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  1. Sorry the pics are so big, but I wanted to share some hope! Started around 270, now 135. 5 foot 3. Good luck!
  2. Started at around 270. Now, 169! I'm 5'3", now at a size 12 or so. But I'm 'shapely', so it's looking good.
  3. This forum is what gets me through this process... I've lost 80 something pounds since March 17th...and it's amazing! This is my second time to post pics. Before- about 270. Current - 190. Faceshots~
  4. Sounds like sisters can be the same all over the place... My sister is very angry with me ever since I got the surgery. She takes anger out on me even when it has nothing to do with weight. Everytime I receive any attention she gets extremely jealous...but I feel so terrible about it! Sometimes I feel like if I didn't get the surgery we'd be much...'happier'. I'd still be crying on the inside about how I looked and how I felt, but at least my sister and I never had to argue about something as personal as weight loss. :/ I just have to remind myself that I got the surgery for ME, just like you had yours done for YOU. We finally took OUR feelings into account and did something for ourselves! And in my opinion, it's the best thing I have ever done for me. Congrats on your weight loss, and you know you're not cheating yourself when you feel so damned good!
  5. Manda

    Before and Current

    Before and current pictures of meeee. Surgery was march 17, 2009.
  6. Everyone here is such an inspiration to me. Thanks so much! Ohhhh my GOD, I feel real nausea seeing these before pictures... Down 40 pounds since a little before March 17 of 09...and can already see a significant difference. It's amazing how much self confidence I've already gained. I don't even have any saline in my band yet! I'm so excited for this change. I even noticed that it looks like I try to maintain my appearance now! I don't just say 'screw it, I'm fat anyway', anymore. Befoooooore: After (current): Head shots: Before: After: One of my favorite things about losing weight is that I CAN SEE THE dips IN MY NECK...and my COLLAR BONES! That is just spectacular! Good luck everyone!
  7. Thank you very much for the replies! I have to tell you I'm thrilled! I finally have something nice for Breakfast in the morning rather than some Jello... I personally love milk, butter and sugar in my grits. Of course, I'm going to have to modify it a bit for it to be acceptable, I'm sure... Thanks again! <3 :cursing:
  8. I reaaaally enjoy grits, and if I add enough low fat milk or Water, can it pass for a full liquid? Could I maybe even just throw it in the blender? I would love some about now...:thumbup:
  9. hello all, I was banded just yesterday, and I am extremely pleased thus far. I'm just a little sore, not really any gas pains or nausea whatsoever. I was banded in Lubbock, TX by Dr. Hall. The nurses in the hospital were happy about how quickly I got up and walking...their excuses for it was my 'youthfulness'. ;D Anyway, I'm just a little confused about what I'm feeling. I really haven't felt hungry at all - but I think it's because I'm just so sore. I really don't think I have any restriction. I haven't had ANY problems getting any liquids down, even right after the surgery. I -could- take big gulps of Water and nothing would happen. I've been sipping Clear Liquids and eating Popsicles since yesterday, and have felt no 'fullness'...but whenever I don't eat, I just feel no hunger. Is this what I'm supposed to be feeling? Sorry if I'm not wording this in the best way. I'm just wondering if this is normal. This site has been a blessing for me this past year...I would really love some feedback!
  10. Heeeey guys, remember me? ;D I was the one wanting the surgery before I was 18, but I managed to just tough it out, and get my 6 months of dieting out of the way - and here I am! I started my all liquids diet today, and I'm scheduled for surgery on March 17 with Dr. Hall in Lubbock. Now that there's a date...it's real now, you know? I'm starting to get a little nervous, but I know all of this is totally worth it. Thank ya'll for all the support in the previous threads I posted - it means so much. I CANNOT wait to have my life changed for the better. I call it my 'skinny bitch' surgery. :laugh: so please, tell me how you all are doing with the band, I would really love some morale-boosters and just some more feedback! Some friends to chat with would be spectacular, as well. also...anyone have some good liquids to suggest? My sister made me some awesome broth, but I need some variety!
  11. Manda

    Any teens out there? Hah.

    This helps me SO much, thank you! Arkansas isn't TOO far away, and I'm sure I can talk to my dad about it as one of the options. So far it just feels like a wild goose chase and I'm getting sooo impatient already. I'll definitely look into it. Thanks again!
  12. Manda

    17 and below

    Hey Ryan! I'm 17 and going through with the band. I'm not sure if you're still around but we all are going through this together! I'm sure it will be the best decision we could ever make for ourselves. Good luck and please give us an update! :thumbup:
  13. Manda

    Any teens out there? Hah.

    Thanks everyone for speaking up! :wink2: Janesays: I am NOT looking forward to the 6 months...but, I guess I've gotten this far, and it'll be so worth it! I bet you're excited about it in October/November. Good luck, and I'm sure we'll be seeing each other around here, haha. Toofattoofight: I wish I could go to Mexico to have it done. If it were my choice I would go in a heartbeat. My dad is being a little...well, overly cautious, if possible. I've heard LB surgeries done in Mexico are very pleasant experiences! katiebug: Did it bug you to wait until you were 18? I'm going to go crazy if I have to wait, hah! I'm just SO ready for it. And I have read replies of yours in other posts, and you are very helpful. So...you've actually helped me without even knowing! Thanks again you guys.
  14. Well, I have a question for all of you. Like I've mentioned, I'm 17 and ready for this commitment. (5'3", 265, BMI 40+) I'm in the Texas panhandle, and the closest LB surgeon is about 2 hours away. My insurance is BCBS, (which is a pain) and I don't think most surgeons would touch me because I'm right under 18...which I can understand, but come on now. I don't really think that some months make a difference. Thats my opinion on that, and my dad being a doctor himself, agrees. :thumbup: To be covered by my insurance, I'll probably have to do the 6 month dieting and etc. But I was just wondering if anyone could direct me to a doctor <b>that will consider patients under 18? </b> We're having trouble finding them around here. I just would like some more peer feedback. :thumbup: Oh, and I would love to hear some success stories! I would also like to point out that I am absolutely going to get this surgery asap - no ifs, ands, or buts. :thumbup: Thanks!
  15. Manda

    I need some help here -

    Thank you for you're honest feedback! I really am overweight, I'm 265 and have a BMI of 43. I've talked to some of the doctors we've been weeding through and they believe that I should definitely go into it, although I should take my age and my future choices in concern. Thank you again!

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