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  1. Purplepaige70

    Carson City

    Hi im Amy. I moved since my wife and divorced after 10 years. I did the surgery for myself because im going to be 50 and wanted to live. I started at 325 down to 258. Dec 6th was surgery 2019. So 2020 watch out world. I have back issues and other health stuff, but you know the weight needs to go first. I will make my first goal at 240 that is the weight i can ride a horse. Its nice to be able to be me on this. Amy
  2. Purplepaige70


    Wow. You look amazing. How are you tfeeling
  3. Purplepaige70

    Flu sick update

    Sorry. I have flu, i dont know what will make me feel better. I feel like i want to throw up, i had 2 lose bowls and thats not normal. Im seeing the doctor for 2nd time on the 31st. Thanks
  4. Thats wonderful. It helps to see the positive out come. Keep it up
  5. Purplepaige70

    When ur sick

    Im 3 weeks posts surgery. Thus might be dumb. But im sick, and with not eating much due to surgery what do u eat now. It used to be tea, toast .... please help. What do you eat. I have chicken broth, tea, water, but im not trying protien
  6. Purplepaige70


    Help. When do you stop being so cold after surgery. Please let me know. I hot being hot but cold is hard.
  7. Purplepaige70

    Full Feeling Sign

    Im 3 weeks out. I get this feeling i cant breathe. It happened when i ate to fast it was soup. But remember no drinking with food. .
  8. Hi im going out to dinner for families bday. Did they give anyone a hard time eating off the childrens menu