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  1. Arabesque

    Food Before and After Photos

    A couple of years ago I’d pay $6 for a punnet of blueberries. I didn’t mind as the quality was always excellent. I usually ended up tossing any cheaper $2 punnets I’d buy after a day or two - bruised, overripe & sometimes mouldy - yikes! We don’t experience seasonal price fluctuations on lots of our mainstream fruits & vegetables here. So a head of broccoli costs about the same all year round. My family is contracted to a major supermarket chain to provide12 month continuous supplies of a number of vegetables across most of the country. So they produce in several locations. For example corn & green beans in summer in SE Queensland & in North Queensland in winter where it’s still warm enough to grow them. Supply can affect price though it’s usually due to extreme weather. Supermarkets will do specials on random fruits & vegetables but the cost is carried by the producer even though the store chooses to put something on special. The reverse is true too. The supermarket puts up the price but the producer doesn’t get paid more.
  2. Arabesque

    Eating too much I feel like

    Everyone loses at their own rate. There are many factors that can influence your rate of loss (constipation, diarrhoea, fluid retention, your body’s reaction to the surgery, starting weight, medications, etc.). Though it can be difficult, try not to compare yourself with others. It will only lead to frustration & feeling you’re failing. You’re not failing. You’ve lost 4lbs in 11 days - yay! Remember too that many nerves were cut during your surgery so messages about feeling full or eaten enough either aren’t getting through or the messages are distorted. It takes around 8 weeks to be fully healed & when your messages start to come back they may be different to what you remember. It’s why it’s important to stick to the portion recommendations you were advised & to eat slowly (takes a good 20+ minutes for a full message to get through when you’re healed). Portion sizes do differ but 4-6oz at 11days seems a lot. My plan was 1/4 - 1/3 cup of food from purée slowly increasing to a cup at 6 months & 3 meals a day. Fluids were just sip, sip, sip, regardless of what I was drinking. So it took me a couple of hours to drink a shake or a cup of soup too. But that was my plan & plans differ. Check your plan for portions & also the foods you are allowed at each stage. I could have cottage cheese at weeks 3 & 4 purées & chili at the soft food stage at weeks 5 & 6. Congrats on your surgery.
  3. Arabesque

    Food Before and After Photos

    I spent about $100 ($64 US) on just a few vegetables (handful of green beans & sugar snap peas, bunch of broccolini & asparagus, some grapes, tub of baby tomatoes, 2x tubs labneh, 2 pork chops & 3 chicken schnitzels). The grapes were the most expensive but will last me a couple of weeks. Then went to the grocery store & spent another $130 on 2L milk, pack cheese sticks, macadamia nuts, mixed seeds, 3 bottles sparkling water, tub of hummus, 8 protein bars, bag of frozen mixed vegetables & a few other bits & bobs (deodorant, toothpaste,…). Two large bags worth. All for just one person. And I’ll be at the shops again next week (to get those cucumbers 😉.)
  4. Arabesque

    fiber sources

    The other consideration is if you’ve been given a recommended maximum carb intake. Vegetables & fruit are your best source of fibre & are dense with other vital nutrients. Have you spoken with your dietician? Can you please update your profile in regards to weight, height, surgery date, etc. You do it via your profile.
  5. Arabesque

    Healthy positive diets

    Almost five years out & I don’t consider myself on a diet. This is just how & what I eat. The word diet has too many negative connotations for me: failure, punishment, restriction, etc. Even when losing I didn’t like to use that word. If people asked what I diet I was on I spoke about making different choices, finding a way of eating that worked for me & that what did work for me may not work for anyone else. The diet culture is a huge money making industry. I mean if diets worked for the long term none of us would have been obese. I have decades of personal real life experiences to prove that as would most here. Work out a way of eating that is sustainable, that provides your body with the nutrients it needs to function effectively, that complements your lifestyle & doesn’t make you feel like you are being punished or missing out. As your needs change make the appropriate changes to your eating. For example if you increase your activity levels or decrease it.
  6. Arabesque

    fiber sources

    Where do you get your fibre now? Vegetables? Fruit? Whole or multi grain complex carbs? Or soluble fibre like Benefibre, Metamucil?
  7. Arabesque

