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  1. Actually I was advised to increase my salt intake to help boost my low blood pressure. You are eating so little at the moment & wouldn’t be adding additional salt to your diet, that any salt intake from the broth you are consuming would be minimal. Your daily intake would be considerably less than the general recommended level anyway. Why not ask how much you can have on a low sodium diet (& ask about the reason for it) & then do the maths & adjust your food choices accordingly. Our bodies need some salt, more if you live in a hot environment, exercise heavily & sweat a lot. (My uncle’s cardiologist put him on a low salt diet but didn’t take into consideration he worked outside in central Queensland. He collapsed because his levels were too low.)
  2. What has your doctor recommended? If your bone loss & calcium absorption level is poor they should have you on appropriate meds, etc. to help you better manage it. A friend was put a high calcium diet (including more dairy, oily fish, tinned fish with soft bones -salmon, mackerel, beans, etc.) to support hers. She walks a fine line though as she also has a heart condition & too much calcium cause heart issues. How are your vitamin D levels? Your body needs D to help absorb calcium. Not sure if you drink alcohol but it impedes the body’s ability to absorb calcium & vitamin D. I was prescribed Creons (pancreatic enzymes) to help with my protein malabsorption issues. I believe they can help many malabsorption issues. Worth asking your doctor.
  3. Arabesque

    4 weeks down!

    While constipation is more common, some suffer more with diarrhoea. It could be from excess acid in your now smaller & still healing tummy. (I get it because I don’t have a gall to regulate the acid entering my tummy - too much acid & a get an attack.) Plus you’ve changed how your digestive system works & your body may need more time to get used to it. The liquid & then runny purée diet doesn’t help either for some. Have you tried Imodium? It was on my list of meds to have on hand post surgery if needed. They may give you a little more confidence if socialising, travelling, going to work, etc. But it is certainly worth a chat with your surgeon.
  4. Arabesque


    There seems to be a few different requirements as to whether you can swallow meds after your surgery or not & when you can start. My surgeon didn’t have any restriction on swallowing meds. I was swallowing meds in hospital 24hrs after surgery. Wasn’t the easiest thing to do because of swelling & discomfort but it certainly got easier over the next couple of days. Otherwise, it will depend upon the meds you have to take I guess in regards to delaying when you resume taking them. If you have to crush them, make sure you mix each one in tablespoon of your shake or milk or drinking yoghurt to mask the taste a little. Capsules are easier to swallow & thankfully my vitamins were capsules. Some, who aren’t allowed to swallow tablets use patches for vitamins
  5. The stats are averages & based on your weight after three years. With sleeve or bypass the average weight loss at that point is around 60/65% of the weight you had to lose to put you in a healthy weight range. It reflects factors such as bounce back weight gain, lifestyle changes, complacency, health changes etc. It’s not necessarily the lowest weight you’ll reach, or even where you’ll settle. It’s just gives you a bit of an idea. Some exceed it others don’t reach it. And as @ShoppGirl said your new set point will most inform of where you settle. Personally, I chose my goal as this was the weight I always dropped to before gaining again. It also put me in a healthy weight range (if you use BMI as a guide). Most choose a weight that was where they once were or think they’d like to be. No scientific reasoning at all. I passed my goal but I’m an outlier - someone who doesn’t fit the stats. I didn’t work at losing that much it was just where my body settled. My lowest was 48.2 but settled at 49kg. A medication change & a needed dietary change & I’m at 51kg & have been there for about 9 months. (Would prefer to be 49 but … you know life.) I think setting benchmarks for along the way like you’re doing is a great idea. If you set a final goal make it a ‘it would be nice if I got to that but I accept I may not & that’s okay’ goal. Congratulations on what you’ve achieved so far.
  6. The scales will quickly tell you if it’s too much. I checked out recommended portion sizes of foods & recommended daily serves per day as a starting point. These are about the portion size you should be looking at. Some eat a little less, some a little more. It depends on lots of factors like age, gender, height, frame, weight, activity, etc. For example, if you are very active you likely will need to eat more across a day. The other considerations would be calories & the nutritional content of what you eat. If your meals are higher in calories you’ll likely have to cut back on the portions you eat. Generally about 4oz of meat & a cup of vegetables but it does depend upon the meat & the vegetables. But it’s all reliant on what your body needs to maintain your weight & for your body to function effectively because that’s our real goal.
  7. Arabesque

    How fast?

