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  1. MassMan

    VSG Post Op Report

    Post Op Day 35: Well folks... this thing called life has kept me from posting days 8 - 34, but I can tell you I'm down 40 pounds and working. My biggest struggles or should I say my biggest change is that I have to pace myself and not over do it. That and getting enough water in. Once I'm at work I tend to get busy and forget to drink my alloted amount each day, but I'm still managing to get in 40-50oz a day. Getting enough water in is key as it will help with constipation. Our golf league started earlier this week and I felt as though I was a bit tuckered out after about 6 holes. I have zero pain at this point and life is good. Some big adjustments to lifestyle, but my main goal was a healthy lifestyle, no diabetes, better mobility and hoping to extend my life by 10 years Hope everyone else is pain free and enjoying life ! ! ! MassMan
  2. MassMan

    March 2019 sleepers

    Celebrate has a new capsule multivitamin that is a one a day dose. I really like it as the Celebrate chewables were starting to get old.
  3. MassMan

    Weight Loss Scale

    I have the same scale and only have good things to say about it. I weigh every morning and makes it easy to track and integrates with other apps like loseit to track intake as well.
  4. MassMan

    March 2019 sleepers

    So you took colace along with Miralax? I’m only using miralax and about to die over here. Miserable. 😞 Sorry to hear it @Neely Don't let it go too long... I was in some pain my friend. I'm really not into suppositories and enema's but I was willing to try anything before heading to the hospital. You can bet your bottom dollar I'll be keeping up with a poo routine now... Looks like your about a month post at this point. Hope all is well otherwise.
  5. MassMan

    March 2019 sleepers

    Well my fellow March sleevers…. I was introduced to this thing called CONSTIPATION yesterday and it was a freaking nightmare. Thought I was going to end up in the ER as the pain was pretty bad, but after several concoctions of collace, miralax, suppositories and enema things passed. I think I'll certainly keep a better eye on this one as not to go through that again. Anyone else having constipation issues?
  6. MassMan

    VSG Post Op Report

    Post Op Day 7 Start :  Well the day is starting off with the diarrhea and not surprise to the amount of things I took the day before. I had called he Dr. office yesterday and they told me to make sure to increase my water consumption as 48oz was not enough. I plan to up the water intake and will probably continue with collace or some other stool softener till I get this figured out. Right now sipping my protein shake and looking or a smooth (no pun intended) day. All the best to everyone.
  7. MassMan

    VSG Post Op Report

    Post Op Day 5 Finish: Made it to the gym for the 15 min elliptical and then by the grocery store to pick up some rib eye steaks, salad fixings, asparagus and by the liquer store for some Greg Norman Merlot. When the wife got home I had already seasoned the steaks and candied the pecans for prep. The salad consisted of mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, dried cranberries, candied pecans, mandarin orange slices, strawberries and feta cheese with raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Dang that salad looks good... And I had 8 oz of tomato soup.... my first real meal and I loved it. We cleaned up and then went out to pick up a few spring time chore items. Good day all in all. Post Op Day 6 : Well my friends the fun was over. Woke up and had my protein drink and then made my water bottles and logged in to get some work done. A few hours later had an urge to go to the bathroom.... this is where the fun starts. I could NOT go.... tried.... tried again.... and …….. Can you say CONSTIPATION This started with taking some collace a few days earlier and I had taken it since Monday. I added in some miralax three separate times during the course of the day, then asked my wife to grab me some suppositories. This was pretty painful not being able to go.... over the course of 9 hours, 3 doses of miralax, 2 suppositories, and 1 mini enema things finally broke loose. That was the worst I have ever been backed up and I will certainly need to figure this one out as I do not want to go through that again. And to top it off... I gained 2.5 pounds...WTH.... Sorry for the graphical depiction above, but Day 6 was NOT fun.
  8. Hope all is well Colorado Cowgirl ! ! !

    This should be day 2 for you and hope your walking and sipping. Also hope your gas pain isn't too bad. 

    Anyway... speedy recovery and best of luck on your journey ! ! !

