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  1. Impromptu

    Sense of smell heightened

    That was mine too!! Glad it is not just me!! I also hate all my old comfort food smells.
  2. Impromptu

    Sense of smell heightened

    I am exactly the same!!! My poor husband is dealing with my constant comments on his breath.. LOL! Even after mouthwash, I still am bothered by it.
  3. Impromptu

    June 2019 Surgery Siblings!

    All done! I was pleasantly surprised how it went. Have been able to walk, drink, sleep a little bit, pee, etc! No real nausea or weakness. Just some sharp pains where the drain is placed if I move too quickly. Staff here have been incredible. Get to go home in a few hours. I hope everyone else is doing well.
  4. All done! Feeling pretty good sucking back on ice cubes. Walking around with little nausea or pain. Just a bit of gas pressure. Still have not peed, but am hopeful for the next attempt.
  5. Impromptu

    June 2019 Surgery Siblings!

    https://www.unjury.com/opurityr-every-day-multi-90-day-supply.html This is what my doctor's clinic recommended. They are not bad tasting and I think there is also one with iron added.
  6. Impromptu

    June 2019 Surgery Siblings!

    I am on Thursday 6/6. Apparently I will get my surgery time tomorrow. Can hardly sleep I am so excited/terrified. One more day of work before we fly to the city for the surgery.
  7. I have a lot of food sensitivities, one of which is Sucralose, because it is bonded to the chloride molecule. I discovered erythritol several months ago and used it when a little sweetness was needed. I just can't stomach many of the bariatric products because of the artificial sugars. My question is: Has anyone here had experience with it after a bypass? It is absorbed not metabolized by the body but is normally dealt with in the small intestine.
  8. Just ordered mine on Amazon! Thanks so much for the recommendation.
  9. Hello fellow riders, I am booked for a MGB on June 6th and am incredibly excited!! Up to this point, I have not gotten a straight answer regarding my return to riding. I am currently riding 5-6 a week and plan to continue that before surgery. For the avid riders, how long before you were allowed to get back on? As with all equestrians, it is the FIRST question!! I am very excited to be on this journey after a lifetime of dieting without the ability to sustain. My horse will love it to having a fitter, slimmer rider on her back. It will enhance the partnership for sure! Thanks!!
  10. Impromptu

    June 2019 Surgery Siblings!

    Four weeks today!!!!!! SOOOOOO excited!!!!!!! I start my liquid shakes on the 23rd.
  11. Impromptu

    June 2019 Surgery Siblings!

    Good Morning All! I found out about this surgery a few months ago when running into a friend I had not seen for 10 years. I did not recognize her at all. After chatting with her and then doing research on Dr. Google I was feeling like, " HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS WAS A POSSIBILITY FOR ME"???? I have been a high level athlete since my teenage years who has tried every single diet to stay lean enough, and barely succeeding at that, with a collar coaster of loss and gain. I am beyond excited to have this done, slightly terrified at the huge change in my stomach and intestine, and embarrassed to actually tell people what I am doing. I have had to do it privately because I don't qualify through healthcare because I don't have a high enough BMI, not enough health issues, etc.. I am 43 years old, 244 pounds and 5'9". This is unhealthy and causes me joint pain, limits my abilities in my passions, and has always been " THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE"! When I told my sister, she CRIED with joy for me! She knows I have spent my whole life fighting to try and stay a reasonable weight. Well, my surgery is booked for June 6th and I am BEYOND excited!!!! I start the shakes on May 23rd. Good Luck to everyone! I love reading about everyones journeys. It is a privilege.

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