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  1. Melanie Vandergriff


    Has anyone tried Weight Watchers? Just curious?
  2. Melanie Vandergriff


    I understand. I had surgery a little over a year ago. I lost 50 pounds and now at a stall. Trying some other things
  3. Melanie Vandergriff

    Protein shakes

    what is everyone's favorite protein shake? Do you like pre-made shakes or ones you have to make yourself?
  4. Melanie Vandergriff

    800 calories

    I see some of you on here say yall only eat like 800 calories in a day. I believe what you are saying, but how do you not starve??!!
  5. Melanie Vandergriff

    Daily intake

    hey guys, If you have reached your goal weight, what did you normally eat during the day to reach this goal?
  6. Melanie Vandergriff


    fellow sleevers I'm hungry! Is this why they push Proteins because if you eat them you aren't as hungry? 13 months post sleeve
  7. Melanie Vandergriff

    Weight gain

    Yes I know exactly what I am eating at just wanted someone to tell me that 😁
  8. Melanie Vandergriff

    Weight gain

    13 months post sleeve, lost 50 pounds gained almost 10 back. Feeling frustrated. Please send me some good vibes and any suggestions Thanks
  9. Melanie Vandergriff


    hey my fellow sleevers, how often do you eat? 4 meals a day, 6 meals a day?
  10. Melanie Vandergriff

    VSG + Hiatal Hernia Repair

    I had sleeve and hiatial hernia surgery and I did good. I still have about 25 pounds left to lose. I started getting sick from the hernia right before the surgery so it is probably best that I had it done
  11. Melanie Vandergriff


    all my fellow sleevers, what do yall do for bloating?
  12. Melanie Vandergriff


    Does anyone eat sugar things and it give you gas. So embarrassing
  13. Melanie Vandergriff


    hope I'm not getting too personal, but just want to ask you ladies. I am almost a year post sleeve and my monthly periods are all messed up. Every 2 weeks, skip a month, etc. Anyone else have monthly visitor issues?
  14. Melanie Vandergriff

    June 2019

    I am 11 months post sleeve, sometimes when I eat I feel like it's stuck in my throat. Anyone else have this problem?
  15. Melanie Vandergriff


    I'm addicted to sugar. Any suggestions on what I can do or take to help with this? I'm a post sleever
  16. Melanie Vandergriff


    I'm a June June 2019 sleever. For some reason this week every time I eat I feel sick. Anyone else ever experience this?
  17. Melanie Vandergriff


    Just want to see if yall are getting my messages
  18. Melanie Vandergriff

    Arm flab

    Of course with weight loss comes flab, any suggestions on how to get rid of under arm flab?
  19. Melanie Vandergriff

    June 2019

    Any June 2019 sleevers out there? How are yall doing?
  20. Melanie Vandergriff

    Almost 7 months

    Thanks for the tip!
  21. Melanie Vandergriff

    Almost 7 months

    Yes i feel better and none of my clothes fit. Thanks