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    TGIF.....Good morning guys
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    me too ..My goodness !!! it's so hard to believe ANY of us were ever overweight let alone Morbid Obese.... This is the greatest tool EVER!!! you look runway ready...
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    Thank you! Now if I could borrow this shirt
    I would be all set 😍
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    Awwwww thanks!
    Looking good... The smaller tops may have to be junior sized since the clothing industry seems to be on a serious vanity sizing trend 😳
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    I thought I did too (44 H) but my body lied😳because It all went away. Apparently It was all excess fat, no real breast tissue 😭
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    GreenTealeal I love the black and white on you. Simply beautiful.

    Ms.sss rawr. That jumpsuit is so smoking hot on you. When you are done with it, before hemming it I can borrow it.

    AngieBear size 10s is party time. You look fabulous and I can’t wait to see them on you.

    I know I’m missing many. I love this thread and you all inspire me to be my best.

    Today I went with another new cardigan. Sorry no skinny jeans today. But the jeans still fit good. I know once I find a style I like I buy multiple. I need to stop that. Anyone know where I can find some fitted work tops? Everything seems so baggy with the styles.

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    i had a lot to start with...... lol
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    Absolutely gorgeous!
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    @GreenTealael That black & white look is total goals! LOVE it!
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    I was pretty work casual today. I put on one pair of chinos, and they were too big, then this pair, which are also too big 😂 I did go jeans and pants shopping today. I’m in mostly 10s now?! Which is really messing with my head. This is probably my last time wearing these chinos.
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    This may be one of my faves on you!
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    Mr. scored us tickets to a show tonite, so I get to get dressed up again!
    I'm wearing like 4-inch heeled booties to try to hide the fact that I didn't get this jumpsuit hemmed yet (even though I bought it months ago...) You can't tell so much that its a tad too long when I'm walking (or sitting with legs crossed), so I gotta make sure I'm only doing one of these things, lol.
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    Soooo....went to my 2 month follow up yesterday and Doc scheduled me for some steroid shots next month...I guess he is not happy with my my scar healing (I was fine with it, but I guess he knows better )
    He also asked me again to not wear my tape as much as I have been. I wear them basically 23 hours a day and he wants me to halve that, if not more (he asked me to do this last time, but I didn't listen...but since he asked AGAIN, I guess I should pay attention). I have been tape-less since about 6pm yesterday, and it feels odd. Almost as if the incisions are getting sore again? Only on my arms though...my boobs and tum feel the same. *shrugs*
    I do notice this morning that a lot of dried skin was flaking off the (healed) incision lines...not sure what the impact of this is *shrugs again*. I slathered some bio oil on them (he did tell me to moisturize).
    Wound update: I was down to 3 open wounds yesterday! BUT...this morning a new one opened on my left underboob due to another suture expelling, so my number stays at 4. Le sigh. Btw, Doc says that part of the reason why I'm expelling so many sutures is because I am "so skinny". Something about no where for the sutures to be absorbed into.
    On another note: Speaking of being "so skinny", when I asked Doc about what we can do about my saggy butt, he said that I am not a good candidate for a BBL in my current state, unless I want to gain at least 10 lbs OF FAT. Um, no thanks. He also does not support nor perform implants, which left his option recommendations to:
    Traditional butt lift Some machine treatment (I forget the name), which is basically a device that simulates 100's of mini squats per session (think Dr. Ho's) Actual Squats I'm gonna go with the Actual Squats
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    Yeah! I wanna see! I wanna see! LOL.

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    @ms.sss Oh my, you really are reusing that tape? No way I'm doing that. My scars seem to be coming along ok. To be honest I haven't paid much attention since they're always covered up with the tape. I really should take some pics next time I switch the tape. Gosh that dreaded compression garment was the worst!
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    I can hang with you for a bit and we can chat!
    I am having an insomniac moment anyways...
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    I've started a small collection, LOL. Only downside is peeing in public washrooms....
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    Travel day

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    Having lunch with a friend visiting from Washington State. Nordstrom red sweater dress.
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    Wearing real clothes today 😬

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    Rawr I see some sharp dressed men in suits. Looking very sharp Jake.

    This thread was busy yesterday. Thank you for all the compliments yesterday. Today I have another new outfit. I’m not to sure about the top. The only drawback of only being able to buy clothes online. But I actually look like I have a butt today. Yay. And I actually wore a necklace today.

    Have a wonderful day. This week has been crazy at work. I’m ready for Friday at 5.

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    That's what he said at my 6 week appt. I would LOVE to sit in a hot bath though! I'll ask him again this afternoon.
    I want some sort of butt attention too! Fat transfer was out of the question pretty much. My doc said he usually needs about 10 lbs of fat to harvest which he said may prove difficult on me. Which left just a plain butt lift cuz I didn't want implants. Now that I am spooked on the idea of further surgery, I did a bit of research and read about Sculptra which is an injectable that is used in the butt. Results up to 5 years, but total cost is comparable to an actual butt lift.
    Have you done any reading on this? Thoughts?
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    LOL, don't gag, but I've been taking them off, rinsing and letting them dry as I shower every day. Then I reapply them. This way they last about two and a half weeks.
    They ARE pretty expensive. They are much, much cheaper for me to order them from the US Amazon site, ship to my sis in Florida then she ships to me. Considering I plan to use these suckers for several more months, I need to save where I can. My next batch should be here soon hopefully cuz I'm running low.
    (The whole clean/rinse and re-apply of the tape takes up a lot of time. Add to that my daily wound management routine and regular skin care stuff, and I'm in the bathroom for well over an hour. Add another 1/2 hour to 45 mins if I'm going out and need to do hair and make up. Jeez.)
    I'm glad you are all mended up...I remember the probs you were having with the dreaded garment in the early days...I hope to be following in your footsteps soon!
    How are your scars?
    You and me both.
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    Ok ...sooo interesting!
    Re-silver swabs ... how I found my surgeon was very prolific participant here on BP, and elsewhere who had multiple surgeries w my surgeon (and eventually soured, but it seems to be a complicated story). But she had wound healing issues in her armpit after an arm lift. He sent her silver swabs, but it seemed to exacerbate the problem. Which I think explains when I told my surgeon I was using silver gauze his initial reaction was negative.
    Yeah, my surgeon is completely fine with open wounds. Totally f'd with my mind as well! But I googled it, and it seems like even the nastiest wounds heal very well without much intervention, as long as their is no infection. My surgeon says I will mostly likely need some scar revision in a year, but can do that in office under local anesthesia. I'm working on trusting that 😂
    Are you sure you can't go in the Water? One of the thing my surgeon prescribd is hydro therapy, i.e sitting in my hot tub. I have used my hot tub more in the past month then I have all year.
    Re: Ambien ... It is amazing! I also usually wake up everyday on my own. For me usually between 5:30 to 7. I also don't set an alarm unless there is something I need to do, like get on a conference call, or catch a flight. I don't take it every night since my insomnia is different. I only take it if I wake up between 1-3 am and can't go back to sleep within a 1/2 hr or so. No hard time waking up at all. What really impressed me about it is one morning I woke up about 3, couldn't go back to sleep, and took an Ambien. I kept emailing while waiting to get sleepy, and east coast peeps started responding, called me, I started earnestly working etc. I was able to work through the sleepiness. I could have slept if things were calm, but I was able to push it aside as needed. It felt so different then narcotics, that give you that grogginess you can't shake.
    I have a face lift, and potential arm lift planned on 10 yrs or so. But I am seriously considering a butt implant for next December. As hard as this recovery has been at times, I feel like I need the butt implant to complete the hourglass figure I aspire to