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    Melanie Vandergriff reacted to mattk53 in Ww   
    I did it about 10-12 years ago. I lost 70 pounds and loved it. I tried it again about 5 years later doing the same dam program and didn't lose jack! I don't know why it worked so well one time then not at all the next. I guess because I was five years older. Metabolism and all.
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    Melanie Vandergriff reacted to Lynnlovesthebeach in Ww   
    I've done WW off and on for most of the last 20 yrs but never reached my goal. I would get to a certain point and then start regaining, get discouraged and quit. Then of course I'd gain the weight back because I was depressed and felt like a failure. Of course I'd gain back more than I lost, the typical yo-yo dieter! When I attended my bariatric seminar I had also recently gone back to WW. I decided to continue it while in the "pre-op" stage, incorporating "bariatric" guidelines I got during my nutrition counseling period. I gave up sugar, stopped all soda and bubbly drinks and started tracking on My Fitness Pal to keep track of my macros in addition to tracking on the WW app. I considered that practicing for my post op life. From my seminar to surgery was about 4 months. I lost about 30 lbs in that time period. I still continued WW after surgery because I figured by then I had paid them so much money in my lifetime that I was going to finally reach my goal and get my "lifetime" status! And I did it! I liked the idea of a weekly "official" documented weight and the support of the people who had become good friends and my support system. Now, I attend meetings for free. The main reason I continue is it keeps me accountable and on track. My bariatric program support group only meets once a month, before Covid, and is now virtual and I felt I needed more than that. WW is weekly, also currently virtual but starting to reopen the studios. Bariatric surgery is a tool and WW is a tool. I see no problem with having all the tools available. I am happy with the path I have chosen and now have started the plastic surgery stage of my journey. Good luck with your continued success!
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    Melanie Vandergriff reacted to catwoman7 in Ww   
    I know a lot of long-time vets on another forum that do WW when they want to lose a few pounds, Most of them love the new program.
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    I like it, it helps me be accountable.
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    I'm not able to find Fairlife Core but I did find Fairlife Nutrition Plan at costco. I too mix Premier Protein chocolate with the Fairlife Nutrition chocolate to get a bit of both (more creamy texture from Fairlife and a more chocolate taste from Premier)
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    I was finally able to find fairlife core power shakes at my grocery store (bottom shelf - they were hiding from me). I have tried chocolate which tastes just like regular chocolate milk, strawberry which tastes just like strawberry milk (but not as fruity as I would have liked. still the best strawberry shake out there though), and vanilla which tastes like melted vanilla ice cream and might be my new favorite shake. they are all awesome. I now see what all the hype is about. if you can find them, get them!

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    Melanie Vandergriff got a reaction from Dou in Weight gain   
    13 months post sleeve, lost 50 pounds gained almost 10 back. Feeling frustrated. Please send me some good vibes and any suggestions

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    Melanie Vandergriff got a reaction from sizemedown in 800 calories   
    I see some of you on here say yall only eat like 800 calories in a day. I believe what you are saying, but how do you not starve??!!
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    Melanie Vandergriff reacted to summerset in 800 calories   
    No idea. I eat way more than this. I maybe ate 800 kcal in the immediate post-op phase but we're talking a few weeks here.
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    Melanie Vandergriff reacted to katiesilano in Protein shakes   
    Core Protein. They are a game changer and lactose free.
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    Melanie Vandergriff reacted to maslman in Protein shakes   
    I'm looking for a new one myself. I used to swear by Eat The Bear, but last year they unexpectedly closed up shop and disappeared with everyone's money. You can still find it on Amazon and Walmart.com, but by now it's got to be getting kind of old since they aren't making it anymore.
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    Melanie Vandergriff reacted to ladyJ2198 in Protein shakes   
    I’m one month post op I’m doing 310Nutriton I love it and it’s only 90 or 110 calories
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    Melanie Vandergriff reacted to angryspice in Protein shakes   
    ditto on premier cafe latte. it's my fave. I can drink it everyday. I have the powder too, but it's not as good as the shake. sometimes I mix one scoop with cold coffee, milk, maybe chia seeds, and ice in my vitamix to make a frappuccino type drink.
    I am currently trying to get my hands on the pumpkin spice. the premier oat Protein Shake apple cinnamon flavor is good for a change of pace and has a lot of much needed fiber (7g). I honestly don't love the ingredient list for premier shakes and powders, but I have tried many brands and I find premier to be the best tasting even if it's not the "cleanest."
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    Melanie Vandergriff reacted to Foxbins in Protein shakes   
    I drink Ensure Max Protein Cafe Mocha and Fairlife vanilla now, both have 30 gms of protein. When I had my sleeve in 2011 Premier Protein only had vanilla and chocolate flavors and I drank enough of them to last me the rest of my life.
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    I didn’t count calories (wasn’t a lot, probably close to @ms.sss’s <800 a day) but was very aware of portion size. I consumed about 1/2 cup of food three times a day. Predominately Protein (about 60g of meat) with a small amount of steamed vegetables ( couple of green Beans, a tablespoon of shredded cabbage or a cauliflower floret). I kept everything very simple. I couldn’t eat a whole egg until I was almost at goal. To up my protein, I would eat a high protein yoghurt or drinking yoghurt most afternoons and a little fruit like watermelon which upped my Fluid intake.
