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  1. Band0719

    July 2019 - Surgery Schedule

    Well good luck this week! I don’t know if I could have done that long of a pre-op! I had my band put in Friday, and I’m still clear liquids. I’m really excited to get to the soup stage! Oh, and my liver appeared in the after pics to be pretty good! I also had a pretty significant hiatal hernia that had to be repaired, so my pain level is higher than expected.
  2. Band0719

    July 2019 - Surgery Schedule

    You’ve got this! I’m on my way home from the surgery center. I was terrified about my liver being too fat, and the pics they took showed a perfectly healthy liver! I also had a pretty bad hiatal hernia, but it’s now repaired, but making me a bit more sore than expected. Good luck!!!
  3. Band0719

    July 2019 - Surgery Schedule

    Next Friday! I’m scared to death!! Did I keep my carbs low enough? Is my liver shrinking enough? Ahhhh!!! Good luck everyone!
  4. Band0719

    July 2019 - Surgery Schedule

    How are you doing? Hope you’re recovering well!
  5. I just want to sit in an airplane seat without getting “the look” from people sitting next to me. Not having to worry if the seatbelt will fit.
  6. Band0719

    Self Payers in Florida

    Thank for the info!
  7. Band0719

    Self Payers in Florida

    Lolo, were you able to do all of the pre-op at the same time? And how long between phone consult and scheduling was it? Sorry for all of the questions.
  8. Thank you! I have a phone consult with him this week. I was worried there would be a lot of driving back and forth, so that’s very helpful! Thank you!
  9. Lolo, what about follow up care? I’m near Gainesville so Boca is quite far for appointments. How did they work? Ty.