  9. MassMan

    VSG Post Op Report

    Post Op Day 4 Finish:  Was able to hit the gym for a very slow 4mph elliptical workout for 15 min. Then drove through a carwash and stopped and did some shopping. The pain has pretty much subsided and is only and issue if I reach to stretch or sneeze. Believe me... sneezing will get your attention. Able to get in water and protein, but now wanting to chew something. Last night while watching TV, started to get bummed a bit since all I saw was these freaking juicy burgers, nice looking burritos, juicy steaks... candy, ice cream... damn they were certainly targeting my fat arse… I feel like a product of my environment of which instant gratification with food has certainly changed since I was a kid. We were lucky to go to a McDonalds twice a year as to now, just whip in for a big mac snack. I did start to feel like hummmm… is this the rest of my life now... protein and water. So I'm a reasonable man and try to put things in perspective. I guess for me it boils down to Quantity vs Quality. I know for a fact that I should not be attacking a 1/4 pounder, fish sandwich, large fries and a large Dr. Pepper. I know this has gotten me to the point that made me start researching VSG 2 years ago. And to be totally honest with myself I know that a filet mignon with steamed veggies would taste better and be better for me. Might take a little longer to prep or wait in a restaurant for it, but would be much better all the way around. So much for rambling on, but just some of the thoughts running around my head as my new journey with food and a healthier lifestyle is starting. Post Op Day 5 Start:  Rise and shine.... did a few chores, Headed to the gym for another 15 min bout with the elliptical machine and then stop at the grocery store to buy a nice rib eye steak, asparagus and salad fixings. Not for me of course but for my wife. I felt a bit guilty the last few nights as my wife did not want to cook or eat in front of me. She shouldn't have to change because I want change. If she wants to that's one thing, but she certainly shouldn't feel guilty to eat or prep food around me. I just want to make sure this doesn't separate us from daily conversation at the dinner table. Humm….. I just re-read the last 4-5 paragraphs and seems my mind is certainly off the pain of the surgery and now feelings are surfacing. Believe me... not a cream puff here , but definitely want to be aware of those around me and my own choices moving forward. Have a great day all ! ! !
  10. MassMan

    VSG Post Op Report

    Hi Dana, I was able to walk in the gym... first time in a few years and got on the elliptical and did 15 min @ 4mph. Nice and slow and that was it. I don't think I'm ready for resistance at this point but I more or less just wanted to get out and do some low end cardio. yeah... I won't be smelling the roses anytime soon... that sneeze hurt... Hope all is well with you
  11. MassMan

    VSG Post Op Report

    Best of luck Colorado Cowgirl ! ! ! You got this.... If I can do it anyone can. As read on pretty much most of the posts on this forum the number one pain is gas pain. Walk, walk, walk and do more walking. About 4 hours after my surgery you can bet your arse that I did not want to get up and walk.... but it certainly started to alleviate some of the gas pains and in 1-2 days was pretty much gone. That and small sipping as much as you can.... Take your time... go slow and can't wait to hear how you're doing.
  12. MassMan

    VSG Post Op Report

    Post Op Day 3 Finish: Day 3 finish was a little interesting.... that beef broth I was looking forward to... YUCK AND DOUBLE YUCK. Drove my wife up to the pizza shop to grab her a chicken Caesar salad.... Got back home and I started on my broth.... boy did that suck. and that Caesar salad looked better than any Caesar salad I've ever saw or smelled. Had just a couple sips and then left the table. Then there was this sneeze that had I been standing would have knocked me to the ground. This increased the pain back up to around a 3 and took some Tylenol and kept it horizonal the rest of the night. That was pretty much it for the rest of the night along with finishing off another 16 oz. of water for a grand total of 48oz. Post Op Day 4 Start: Its early and feeling pretty darn good. Slipped on some gym shorts and after I finish my protein drink will head off to the gym where I've been a member since 2009. But I don't think I made it through the doors last year... . I plan on starting very slow on the elliptical for 15-20 and see where that takes me. Mostly just getting out of the house to start a new routine to include some exercise. Feeling good... optimistic and mostly just miss chewing something right now. This weekend I get to start smooth foods.... yee freakin haa… Looking forward to a couple of scrambles eggs diluted with milk/cream. Guess I'll skip the wheat toast and marmalade..
  13. MassMan

    Just had surgery

    Hi Iliana, Sorry to hear you're going through a bit of difficulty. Everyone is different and hoping you turn the corner soon. I've been lucky that most of my pain is subsided. I've been walking as much as I can and that did relieve a lot of the gas pains for me. Now its just taking it easy and not overdoing it as I"m sure it'll take a month or so to fully recover or that's how I'm seeing it. Hang in there... keep walking and get some better tasting protein shakes.... believe it or not I've been dranking the Premier Protein and buying them at Sams Club. Just found a popsicle freezer thingy and put some in the freezer. The chocolate flavor reminds me of fudgesicles when I was a kid. Hang in... keep up the good work and this too shall pass.
  14. MassMan

    VSG Post Op Report

    You're welcome J Tissle. I think these forums help all of us to share and also read up on what others have experienced. I have read some negative reports and we can learn from those to... but there will always be those types of posts. We all react differently and I feel for those that have endured pain. Myself... I researched... found people and sat and talked with them... visited several forums and after all that.... tried to figure out how to best get myself over the hump so to speak. Well... I'm barely over the hump, and so far so good. Looks like you and I are about the same size and goals. Best of luck to ya and stay in touch.
  15. MassMan

    VSG Post Op Report

    In the pre op room they anesthesiologist will come to see you, at that point tell them you are anxious and they will give you something to take the edge away. They actually let me hold the breathing cup in the OR to get things started. Don't rush the pain... it will come but to make sure the pain goes away sooner..... walk... walk... walk... and sip sip sip. Before ya know it you'll be on the sleeved side