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  1. evilpixie20

    October Surgery Roll Call

    SW 291 SURGERY DAY 279 CW 194 GW 150-160 DOWN 97LBS
  2. evilpixie20

    October 2019 surgery peeps?

    Down 79lbs and feeling great... other than this cold!
  3. evilpixie20

    Food and quantity

    I'm 4.5 weeks post op rny. I can eat chili and soup etc like it's nothing. 6 to 8 oz. I'm still on soft food for another week. Do you think I'll feel more restriction on regular foods? I don't want to screw this up.
  4. evilpixie20

    Where's everyone from :)

    I'm in MI too. Where at?
  5. Gallbladder was a million times easier than this! This surgery knocked me on my butt and I've had 2c sections lol.
  6. evilpixie20

    Soft food diet

    I was just curious what kinds of foods are on the soft food diet? I see my nutritionist tomorrow to get the new diet but my curiosity is killing me Haha
  7. evilpixie20

    Fkn up Already - 1 week post op

    I'm in the US and it was crazy hard to get approved from the dr. I had to meet all criteria and get approved from psych etc. I'm sure not all dr's are legit and I know a lot of Americans go to Mexico to bypass all the necessary work and have it done. Not a great idea.
  8. evilpixie20

    500.5lb Guy now down to 316!

    Wowzers! Keep it up!
  9. evilpixie20

    PCOS: What's the Verdict?

    I was told it would get better. Everybody's different so it's not always the case I suppose. WL helps balance hormones.
  10. evilpixie20

    Favorite puréed food?

    Do you puree the salsa?
  11. evilpixie20

    Favorite puréed food?

    Refried beans ate my Fave too
  12. evilpixie20

    Incision glue

    So what have you lost 2 months out? How is life at this point? Lol
  13. evilpixie20

    Incision glue

    Thank you. How far out are you?
  14. evilpixie20

    Incision glue

    What do you mean? I've lost 26 since surgery.
  15. evilpixie20

    Incision glue

    I'll be 3 weeks post OP tomorrow and my incision glue is still on. I've tag it should only stay like a week. Should I do something to take it off at this point? It is starting to peel at the edges a little.

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