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  1. Happy 58th Birthday phil0355!

  2. Happy 57th Birthday phil0355!

  3. phil0355

    throwing up after every meal /still after unfill completely

    Suzi, I had the same problem as you with the vomitting. I ended up irritating my espohgus. With all the vomitting I did not lose any weight. They had to loosen my band ,I actually am going this week for them to start filling again
  4. phil0355

    1 ounce meals

    He sounds like a quack his expectation are unreal. Do yourself a big favor and get a different doctor
  5. phil0355

    1st Post

    AMY, I too have AENTA and they paid for everything. My band was done by Dr. Ferrara from Dr. Smith's office. Everything will be fine I know go to nutrionist and therapy for overeating. If you would like to get some more info you can email me at PHIL0355@AOL.COM. I would love to find a support group in our area that really helps a lot. Good luck PHIL
  6. phil0355

    Starting anew!

    It will be 2 years may 6 that i had my band. In the begining I lost a lot of weight then I got sick and they had to loosen my band and I put some of the weight back on. I go this Thursday for a fill 1st in a long time I think my illness is finally under control. I am now going for terapy for my food addiction and working with a dietician. I am also planning on going to Shades of Hope for an intensive 6 day inpatient care. I am looking for a support group in the Fort Worth area. To every one good luck and God bless us in our battle against our food problems
  7. phil0355

    DFW Texas Bandsters

    you will love it i was banded in may and have lost 40lbs so far. i can now walk without getting out of breath and feel so much better. good luck , its the best thing you can do for yourself and loved ones
  8. phil0355

    Anyone in the DFW area?

    Mellisa, Have you gone to the support group meetings on Tuesdays at Dr. Ferrara's. Phil
  9. phil0355

    Anyone in the DFW area?

    Melissa, The fill was nothing you will feel the needle a little. You want feel any different as far as restriction and that is normal. According to the Dr. it takes 3 to 6 fills before you feel restrictions. It is son nice to talk to people that have gone through the same thing. I have met the nicest people it is so great to feel like not everybody is looking at you because you are big. My worst experience was about 6 months AGO coming out of resturan so guy said to me hey big guy did you leave any food for us. i feel so much better now
  10. phil0355

    Anyone in the DFW area?

    Hi Melissa, I live in Haslet on the border of Tarrant and Denton counties. I was banded by Dr. Ferrara on May 6th. Phil
  11. phil0355

    My Day!!!

    Once They Gave Me Happy Shot I Didn't Know Anything. Your In Some Pain After Surgery Nothing You Can't Handle. You Will Be Fine After A Week. The Fisrt Week You Will Be Able To Eat Very Little. After They Put You On Mushies You Will Eat More And Feel Hungary That Is Normal. You Will Not Be On Total Restriction For A Few Months. It Takes Several Fills Befoe You Are On Total. Just Hang In And Don't Overeat And The Weight Will Come Off Fast. I Had My Band Put In 3 Weeks Ago And Have Lost 37 Lbs. You Will Be Surprised How Great You Will Feel. It Is The Best Thing You Could Do For Yourself. Best Of Luck Phil
  12. phil0355

    Weigh in... how much have u lost?

    I was banded may 6 and as of tuesday have lost 37 lbs. Good luck to everyone keep up the great work. Heres to new clothes. Phil
  13. According To My Nutironist And The Owner Of The Health food Shop Whey Protein shakes With At Least 42 Grams Of Protein. According To Nutionist If You Eat The Right Amount Of Food On The Band You Will Still Need A Protein Supplement. Also You Should Be Taking An Adult Chewable Multivitamin. Centrun Silver Has One That Is Chewable. Good Luck Phil
  14. JESSICA, You could not have said it any better. It's things like this that make this site so great. Phil
  15. Hi i had a chemically induced stress test 2 week before I was banded. I was not a big deal. You will feel some discomfort and like you are winded and out of breath. DON'T worry that is normal. I have stents in my heart they I have had for a while and the surgery went great. Don't get yourself all worked up. I know people that have murmurs and it is not abig deal. All will be fine. I will say a prayer for you Good luck and let us know how you make out. Phil