    Food Before and After Photos

    What a productive morning @ms.sss. I had a fridge clean out this morning too but there was no saving my leftover cabbage or sugar snap peas. There are two limes I’m giving another few days. Was considering making some pickled cucumbers a couple of weeks ago too but turned out I had eaten the two I had. Now I’m thinking I should just buy some more. Mmm?? PS. How are vegetable prices in the northern hemisphere? Still recovering from the $14 punnet of blueberries 125g/4.4oz last week.
  8. Arabesque

    The unspoken rule

    Can’t stand the smell of rum. It’s just blech! And tequila. No, no, no. That came from a hideous experience. I had to clean up after my then boyfriend was violently ill after heavily imbibing tequila. It’s been 30+ years but smelling or even seeing a bottle & the horrors of that night/morning come back. I’m emotional scarred from it. Enjoy whisky though. Neat. No ice, no water, nothing added.
  9. Arabesque

    Post Op Pain and Lung issues

    May be best to go to your nearest hospital emergency centre ASAP. Surprised they released you from hospital with a blood oxygen level of 91%. (Anything below 92% is a concern.) And to add to that you had existing breathing issues. They’ll help with the constipation too (though it is common).
  10. Arabesque

    The unspoken rule

    I don’t really understand drinking to excess either. I don’t really understand why people take drugs or smoke either. Logically I realise for some, just like many on this forum did with food, it’s to comfort & soothe. To forget or avoid, at least for a while, the challenges & issues in their lives. Yes, I drank & still drink after surgery. I don’t enjoy it as much but I was never a big drinker as such - never large amounts. No I’ve never been drunk & only to the edge of tipsy. Personally, I don’t like the potential of losing control of what I’m doing or the situations I’m in (control freak). Also if I did drink more than a couple of glasses, I’d end up with the most hideous hiccups & that would be the end of my night anyway. We’re not a family of big drinkers either so that’s likely an influence too. I do find enjoyment in the flavours of alcohol much like the flavours & ingredients in an interesting recipe/meal. Can’t stand sweet wines or adding sweet mixers (except tonic & soda water in Gin 😉) to spirits but that’s the personal taste aspect. Much like I don’t understand people who say they love coffee but add syrups, cream & sweeteners to drink it. I’m more of a purist that way. I get the drinking, smoking, using & eating to fit in or feel more confident in a situation. I briefly smoked cigars. It was the 90s & I admit I did it to fit in & for attention. I was changing some of my friendship circle & wanted to be accepted. I look back & shake my head but during that time I came to realise a lot about myself & my needs. Like I didn’t need or want to smoke & if those people I was trying to impress didn’t like me for me I didn’t need or want them. Thankfully I only smoked a handful of times over a bout a year. Have no desire to do it again. And came out of the whole experience a stronger person. I’m not going to judge if someone drinks, smokes or uses. (Or mixes cola with scotch or lemonade with vodka.) They’re adults & it’s their choice. I’ll worry about them for sure & ensure they’re safe & not harming themselves or others. I might have just added more fuel to the discussion. Sorry @jparadigm, your original post has been hijacked.
  11. Your plan should list the foods you are able to eat & those you need to avoid at each stage. It should also say how long you stay on each stage. If it doesn’t, contact your team & ask for more specific information. Your tummy lets you know pretty quickly if you’re not ready. It may be discomfort on eating, a feeling of heaviness, you may regurgitate what you’ve eaten. It’s a lot of trial & error honestly. For example, most plans tend to advise 2 weeks on each stage. Some people stay a little longer on a stage or go back a stage simply because we heal differently & their tummy just isn’t ready for the foods (texture & density) on the next stage. Some foods are on the avoid list because they can be hard to digest by your healing tummy (bread, pasta, rice, seeds, fruit & vegetable skins, etc.). Other foods are off the list because of their nutrient content & calories (many plans are no starchy vegetables for e.g..). There may be foods on your list your tummy can’t tolerate (chicken breast, eggs often are a struggle few a while). Your tummy can be fussy while healing & the temporary change to our taste buds &/or sense of smell can make foods extra sweet, extra salty or just plain disgusting. Textures can be off putting too at this time. Many of us ate the same meals or rotated through a small selection especially in the first couple of months. One because we eat such small portions there’s lots of left overs. Two, because our fussy tummy & you can’t tolerate a wide variety of foods. Three it means you don’t have to think to much about food & what your going to eat & you know how much protein & other nutrients you’re getting with each meal. I still eat a lot to routine & often have the same meals & I’m almost 5 years out. It’s not that I can’t eat a variety of foods it’s just easier sometimes (or maybe I’m lazy LOL!). I struggled in purées to find foods that tasted good because the taste or texture was awful. Thank goodness for runny scrambled eggs, milky rolled oats, yoghurt & soups. In soft foods I ate a lot of minced meat dishes - savoury mince, meatballs (rissoles in Australia), bolognese (no pasta), etc., slow cooked stews, thick meat & vegetable soups, omelettes. Try some savoury egg muffins (add cheese, mushrooms, onions & other pre cooked vegetables you like) & a lot of people swear by ricotta bake (someone will have a recipe they’ll happily share).
  12. Arabesque

