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  1. gwoodgm

    november sleeve

    Hi Unclechaz-- This just turned on light bulb! I had a hard work out on Saturday--the last 2 Sat in fact. Perhaps this is partially the problem? Good insight. Think I'll back off on exercise until I can get more calories in. Like you can't get much more than maybe 650 a day. Take care! Gloria
  2. InterceptorNYC--I guess it's seek and find what works to get through these 2 weeks and get yourself a "system" everyday. I've had good luck with UNJURY. Must order from their direct website. I ordered some ready to serve shakes, powders-- vanilla and chocolate and protein chicken broth, along with unflavored protein to put in foods in the future when I have more options. No shipping with the quantity I ordered. I don't find it as sweet as Premier. I'm 10 days out and can't wait to change it up a bit. See my surgeon on Tuesday for 2 week check up.
  3. CindyLouWho hope you are turning the corner! You're only post-op a few days, but it's behind you! Shoot us a note when you feel up to it. G
  4. I'm one week out tomorrow. The week has gone fast! My surgery was quick and nothing unexpected so far. Over night 1 night. I'm following my surgeons instructions to the T. Getting my water down everyday so far and building on my protein. Stay focused on you....I can't believe surgery is behind me. Looking forward to new chapter in life. Best of luck tomorrow. Check in and let us know how you're doing! Gloria
  5. gwoodgm

    november sleeve

    Thanks for the shout out @november11! I start my liquid 2 day diet today. I'm on the bench for Monday 11/4 at 1:40 PM. Trying to decide what to do with my free time today. I have a lot of it. Maybe a good movie? I'll keep in touch. Thank you so much for your encouragement and prayer. It means the world to me. We're all here to lift one another up.
  6. gwoodgm

    november sleeve

    Hi Kia, My surgery is set for 11/4. Started my 2 week 1200 cal ---going ok so far. Keep in touch---let me know how you're doing! Gloria
  7. Thanks all for the post-op info! My surgery is next Monday 10/21.

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