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    Melanie Vandergriff reacted to Foxbins in Daily intake   
    I counted calories and could eat 1300-1500 daily depending on my level of activity. I ate what I wanted for the most part, weighed myself once a week, and cut back when the scale showed a gain 2 weeks in a row.
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    Melanie Vandergriff reacted to ms.sss in Daily intake   
    Not counting the first couple months (when I barely ate anything), I was <800 cals a day, and <25g NET carbs a day. I basically only ate non-starchy vegetables and Protein, mostly in the form of grilled chicken breast (or a protein shake)
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    Melanie Vandergriff reacted to ChubRub in Protein shakes   
    Fairlife Core Power strawberry banana (14 oz!!! For some reason the 11.5 oz isn't as delicious)
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    Melanie Vandergriff reacted to BigSue in Protein shakes   
    For ready-to-drink shakes, I like Equate High Protein caramel flavor. My coworkers turned me on to it and said that it tastes exactly like Premier Protein caramel but cheaper.
    Before my pre-op diet, I didn't have much experience with Protein Powder, so I ordered a bunch of single-serve samples from different companies. Once you start buying these online, you'll see nonstop ads for protein powders on Facebook. You do need to look at the nutrition labels and make sure they meet your requirements.
    My favorite that I've tried is IdealLean. This is the only one that I purchased a big tub without trying the sample first because it was on sale at a good price. I bought a big tub of chocolate brownie flavor and samples of others, and I liked every one that I tried from IdealLean (chocolate coconut, chocolate mint, and strawberries & cream). I mix them with almond milk, by the way. I also purchased a lemonade clear whey from there but didn't care for it much (I've found that I don't like clear Protein Drinks in general -- I just don't like the protein aftertaste).
    I also got samples from:
    1Up Nutrition (chocolate Peanut Butter was my favorite; I also liked mint Cookies & cream and coconut ice cream) Northbound Nutrition Waves of Whey (mini marshmallow was good, cinnamon frosting was pretty good but I wouldn't want a whole tub, chocolate freak shake was terrible) Strength (belgian chocolate is good but I prefer IdealLean chocolate brownie) KetoShop (unicorn vanilla milkshake and cinnamon roll were decent; I haven't tried chocolate and strawberry yet)
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    Melanie Vandergriff reacted to Sandra Nuelken in One Year Anniversary   
    I'm up early this morning not for surgery, as I was last year, but for my one-year appointment. I am thrilled with the results and just can't believe where I was last year. I am an ex-bander and old for this journey, I'll be 74 this year. I have my life back, I can jump off the boat and get up the ladder, the same with the dock. I'm having fun with my grandkids again. I go for walks, swims, and move about without the aches and pains I once had. food is no longer my joy in life, life is my joy. I eat to live and not live to eat. I reached stage 4 eating and just stayed there. I have a Protein Drink for Breakfast, 4oz of cottage cheese for lunch, 4oz of Protein for dinner with a protein snack or Outshine no sugar added pop cycle. Saturday is my "free day" I sit with my neighbors in the street to visit and have my weekly drink. Not being able to eat out this last 6 months has sure been a help! For those starting on your journey, the first 6 months are very important for both weight loss and to set the stage for the rest of your journey. I did not have a drink for the first 6 months. I have learned that your body will drop the pounds when it is ready. A lot of pauses the second 6 months that will drive you crazy. Good luck with your journey, I hope you are as happy with yours as I am with mine.
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    Melanie Vandergriff reacted to Prestonandme in Weight gain   
    Before surgery, people repeatedly suggested that I log my food at MyFitnessPal and weigh the food every day. That was way too burdensome for me.
    But when I reached maintenance weight a year post-surgery, this became my life-saver. Through MyFitnessPal, I discovered that prior to logging, I was eating about 300 calories a day more than my daily required caloric needs (1200/day) and was wildly off when I guesstimated how much food was in a cup. (I always overestimated). If I hadn't started logging and weighing, I would be quickly regaining all the weight I had just lost.
    Yah, it's a pain. It's time-consuming. And it's burdensome.
    But it may be what helps you lose those 10 pounds and shed even more.
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    Melanie Vandergriff reacted to catwoman7 in Weight gain   
    are you still following the program and logging everything you eat? I still have to do it at 5+ years out, otherwise, my weight starts heading north again pretty quickly...
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    Melanie Vandergriff reacted to mattk53 in Weight gain   
    Best of luck Melanie. This isn't a big secret, exercise and watch what you put into your body nothing we all haven't heard 1000 times. I wish you all the best. I would however do something now though and don't wait until you're out of onederland.
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    Melanie Vandergriff reacted to angryspice in Meals   
    I also eat 4-5 times a day. one of these meals is usually, but not always, a Protein Shake or Protein Water.
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    Melanie Vandergriff reacted to Arabesque in Gas   
    I avoid as much sugar and as many sweetened things as I can. It is the devil & contributed to me being over weight in the first place. Dropping it from my diet helped with my weight loss & now maintaining. I don’t miss it.
    Dumping is not an uncommon side effect of sugar consumption post surgery. (Less common with sleeves though.) But for you it seems like your body is showing its intolerance for sugar by producing excess gas. You may discover you can’t tolerate other foods as easily either & may have to avoid them as well.