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    Food Before and After Photos

    Tofu scramble! Half a block of tofu , mixed frozen veggies, frozen green beans, nutritional yeast, and I will throw a handful of fresh spinach in before I warm it up for breakfast. This will be three meals worth for me. I love this breakfast! I may also throw a few slices of avocado on top tomorrow.😀
  2. IWantTheDream

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    How is everyone doing. This chat has been very quiet for along time. Well we are all now 1 year out. I’m doing ok. Still not where I thought I would have been but I guess it’s at least healthier. I am 101 lbs down. I still want to loose another 35 lbs but am seriously loosing hope. The scale just doesn’t want to move for months now. Very disappointing. I had a total hip replacement one month ago so I can’t really do crazy exercise right now but all in all I am doing fine. So how is everyone doing? Hopefully everyone is doing good and is healthy n safe where ever you are.
  3. I start with water while I do a spin class then shower n make four shots of espresso with sugar free vanilla flavor and a vanilla Fairlife nutrition shake in it over ice. That will last until about noon n lunch then at around 2pm and so on.
  4. IWantTheDream

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    Wow congratulations 🎉 I’m so happy for you!
  5. IWantTheDream

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    Congratulations 🎊 so happy to hear that you are almost at goal and doing great. I also bought a spin bike and signed up for Peloton app I love the classes. This morning it was supposed to be a rest day because I love doing the classes so much I very rarely take a day off so I make myself take a low impact class at least once a week so I did a Disney spin and was singing the whole time lol. Enjoy your bike . # JustKeepSpinning
  6. IWantTheDream

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    Well I have officially found Onederland! I got on the scale his morning and almost freaked out and woke everyone up when it said 198.0. Yes I did it . I have not been below 200lb since elementary school age. Crazy I know. I have found exercise I actually am happy doing and can’t wait to get out of be and do everyday. I bought a sunny health spin bike and downloaded the Peloton app and I am obsessed big time. I now look forward to waking up at 5:30 am and exercising. Wow! I still have 48lbs to hit my goal weight but I think I am just know starting to enjoy this journey. So how is everyone doing? This chat has been pretty quiet for a long while. Hope everyone is great and experiencing great things on there journey.
  7. IWantTheDream

    Favorite Grocery Products

    Thank you I always avoid the frozen food section but I think I will go look next time I’m at the store lol thanks 😊
  8. IWantTheDream

    Favorite Grocery Products

    I have never seen this where did you buy this
  9. IWantTheDream


    Absolutely beautiful! Definitely a keeper.
  10. My be gallbladder. I had real bad back pain that happened at night and then would get better until the bile duct got blocked from gall stones
  11. IWantTheDream

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    How often do you see the dietitian? Believe it or not I have not seen a dietitian since March. After that Covid hit and then I finally got my third surgery date for July 7 and I still have never seen a dietitian but I have seen my surgeon three times. I think everyone in my center got the short end of the stick because after COVID hit the dietitian up and re thought her life and decided to quit and they found someone else just for her to leave a month later and I don’t think they have anyone else yet. It’s very frustrating cause there really isn’t anyone to ask questions to.
  12. IWantTheDream

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    I hear ya! I also am only 65 LB total loss. I feel like I’m loosing so much slower then every one else. I did get off my BP med last month but I was only on a half pill a day. I did have blood work done only because I have been having really bad Charlie horses I wake up every morning at 4:45 am with then it’s crazy but all my levels are good so who knows why I’m getting them. I also am loosing my hair like crazy now. I have to unclog the drain catcher after every shower. I feel like at this rate I will be bold by Christmas. My hair was thin to begin with. I envy everyone who is like oh I lost 10 lbs this week because I hardly loose anything and have more stall weeks then anything. I fear that my weight is not going to come all the way off and I will have gone through all of this for nothing and be totally disappointed because everyone else seems to post that they lost like 100lb by six months. And after six months it’s supposed to be harder to loose. I don’t know. My doctor has given me weight ranges I should be at every visit and I have not made one . So I am right there with you. Not all of us are feeling like we are doing great. But we are all in this for better or worse till the end. Just know you are not alone!
  13. IWantTheDream

    Dry, brittle hair

    Youcan also try this product that the hairdressers use it’s called it’s a 10. It’s a leave in conditioner. It is pretty impressive. Good luck
  14. IWantTheDream

    Alarming Hairloss

    Sorry auto correct again. Collagen peptides. I us this one I get from Target. Marine Collagen is best or Second best is Bovine. I do the bovine it’s like $25.00 at Target and you get 23 servings with that. The marine one is almost $40. My budget is tight right now lol.
  15. IWantTheDream

    Protein shake

    Try the vanilla flavor with 3 shots of Starbucks Espresso and 5 pumps sugar free vanilla syrup over ice in a venti cup. Yum I have this every morning for breakfast. They have Decaf espresso at Starbucks if you haven’t been cleared for caffeine yet. I got cleared at three months for caffeine. I bought an espresso machine and I buy the espresso beans from my Starbucks down the street so I make my own. I have to start my day this way and I think I am losing more now and I don’t feel deprived and I feel like I have a cheat or treat every morning and in fact it’s not it’s a perfectly good start.lol. 🙂 yum bottoms up!
  16. IWantTheDream


    That cabin could be my dream house. That must have been heaven. I could live there I’ll just change my name to Snow White. Lol
  17. IWantTheDream

    Food Before and After Photos

    Has anyone ever tried Bowmar protein? I just got them today n the back said add water but I saw on a YouTube video she added almond milk. I don’t have it so I will try water tomorrow morning but I was curious what people liked better.
  18. IWantTheDream

    Favorite Grocery Products

    This tastes like brownie batter it is soo good. Loved it with bananas .
  19. IWantTheDream

    Apples or Peaches?

    Do you ad any water or anything in the crock pot and how long do you cook for
  20. IWantTheDream

    Food Before and After Photos

    That looks amazing! I had Morning Star Farm chicken patty for lunch and it tasted delicious but yours look amazing I may have to try that. Yum!
  21. IWantTheDream


    No but it sound horrible. I still have a soreness in my throat on one side that has not gone away since surgery on July 7. It get sore and scratchy when I talk. But yours just sounds dreadful. I hope you feel better soon.
  22. IWantTheDream

    Anyone not into milk products?

    I bought Vega at shop rite supermarket or BJS N AMAZON.
  23. IWantTheDream

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    Congratulations hope everything went well!
  24. IWantTheDream

    VSG PostOp Bad Experience

    I have the same pinching n burning under one of my incisions and the sensitivity and some numbness my surgeon said it was the internal stitches they use to hold everything together so you don’t get an incision hernia. He said they will eventually dissolve. But they do hurt.
  25. IWantTheDream

    Before and After Pics

    You look amazing! Keep up the great work!🙂

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