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  1. Here is less expensive version 5 lb max weight https://www.amazon.com/OXO-Grips-Scale-Pull-Out-Display/dp/B08F93MQ1X/?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_w=lZn5q&pf_rd_p=49ff6d7e-521c-4ccb-9f0a-35346bfc72eb&pf_rd_r=5KE32REGVP4QAVKCSXVT&pd_rd_r=fa1fc96c-a2a5-4016-98d4-cab2d553078d&pd_rd_wg=MLlej&ref_=pd_gw_ci_mcx_mr_hp_d
  2. This one is pricey, but I use it all the time. The display pulls out which makes it very easy to use with plates, etc. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B079D9B82W/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. Uomograsso

    Mobility challenged exercise/fitness

    Search for chair fitness videos. There are lot of them out there.
  4. Uomograsso

    Best Tasting Calcium

    I have tried several different flavors and my pick is the French vanilla caramels from Bariatricpal. To me the taste the best and are a good value compared to other brands.
  5. Uomograsso

    Whey protein vs collagen protein

    Whey protein is a complete protein. Collagen protein is not. A complete protein is one source that provides all of the nine essential amino acids in adequate amounts. Collagen Protein is Incredible. But it is NOT Complete. Collagen, however, is a unique type of protein. It is not complete, meaning, it does not have all 9 essential amino acids that a complete protein requires.
  6. I had 3 month weight monitoring program with my primary care physician before WLS surgeon could submit to insurance. That was done First week of December 2019. Got approved 8n about five business days. Surgery was scheduled for January 16th 2020. It will depend on your requirements qnd surgeons schedule.
  7. Uomograsso

    Scars from trocar incsions

    My scars are not visible after 13 months. I am pretty haiiry, sot that helps hide them too. I didn't put anything on them. The largest scar was about an inch. The rest were probably about half an inch. Some people have used silicone tape to reduce visibility of scars.
  8. Uomograsso

    Question - in hospital

    Don't be afraid to ask for something for pain if you start feeling it. Every one has a different level of tolerance. You should have been asked on a scale from 1 to 10, what is w comfortable level of pain you cwn tolerate and what level of pain is bad enough to ask for pain medicine. Once you pass your comfort level you need to let them know. Don't chase pain. What that means is ask for pain medication before you think you might need it, because once you do reach that level it will take time for the medicine to kick in.
  9. If your all the providers are in your insurance companies network then all you should have to pay is deductible + out of pocket maximum, $150 + $2750 for a total of $2900. Everything after that should be covered at 100% after you meet your oop maximum. You should call your insurance company and confirm that or you could speak with your HR department at work if you have insurance through them.
  10. Uomograsso

    One month down

    Great job! What ever weight you can lose now will make your surgery and recovery easier imho.
  11. The total you should have to pay is you deductible plus your out of pocket maximum i.e. $600 deductible + $1200 oop max = $1800 If you have met your deductible, you only need to pay up to your oop maximum, but usually after you have met your deductible, you pay a percentage such as 10% or 20% of any bill until you meet your oop max, i.e. $12,000 hosp bill × 10% = $1200 which meets your oop max. Any bill after this would be paid 100% by insurance as long as providers are in network.
  12. I had pizza about 2 months after surgery, but I made it with protein tortilla/wrap rather than regular crust. I could only eat a quarter to a third of it. Now one year out i can have two slices from a small pizza. These are great to make your own pizza with.
  13. Haven't found this is any grocery store near me yet but looks like a great way to get some protein in. 20 g protein, 3g fat, 8 g carbs, 140 cal Oikos PRO Yogurt
  14. Uomograsso


    Every doctor/program is different. Here is what mine was. Stage 1 liquids for two weeks. Stage two, purees for two weeks. Stage 3 was soft foods for 2 weeks. Stage 4 was to reintroduce regular foods. For purees I could have refried beans and ricotta bake. I could eat regular food, but it had to be blended with no chunks. Soft foods could be things like eggs, cottage cheese, etc. Here are some sites I like and use that has recipes for each stage. If you do a search for "bariatric xyz stage" where xyz = liquid or puree or soft you will find lots of information. Just be careful to make sure it fits with your program. If in doubt call your doctor or dietician, that's what they are there for. https://www.bariatricfoodie.com/recipe-index/ https://theworldaccordingtoeggface.blogspot.com https://www.bariatriccookery.com/recipes-2/
  15. Uomograsso

    Bypass surgery

    Sounds like you are on the right path. Anything you can do prior to surgery to establish good habits will help you after surgery.

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