 tsp Benefiber (115 calories) Snack - 4pm - 1 bottle of Premiere Protein protein water (20g of protein in 16.9 ounces of fluids) (90 calories) Dinner - 7pm - 1 protein bar (18-20g of protein -Think, Pure Protein, or Built Bar) (160-230 calories) 4 times a week: (up from 3x/week as of this week) Breakfast - 9am - 2 scoops of Celebrate 4-in-1 in 8oz of unsweetened almond milk + 2 tsp Benefiber (185 calories) Lunch - 1pm - 1 scoops of Celebrate 4-in-1 in 8oz of unsweetened almond milk + 2 tsp Benefiber (115 calories) Snack - 4pm - 1 protein bar (18-20g of protein -Think, Pure Protein, or Built Bar) (160-230 calories) Dinner - 7pm - 3-4.oz of allowable soft foods (I've had ground chicken, ground turkey, pureed chicken salad made with hummus & greek yogurt, ricotta bake, baked/steamed whitefish, scrambled eggs) (210 - 250 calories) So I think there would be room to make adjustments to your diet plan, as long as you would still be hitting your protein goals, but that is definitely a conversation you would want to have with your doctor. Simply be upfront with them about your concerns about the slow weight loss and ask for guidance on how to make changes to your diet plan to facilitate better results. Some times you have to make those changes to the diet plan in order to keep your body on it's toes!
  8. Pandemonium


    Can you give us a rundown of what you're generally eating for meals and when you're eating them? 800 to 1200 calories immediately post-op seems a little high. I am 9 weeks out (VSG) and I only occasionally break 800 calories (and only once have I gone above 900). But I also suspect there's a little bit of 3 week stall creeping in, as well.
  9. Some times it's almost like New&Improved found his way back on...but that can't really be the case.  Right?

    1. Suzi_the_Q


      Was he kicked off?

    2. Pandemonium


      Yes, he was banned a little over a month ago. It's been nice, though there are occasionally people with similar toxic behavior popping up from time to time.

    3. Suzi_the_Q


      Oh thank goodness! I had noticed he was missing, but thought that maybe he had buggered off on his own. After all of his noxious posts, do you know what finally sealed the deal?

  10. Again...so many assumptions about what the OP did from someone who wasn't in the same program as them. We all know how the saying goes abut what happens when you "assume". So keep on assuming for all the forums to see, my dude.
  11. Pandemonium

    Band to Sleeve?!?!

    I just had my revision from band to sleeve in July due to band slippage and weight gain over the past few years. I was in the same boat where I assumed that my insurance wouldn't cover it to the point that I initially was going to join the non-surgical weight loss program as I didn't think I could have another bariatric surgery. The PA I met with assured me that was not the case and that revision surgery is common and approval for them is not that hard to get. The fact that your lapband is in complete failure due to the damage sustained to the port means it should be easy for your doctor to provide all of the documentation needed to your insurance provider that the revision is medically necessary. Most bariatric surgeons are going to know how to "dance" with the insurance companies in order to get the needed result for their patients.
  12. Those are some pretty bold, off-base, and antagonistic assumptions (and accusations since you're claiming the OP lied) there, especially since the OP never stated whether they were using PP pre-made shakes or if they were using PP powder and mixing their own shakes, since the powder does not contain milk protein concentrate.
  13. Pandemonium

    Favorite Grocery Products

    The ones I posted I found online. They look to be a small company out of California. They also have a delicious looking selection of regular tortillas. It looks like they just recently started selling the 1 Carb Tortillas and they make them in batches, as my order was actually a pre-order for them that will be filled on 9/17. https://mrtortilla.com/products/1-carb
  14. Pandemonium

    Favorite Grocery Products

    Found these this morning online while trying to find tortilla options. Ordered 4 packs of them and am cautiously optimistic!
  15. I felt that way for the first weeks too. I wasn't achieving a feeling of "full" (but my doctor also kept me on full liquids FOREVER, so kind of hard to get full on 8 ounces of almond milk and 2 scoops of protein powder) and really wondered if he actually did my sleeve. Then I tried my first 2.5 ounces of pureed chicken salad and suddenly I could feel it. 8 weeks out now and I can comfortably eat 3.5-4 ounces of soft food, though 4 can sometimes feel like I'm pushing it.