    Afraid to Eat

    If you follow your plan, you won’t put on weight. You are consuming so few calories & even when you progress to purées, soft food & then solid food, you’ll still be eating so few calories & such tiny portions, that again you won’t put on weight. Not consuming calories, not meeting your protein goals (or at least being close to it) will actually be doing you more harm. Affecting your recovery & healing, putting your body into starvation mode, being nutrient deficit, etc. These will impede your long term health & weight loss. May be get in touch with your team & ask if you could see a therapist to work through this fear of eating. You don’t want to swap one set of poor eating habits with another & create new health issues. Trust the program. It works.
  13. Arabesque

    The unspoken rule

    Whether you drink alcohol or not or how much or how often you drink is really a personal one. You know yourself best & you are best placed to see how & if it affects you. I was a big glass of wine every night person before surgery. Never a big drinker as such but would enjoy a glass or three if socialising over a couple of hours. After surgery I had a gin & tonic at about the 2 month mark at my cousin’s 40th. Literally sipped it for hours. Had another 1or 2 gin & tonics over the next 4 months while losing, always nursing the glass for hours. Honestly, I lost my taste for it. Think I was only able to tolerate the rare g&ts because of the bitterness of the tonic. Now I usually have a glass of something about once a month when out or celebrating something. Still usually only one & I drink it over about an hour now. I have a fridge & a cupboard full of alcohol I just don’t drink. LOL! When I do drink I go for quality over quantity these days. A glass of real champagne, a glass of good quality scotch or a good gin (they’re my go tos). Certainly addiction transfer is a consideration. As is the increased effects of the alcohol on your body & how fast it can affect you is another. Then there is the calorie & nutritional impact. But again, your choice, though if your plan says no alcohol while losing, I’d probably stick to that as closely as possible to take best advantage of your losing phase.
  14. I call it hot girl fit (stole & twisted it from some recent movie). Look good, have muscle definition but have no strength or stamina. Gym fit but not life fit. Lol! Oh, yes the changing body shape when your body resettles. I remember looking in the mirror bemoaning the loss of my hour glass figure. I was all straight up & down when my weight first stabilised. Then one day I realised I had a definite waist & hips again (breasts remained larger - E cup & smaller band - just empty on top). Yay! Still no butt. And like @ms.sss, if you look at me sideways, you can’t tell my front from my back around that area. There are trousers I can’t wear because I have no butt to fill out the back & have that saggy, baggy butt look from the excess fabric. PS - Hate to tell you @ms.sss, your dental issues may be related to menopause & being in that ‘certain age’ bracket. It affects so many parts of our body besides the obvious cessation of our cycle. Pretty crappy really. Men get it so easy!
  15. Arabesque

    Dent In tummy

    This was my first thought too. Many surgeons use an internal scaffolding/bracing type suture which can cause a pulling sensation in many, discomfort &/or a dent. It’s placed in the muscle around the incision through which your tummy was removed. Is it around the larger of your incisions (on your right side)? When healed it will ‘pop’ which you may or may not be aware of but it is supposed to do this. Check with your surgeon to be sure.

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