    You can always depend upon a couple of things post surgery. Everyone loses at their own rate & every rate is okay. The heady faster rates of loss of the first weeks don’t last. Everyone’s’ rate of loss slows & it will be even slower as you get closer to your goal or your maintenance point. Sure you may have a week when your loss is a little more or a week it’s a little less. Your weight loss is not an even straight downward line on a graph. It zigs & zags, up & down. If anything it almost curves a little as your rate of loss slows. As long as your general trend is downwards your golden. I lost almost 70lbs in 6 months but that was me. Generally men lose more quickly but there are other factors that may influence your rate of loss (age, amount to lose, genetics, health status, medications, etc.). Celebrate every pound you lose. You’ll get where you are meant to be in your time.
  8. Don’t be hard on yourself. Life sometimes throws crap at you & health issues & related pain stress are big ones (mean your back not your pregnancy of course). And one you have little control over. Stumbled across this article a little while ago about the pouch reset diet. https://emergesurgical.com.au/does-the-pouch-reset-test-work/ Maybe better to go back to your post surgery diet - meeting protein & fluid goals, watching portion sizes, looking for more nutritionally sound food choices, etc. All the best.
  9. PCOS isn’t enough of a medical reason?? This is awful. Your insurance sucks the big ones. So sorry.
  10. Arabesque

    Post VSG Vitamins/Supplements

    Best test for calcium is a bone density test. I had one before my surgery (rock hard bones apparently) & am going to ask for a referral for another one soon. It’s been three years & I’m female & in my 50s so danger group. I consume way more calcium now than I did before surgery plus on HRT so I don’t expect any change. Heard recently that there are more men having bone density tests these days due to low calcium consumption & alcohol consumption (affects absorption of calcium & vitamin D).
  11. Arabesque

    Food Before and After Photos

    Niece #4 had a sleepover last Friday. We went to see a performance of niece #1’s first choreographic work. Made her scrambled eggs & bacon for breakfast. I made some for my dinner on Saturday night without bacon after I took her back to the coast (was beautiful day). No pxt of mine just hers. First time I’ve been able to eat 2 eggs since surgery but I was starving. Hadn’t really eaten much of the day.
  12. Arabesque

    Food Before and After Photos

    That’s a good idea. I just usually eat it as is. Let us reduce so it gets pretty rich. Been thinking of adding some white beans next time to boost the protein & fibre.
  13. Always remember, we all lose at our own rate. Some are slow losers while others lose more quickly. There’s no right or wrong rate of loss. Sure there are generalisations & averages but you should never use them to judge if you’re failing. It really is impossible to compare your loss in pounds or inches to anyone else. So many factors influence your loss. Body shape, skeletal frame, age, genetics, starting weight, where you carried your weight, general health, genetics, etc. As you lose more weight you’ll notice you’ll drop sizes more quickly. Sizes tend to differ by 2 inches. It takes a loss of more pounds to lose 2 inches around your body when you’re bigger than when you’re smaller. That lose ‘10lbs & drop a dress size’ only applies to people who are pretty much in a healthy body weight range to begin. Took me a good 10/15kg (30lbs) to drop a dress size & a bit when I first started losing. How much exercise you do is really personal. Yes, there are lots of benefits but, for most, exercise only contributes to about 10% of the weight you have to lose. Have 100lbs to lose, exercise will burn 10lbs. I didn’t really exercise at all & I lost all my weight & more. All I do now is some stretching, & use resistance bands. I wouldn’t burn 40 calories. Ha! But that’s me. You’ll get there but in your time.
  14. Arabesque

    Runny nose?

    My nose drips a lot & has for years. No real cause but sometime my reflux can make it worse though mostly at night when my PPI wears off. I find temperature is the worst cause. The colder I feel the more my nose drips. And I feel cold most of the time. It runs like crazy when I go to the grocery store, the cinema or the theatre. We’ve had some lovely spring days here lately & my nose has been pretty good. Today it was much cooler & drip, drip, drip. My mum has a lot of mucus in her throat but it’s from her compromised breathing (scaring from a lifetime of bronchitis & pneumonia & a curvatures of her spine). She used a puffer for a while but now uses a nebuliser which she says helps a lot. If it’s not allergies or reflux, have you checked you don’t have a (low grade) infection or even scaring in your lungs? Just a thought. PS - Some say they’ve discovered their nose runs when they’re full which is a new post surgery realisation. Might not be the cause for you but may be adding to it.
  15. Arabesque

    Food Before and After Photos

    Pork sausages with fresh tomatoes, celery, onion & mushrooms in gravy. I cheated & used Gravox - LOL! Only use the fat pork sausages from the butcher in my home town. They are the best. Every so often I buy some when visiting my mum then freeze them in packs of two for when when I want to cook them.

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