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  1. Bucky0126

    December 2020 Surgery Updates

    You're doing great and I appreciate our friendship with all the texts, emails and shared success!
  2. Bucky0126

    December 2020 Surgery Updates

    Great updates, thanks!
  3. Hey December surgery people! Our group hasn't posted much lately, I'm hoping it's because of all the success and lifestyle changes. I've made a few friends and one that I text with regularly that we continue to push each other and to hold ourselves accountable. My story has been met with highs, lows, weight loss walls and amazing success. I'm -122.2 lbs since I started the journey 1/1/20 and -73.1 lbs since surgery 12/2/20. My weight loss has certainly slowed in the recent month or 2, but overall it's trending in the right direction. I'm still not able to eat solid red meat (steak) and regular milk without severe stomach aches, but overall the experience has been life changing and worth every second of effort I've made. Does anyone else have some stories to share from our surgery month of December 2020? Jason
  4. Bucky0126

    December 2020

    Wow, that is nothing short of amazing!!! You are clearly putting in the work and I can only imagine how much better you're feeling. These are updates that are really fun to read and I agree on red meat, it doesn't taste the same and my digestive system doesn't like it yet. Unlike you, I used to love steaks and burgers and have eaten what seems like a lifetime of chicken. Have you tried adding fish? I loved Salmon, but have added additional fish and it's going well.
  5. Bucky0126

    December 2020

    You'll go through stalls that can last 2-3 days and some up to 5-7 days. Your body is trying to figure out your new life and may reserve some calories because it thinks you may be starving. It's all ok and good, I use stalls as extra motivation to keep it clean and healthy to resume the loss again. I have been in a stall at 245 for a week, but I've also included lifting weights a few weeks ago and the old, "muscle weighs more than fat" is my theme right now. If you're feeling good, then good things are happening. Keep focused and motivated, remember, the stomach had surgery, the brain didn't. The brain has been trained your whole life and your stomach has been retrained for a short amount of time.
  6. Bucky0126

    December 2020

    I'm -59 lbs in 90 days post surgery.
  7. Bucky0126

    December 2020

    Just by putting this post out there, you're acknowledging some internal struggles and by not keeping it a secret to yourself, you're making YOU more accountable! Best of luck, we are all pulling for you and all the other candidates as you're right, the brain didn't get the surgery, our stomachs did.
  8. Bucky0126

    December 2020

    I started my journey 351 lbs on 1/01/20 and when I had surgery 12/2/20 I weighed 302 lbs. So -107 lbs in 14 months, but -58 lbs since surgery on 12/2/20.
  9. Bucky0126

    December 2020

    It has been quiet and I guess I've not posted much either. I was fortunate to have someone that was about my age and size that had the surgery and walked this journey 2 years in front of me. I've also been texting a with a guy from our group that again, about my size and had the December surgery. The process is so unique to each of us as individuals that sharing experiences is great, but the drive and passion absolutely come from within. I feel like i know when I am doing well way before my scale says so. I am losing the weight as planned, walking/ jogging on treadmill 5-6 times per week and eating fairly well. When I deviate from the food plan, I know it comes with risks of my stomach disliking it (milk/ red meat) and even having a 1-2 day weight gain because of those choices. I've dabbled with alcohol, albeit, maybe 1-2 glasses of red wine from time to time and have had no bad side affects. Yesterday when I stepped on the scale in the morning and saw 244.7 lbs. I was very happy and declared yesterday a cheat day. I didn't go wild, but I made a small dish of my favorite nachos and ate about 1/3 of a box of whoppers. Didn't feel guilty in the least, but I made sure to get up this morning and put my 20 minutes of walking/ jogging in with 10 minutes of resistance bands. I'm not perfect by any means, but I am dedicated to the process and make sure that with each speed bump (planned or unplanned) that I follow it up with some good decisions to even things out. Fearing that I turn one cheat day/ bad day into 2 or 3 is my drive to stay focused. That's my 60 days post surgery story, what's yours?
  10. Bucky0126

    December 2020

    I haven't experienced any hair loss...yet. I'm 2+ months post surgery and the weight continues to fall off, but the hair is holding tight. Good luck to you, hopefully it's a short and mild set-back.
  11. Bucky0126

    Barely loseing

    While I didn't have that in week 2, I had it in week 3 or 4 where I hit a wall. Are you still on liquid diet? What I did was took the cup off the top of cough medicine and used that as my drinking measure. I would drink water from that for 2 weeks to make sure I wasn't over or under drinking. At this point you probably aren't eating yet, so I relied on "good" protein shake powder from GNC to limit calories and raise protein. What about a daily walk around the block? I live in MN so it wasn't appealing to me, but I powered through it. Just something different to throw the body a curveball. That's what worked for me, but everyone is different. Keep in mind there are days when I think I am going to drop 1-2 lbs and step on the scale and I gained 1-2 lbs from last weigh in. It can be frustrating, but you have to stay the course. Have you talked to your doctor or dietician? Have you tried a food log? Just my $.02 worth. Good luck!
  12. Bucky0126

    December 2020

    I feel like each person has a different path and along the way you will get better results than we deserve and other times we get worse results than what we deserve. I started my journey 12/29/19 and have lost 89 lbs since my highest and 40 lbs of that since my surgery on 12/2/20. I've had unexpected losses of 1.8 lbs and also gains of .8 lbs in one day with no real reason for it. I've also started to see a slowing of weight loss since doing my 1 mile treadmill walk and some resistance band work outs about 4-5 days per week in the last 2 weeks. My mind is starting to get away from the number on the scale to how I look and more importantly how I feel. Losing 8" from my waist and dropping from 3XL to XL has inspired me and adding some tanning salon fake sun has made me feel great. I enjoy reading everyone's progress, keep up the work!
  13. Bucky0126

    December 2020

    I think completely normal. I hit a stall and in looking back, I wasn't eating much, but also wasn't eating the right foods. I think it's important to stick to the meal plan and vary slightly...which I wasn't doing as I wanted to see how my stomach reacted. Stick with it! The week after my 8 day stall, I lost 9 lbs...it'll happen.
  14. Bucky0126

    December 2020

    I had my surgery on 12/02, so I am 5-1/2 weeks after surgery. In that time I am -31 lbs and couldn't be happier in my decision. I too hit a wall of sorts and for 8 days, I only lost 2 lbs. I think the body needs time to transition to your new diet changes and also to work out it's new way to digest food. I am found that some days I feel hungry and others I could go 1/2 the day without eating. To me, I have kept a protein shake to start the day in my daily ritual along with an egg of some sort. Do you find that sometimes you can take a bite of something and be full, yet other times you can eat more freely and almost feel like you ate too much afterwards?

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