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    Nice!!!! . It's been a while since I've on here .here's a sneak peak of the abs. abs.msg
  2. november11

    Feeling Disappointed to myself

    Sorry to hear you are struggling...First of all you need to stop beating yourself up .This is a lifelong journey ,this is not a DIET .Perhaps it would help if you reevaluated the way you think about food and put it in its proper place. get your protein in and you wont be hungry all day as you stated. You are only a month out and should be concentrating on protein and water not calories if you do that there will be no room for calories.. your stomach can hold but so much. Good luck
  3. november11

    november sleeve

    Hey November babies ...I feel somewhat discouraged ...I didn't lose as much actual weight just inches...but i'm happy with the decision ….
  4. november11

    november sleeve

    You look Awesome !!! Great Job
  5. november11


    Hey Guys …..I Had a great time at ocean city last week .. didn't make it to Atlantic city though...
  6. november11


    niceee well done !!!
  7. november11


    Happy Friday Guys I'm doing well … and on my way to ocean and Atlantic city next Friday … stay tuned.....
  8. november11

    New Member! 11 months Post-op....-122lbs

    you did Awesome !!!!!
  9. november11

    Is anyone else as disappointed...

    Good and I thought he was a she …..lol ….I called him "missy" lol
  10. november11

    8 months out

    did you lose inches ? are you wearing a smaller size ? im sure you are ……….. soo sometimes the scale is not the only way to document weightloss……………….
  11. Its very slow as far as the pounds I definitately want to lose much more , If it were not for the sizes ive gone down I would be discouraged at almost 8 months out.
  12. so my BMR with my activity level right now is 1847 so I have to eat less than 1847 a day to lose ? I eat on a regular day 800-1000 calories under 40 carbs 80 protein and at least 70-80 ozs of water . so what do you think should I be eating more or no ? SORRY for asking your all these questions and I know people are different but you seem to have a fix on this.... Thanks
  13. SOOO the Bmr is what you supposedly need to eat at the minimum a day ? or should you be eating under that number for wieghtloss??
  14. I"m so confused about how your bmr can effect your wieghtlosss I know that is does I just don't understand how to apply those numbers to how much you should or should not eat calories wise. My BMR is 1548 so what does that mean in terms of daily calories?? Any one can help me with that?
  15. november11


    Hey Guys !!!!! Just checking in ..Everyone looks Incredible good job ..Good to see being in the house didn't get the best of us.....
  16. november11

    5 years post op and have huge REGRET!

    @New&Improved You are the most selfish inconsiderate arrogant person ive seen in a long time on this forum.. You need to learn to have compassion for others who may not have had easy success you seem to use others pain as an opportunity to not encourage or support them (which is what this forum is) but as an chance to brag on your choice of surgery and success well let me tell you missy you not even a year out yet so just hold on with the bragging ,not wishing any negative on you by any means just letting you know things could change on a dime and karma is a _____ you fill it in ……………………...
  17. november11

    Is anyone else as disappointed...

    WOW !!!!!!!!!! Hope you don't have to EAT (no pun intended) your words..... .This line of conversation is so not right …...Wow! Good luck you ….
  18. november11

    Is anyone else as disappointed...

    Well first of all That is not slow @Luv2cruz . you are only 2 plus months out and that is a great start . Your body is still adjusting . Havent you lost inches? your clothes are fitting different im sure. I am 8 months out and as for pounds I only lost maybe 50 pounds but guess what I was wearing a size 22 but I sit here today writing to you wearing a size 14 comfortably on my way to a size 12 so sometimes its not the scale that will encourage you ..Its the inches … Be patient all of you .. Stay with your program and eat mad protein drink mad water eliminate the carbs and sugar all together , track everything you put in your mouth and it will happen...you guys are bugging for nothing … it will happen.. Good Luck and don't compare your journey with anyone else … our bodies are gonna do it it's own way and time.... it is impossible not to lose if you do what I just said and even if you mess up it is still gonna lose ….
  19. november11

    February 2019 weight loss buds

    Hey Guys it's November 11 , Your stalker lol!
  20. november11


    Thanks... trying to catch up ….You looking awesome ...been watching !!!
  21. november11


    Hey Guys !!!!! Missed you all..... I'm Doing ok....
  22. We concentrate so much on weight ! Sometimes it's the inches lost that really shows up in your success! As one our bariatric veterans has once posted. " It's called Weight loss surgery but it should be called Fat loss Surgery" I'm ok with the inches lost ..
  23. november11


    Nice...got so used to seeing the Mrs.outfits too where is her all white pic ?
  24. yeah what he said.....

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