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  1. Hi - I am interested in recommendation to eat healthy and low carb however I want to take care of my cravings. I like spicy food and Asian. Any pointers to keep low carb diet and spicy so that I can have a sustained plan. I am pre-diabetic and want to control food intake that raise sugar levels
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    reduce sugar - low carb eating reco

    Thank you. Helps
  3. How to reduce sugar in the body by eating vegetarian and plant based natural foods .
  4. Stomach fat is the most difficult one to reduce. Requires a lot of discipline. Do daily planks - start with one min plank - 5 times a day. Increase it to 2 min plan after two weeks - 5 times a day. Do it daily. Get to 3 min planks 5 times a day every day after the following two weeks. You need to spend 15 mins in your entire day. Secondly do stomach crunches - 50 a day and split it by 10 at a time. Get to 100 A day in 3 weeks and continue for rest of your life. You will see amazing difference in couple of months. stop beer or fatty foods. If you are gym person, an hour of any exercise will keep you fit and active.